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It won't take the unexpected exposure to reality-shaping relics to bestow the awesome power of Carol Danvers upon you and yours when you acquire some of our Captain Marvel costumes and accessories. You may have to imagine the cosmic power flowing around you, but we can promise these Captain Marvel Halloween costumes will have everyone feeling the might, anyway!
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Are you a fan of Marvel superheroes? Of course, you are! They've got everything from flying hybrids and energy-blasting fighter pilots to cosmically-charged galactic heroes and marvelous role models. And, when all four of those things sound great, they can even offer us a hero that manages to be all that and more, including strutting in their awesome superhero costumes and suits!

When Carol Danvers first started her amazing career in the Air Force, she was already pretty brave. Willing to put herself at risk to experiment with new technology to bring about a better future for all of Earth, Danvers was also a pretty intense gal who wasn't about to back down to the idea that any guy could do a job better than a woman could! Keen on developing both her brains and her brawn, she lived by the mantra Higher, Further, Faster and wasn't about to give up just because she got knocked down a bit! 

It would be pretty fateful that she'd claim the callsign "Avenger" when she became a captain and one of the test pilots for Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., long before the Avengers we would come to know were even an idea. When she'd finally be united with the mysterious energy that would give her cosmic powers that even a gauntlet-empowered Thanos would have to tremble in front of, it's not surprising that she would earn the signature name of the entire comic and cinematic universe: Captain Marvel! 

It's time for you to step into the shoes (or boots) of Carol Danvers, suit up in a Captian Marvel women's costume, and take up the mantle of Captain Marvel. So, what do you need to know? 

Well, first off, remember that mantra of her's. It's all about being completely in touch with yourself and not letting anyone else diminish you. (And, definitely, don't let some weird robot artificial intelligence try to put any power limiting devices on your wrists while lying Kree tell you to keep your feelings in check!) 

Next is about the stance. We're talking pure confidence, here. We highly recommend a wide stance with your arms at your hips. A smart wink or an intimidating narrowing of your eyes will let your allies and opponents know that you've got this whole thing under control. (Even if you don't, it'll give you time to think of an idea!) The next one is a good bicep pump. Channel the Danvers sports days combined with some powerful feminine, "Girl, you got this!" to go right along with your Danvers mantra. Last, but far from least, try out the 'forward fist clench.' This is a real power move. Flex your fingers and point your fists forward and just feel that pulsar energy begin to gleam along your arms and gather in your fists! 

(If you haven't gotten your pulsar powers under control yet, we recommend holding an L.E.D. flashlight to kickstart the energy blasts.) 

Now that you've got the mentality and the stance, all you need is the look! Good thing that we've got these amazing Captain Marvel costumes available for adults and kids. We've got great accessories and necklaces to give yourself that extra shine. Time to take off into the cosmos as one of the most powerful heroes in all of Marvel history! Monster