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Get your Flash costumes in a hurry before they sell out. Become the speediest DC Comics superhero in the franchise by wearing The Flash costume from the hit movies, or become like the classic comic book Flash with one of our throwback styles. We have these costumes for men, teens, boys and even ladies. So, go on, get speedy!
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Flash Deluxe Toddler Costume
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Flash Classic Deluxe Toddler Costume
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Flash Deluxe Kids Costume
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Flash Classic Deluxe Kid's Costume upd
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Deluxe Kids Flash Costume
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Flash Logo Mens Holiday Sweater
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Kid's The Flash Ugly Sweater
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Adult Deluxe The Flash Costume
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Men's Premium The Flash Classic Costume
DC Comics Deluxe Child Flash Costume
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Boys The Flash Costume
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Sexy Flash Costume
Justice League Deluxe Flash Boys Costume
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Child Red Gloves
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Adult Red Superhero Boots
Pastease Plus X Liquid Red Pasties
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DC Comics The Flash Adult Gloves
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DC Comics The Flash Adult Mask
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Flash Boy's Gloves
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The Flash Striped Plastic Clip Pet Collar
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Flash Glasses
Infant Flash Costume
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Deluxe Adult Flash Costume
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Have you ever sat and pondered what it would take to make you faster than other normal humans and also help you become friends with the Green Lantern? We thought so. For you, we offer a Flash costume as a solution to your dilemma.

The Flash is a DC Comics character that is known for his super-speed, superhuman reflexes, defying the laws of physics, his 'quantum tunneling' abilities, time travel abilities and his ability to heal more rapidly than average humans. He can also think and speak in highly accelerated rates. Also, it should be said that The Flash and Superman occasionally get into it and decide to race each other. A lot of those races have ended in a tie due to outside influences. But ultimately, the Flash is much faster and can easily outpace the Man of Steel.

While the Flash Halloween costume itself may not endow you with actual superpowers, tricking others into believing you have the powers is not too hard. Tell them you can run around the outside of the building you are in less time than it takes them to blink their eyes. Slightly shift your stance and ask if they want to see it again. Make a few brief sounds that sound like gibberish, then say you just recited the Declaration of Independence 4 times. Trust us, when you pull these stunts while wearing the suit people will be impressed. How To

Flash Halloween Costumes

Superheroes have somewhat absconded Halloween from the typical spooky and creepy characters. Nothing can replace the classics, but you are most likely to see a Captain America or a Batman costume before seeing a ghost or goblin. We are okay with that for many reasons. One, superheroes are awesome—no argument there. Second, Halloween trends tend to ebb and flow each year, so everyone eventually gets to shine. If you want to hop on the superhero bandwagon, you have to check out our Flash Halloween Costumes. Not only are they vibrant, but you won’t have to worry about others biting your style. Fans of The Flash need to pick up a costume ASAP before they race off the shelves!

Adult Flash Costumes

Adult Flash Costumes

Adults, let's be honest with ourselves—we like dressing up as much as the kiddos. Just admit it; it's okay. Trust us when we say we won't judge you. It's kind of our thing, too. After looking at our Adult Flash Costumes, who wouldn't want to dress up? Seriously, check out our different versions of Barry Allen's iconic costume. Comic book fans and retro heads will appreciate the Flash's Golden Age gear, while newer fans will probably like our premium costume a little more, as it's a bit closer to the movie. Take a look and pick up one of our Adult Flash Costumes

Women's Flash Costumes

Did you know there have been a few female iterations of the Flash character? Most of them are either related to Barry Allen by blood or marriage (those family reunions must be out of this world, probably literally). We say all that to let you know that we believe the Flash is Female, in spirit, of course. He is a nurturing superhero who juggles more things in one day than most people do in a week (that sounds about right to us). No matter your feelings on The Flash, we can all agree that every version of the character rocks. If you want to spice it up this Halloween, check out our Women's Flash Costumes.

Sexy Flash Costumes

Sexy Flash Costumes

The Flash is a sexy beast. How could he not be? Think how much cardio the guy gets in. The dude works out. Not to mention how fast he goes when he has to save the say. That said, if you want to sexy things up at super speed, you have to check out our Sexy Flash Costume this Halloween. Make your best Usain Bolt impression and have all your friends in tears as you pose, run, and pose again. We know you have many other options to choose from, but we would love for you to check out these officially licensed Sexy Flash Costumes.

The Flash Costumes

If you are familiar with The Flash television show or are of fan of his comic books, you know there are like 10 million speedsters in the franchise. Seriously, you can't throw a rock without missing a speedster (get it, because you would never be able to hit something moving at the speed of sound—speed joke, sorry). We love that idea because it combines two of our favorite things here at FUN, family and powers! If you are a family looking to match together this Halloween but can't decide on a theme, you have to pick up The Flash Costumes for you and yours.

Kids Flash Costumes

Kids Flash Costumes

Did you know since The Flash hit the DC Comics, there have been a few kid versions of the character? The most notable is his first sidekick, Wally West. He is the nephew of Barry Allen by marriage. Not only do they have similar outfits, but they also share the same Speed Force abilities, like making arm tornadoes and even time travel. He started as Kid Flash but grew up fast due to his mentor's sacrifice to save the multiverse. If you have a young hero looking to step into the yellow boots of The Flash, you have to check out our Kids Flash Costume.

Toddlers Flash Costumes

Toddler Flash Costume

If you ever wondered what would happen to a toddler born with the Speed Force, you only have to check out Wally West's Flash comic books (or ask us, we’ll gladly talk your ear off). Wally and his wife Linda not only had a baby with Speed Force powers, but twins! The children, Jai and Iris, didn't inherit Wally's speed but other parts of his abilities, like phasing through walls. We believe no kid is ever too young to be a superhero. If you agree, and have a young one who is itching to run at top speed, ensure they are equipped with a toddler's Flash Costume.

Baby Flash Costumes

Baby Flash Costume

Babies are so adorable. Half of the fun is dressing them up in different outfits. It's nice to do it now before they can complain about it. Don't worry; when they get older, they will probably thank you for being such cool parents. If you want to have the best memory book for your kids, then you should check out our Baby Flash Costume. Not only do our costumes have a great fit, but your child will have a blast running around making their best Barry Allen impression. If you want to surprise your child with an awesome costume, our Baby Flash Costume is it!

The Flash Accessories

The Flash is a pretty cut-and-dry superhero in the best way possible. He's a forensic scientist, so the guy is pretty brainy, but he doesn't have the resources, say, a Batman may have. Barry is pretty strong for a male his age and build, but he can't throw bombs into space like Superman. Nope, all Barry needs to be The Flash is his fancy suit and proper eyewear. You wouldn't want your suit falling apart at Mach 3, nor would you want to take a bug to the eye at that speed. If you want to be equipped like our speedy hero, we recommend you check out our officially licensed The Flash Accessories.

The Flash Socks

The Flash Socks

Having the proper footwear is essential in many professions. When you can run close to the speed of light (or even faster when the situation calls for it), you have to ensure your footwear is top-notch. The last thing you want is your boots to rip apart while trying to outrun a laser—that’s just what the villains want! Even The Flash's socks must be made of space-age material so they don't explode off his feet during battle or while saving an innocent. Our point is, don't leave the house without proper The Flash Socks. Your feet will thank you later.

The Flash Glasses

The Flash Glasses

Glasses are quite an invention. Who would have thought that looking through concave lenses could improve one's eyesight? Well, luckily for The Flash, he has 20/20 vision (thank goodness), but he still needs eye protection, even at low speeds. Nobody wants to catch a pebble in the eye moving at 100mph. If you are looking for some funky eyewear for fun or are trying to complete your glorious Flash Costume, we know you'll sprint at full speed for our officially licensed The Flash Glasses. Just make sure you watch out for pebbles. Happy running, speedster! Monster