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Does your child want to be a teenage superhero for Halloween? Well, just enroll them at Metropolis High School with one of our DC Superhero Girls costumes for kids! Our costumes from the hit show are officially licensed and are one of the most popular themes available when it comes to costumes for girls.
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Girl's Caped Wonder Woman Costume
Kid's Wonder Woman Long Sleeve Dress Costume
Kid's Harley Quinn Squad Costume_Updated
Wonder Woman 84 Girls Costume update 2
Girls Deluxe Catwoman Costume
Kids Wonder Woman Costume
Kids Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume
Batwoman Adult Costume
DC Girl Superman Jumpsuit
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DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman Wig
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Do you have a child who's ready to jump into the world of DC Super Hero Girls? Our officially licensed Super Hero Girls costumes will transform any little one of the heroes who attend Metropolis High School.

As we have learned from this hit show, sometimes it can be awkward being a DC hero and growing up with superpowers. But thankfully our favorite characters have each other to rely on! Your daughter can become the famed Batgirl with a Batgirl costume, and when she teams up with Harley Quinn, they'll be ready to learn all about Gotham City action at school.

We have all of the most popular characters like Supergirl, Poison Ivy, and Katana too! And with a friend or sibling dressed up in a Wonder Woman costume, you'll have the entire teenage gang. 

Whatever fun combination is put together with these fun and vibrant DC Superhero Girls costumes, the classic characters will have a new life when you buy the outfits for the little fans you have at home. Shop them all right here to get the fun started!