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Arabian Costumes

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These Arabian costumes have a look inspired by common outfits worn in the Middle East. We carry a variety of costumes and accessories based on the keffiyeh, as well as outfits based important sheiks. We also carry costumes based on Arabian folklore, including costumes based on stories from One Thousand and One Nights.
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Child Aladdin Street Rat Costume
Disney Aladdin Jafar Men's Costume
Aladdin Street Rat Adult Costume upd

Men's Aladdin Costume

Women's Arabian Princess Costume
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Adult Camel Costume
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Men's Arabian Costume Update1

Men's Arabian Costume

Adult Sultan Costume Update Main

Adult Sultan Costume

Adult Desert Prince Costume
Desert Jewel Genie Costume
Pirate Cutlass-update2

Toy Pirate Cutlass

Snake Staff
Made By Us Exclusive
Jafar Headpiece

Jafar Headpiece

Genie Purse

Genie Purse

Arabian Cutlass Sword

Arabian Cutlass Sword

Women's Rags to Royal Costume
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Arabian culture is rich with history and tradition. It's brought us some grand folktales, like the tale of Scheherazade and the tale of Aladdin. It's also brought the world plenty of mathematical and astronomical advances, along with some of the most beautiful forms of architecture that the world has ever seen, like the Great Mosque of Samarra and the modern Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Of course, being experts on costumes, we're especially interested in the traditional Arabian outfits created in the Middle East. We decided to learn a little about classic wear to help us select our array of Arabian costumes for adults.

The traditional men's headdress, called a keffiyeh, worn with a long, flowing robe, is a common form of attire in the Middle-Eastern world. This form of dress arose from the nomadic Bedouin tribes as protection from the harsh desert sun. The loose robe allows air to circulate around the body for cooling, and the headdress protects the head and neck from sunburn. In some areas, the fabric of the headdress indicates the wearer's social status or clan affiliation. Of course, we wanted to carry a variety of Middle Eastern costume outfits and styles based on the iconic keffiyeh, along with classic styles of the sheiks.

Here, you can find adult costumes, which include robes and headpieces that feature a look that mimics the style of traditional Arabian wear. We carry styles that work great in any sort of stage production for any of the great tales in One Thousand and One Nights. You can find a look that will help you feel like the sultan of a great kingdom or you can dress up as a dashing young hero like Ali Baba. We also have a selection of Arabian costume accessories here. You can find various headpieces, hats, and even costume jewelry to help you craft the perfect look. Pair it up with your robe and you'll look ready to traverse the sands of the Arabian Desert.

Speaking of the desert, the animal best suited to traversing the Arabian Desert is the camel! These noble creatures have been used as companions across the harsh terrain for thousands of years. We also carry camel costumes based on the awesome creatures used to travel through the harshest of climates.

You'll be ready to craft your Middle-Eastern themed outfit with ease when you use our selection of Arabian Halloween costumes for adult and kids!