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It is time to open up the storybook and bring the original princess to life with a Snow White costume! Of course, there have been many different versions of this lovely tale. Will you be the striking Evil Queen by dressing up in one of our Snow White witch costumes? Perhaps you'd rather show that old hag she was right to worry when you show up in a sexy Snow White costume, instead! Couple up with a Snow White prince costume to finish the story!
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Adult Dwarf Costume

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Women's Deadly Dark Queen Costume

Women's Snow White Costume
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Snow White Pet Costume

Pet Costume Snow White

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Womens Wicked Queen Costume

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Women's Ravishing Snow White Costume
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Rhinestone Apple Purse

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"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?" Why, Snow White, of course! 

Plenty of fairy tales have come and gone, but few have touched the imagination like Snow White. Walt Disney brought the world the very first feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937. Besides that, it was also the first American movie to have a soundtrack album made and released along with it. While the project was in production, competitors referred to it as "Disney's folly." Even Walt's brother, Roy, and his wife, Lillian, tried to talk him out of it. Nobody thought it could possibly succeed or make any money. Walt laughed all the way to the bank, and to the Academy Awards podium. He received an honorary award in 1939--one full-size Oscar statuette and seven miniature ones. Its inscription read, "For Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, recognized as a significant screen innovation which has charmed millions and pioneered a great new entertainment field." 

If you like to whistle while you work, and dream of some day when your prince will come, be the original Disney Princess in one of our Snow White costumes. We have them in sizes ranging from infant to women's plus. Of course there's the classic Disneyfied yellow-blue-red color scheme. But we also have licensed costumes from the 2012 movie Snow White and the Huntsman that starred Kristen Stewart. 

Your little girl will love choosing between a long skirt or a short, tutu-style one. She'll also love choosing shoes, a wig, a tiara, and a wand to complete her outfit.  

Women have choices, too. You can choose the traditional full-length style, or any of several short and sexy versions. Aside from skirt length, there are also variations in fabrics: satin, crushed velvet, organza. Some have printed graphics, others have appliquéd glitter and braid. So, there's a costume to fit your budget as well as your body! 

If you think Snow White is just TOO sweet, you could be the evil Queen Grimhilde, Prince Charming or one of the dwarfs. We have several exclusive dwarf costumes, for children or adults. Dwarfs will want to add a false beard and a pickaxe. As for the wicked queen, we have several versions ranging from full-coverage to sexy and revealing. Some of them include the horned headpiece, but we have one that's sold separately to go with the costumes that don't include it. Be the animated Grimhilde, or be the mayor of a fictional small town in Maine. Even men can get into the fairytale theme, in one of our Prince Charming costumes. 

If you want to avoid the Disney theme altogether, go for one of our Snow White and the Huntsman costumes. We have Snow White costumes for tweens and women, and a Huntsman costume for men.

Choose the light-hearted Disney animated version or the dark live-action adventure, then make it a couple's or family theme. A couple can be Snow White and either Prince Charming or the Huntsman. Kids can be Snow White or a dwarf. You can use our costumes and accessories to create a magical costume party! How To

Snow White Costume Ideas

Fairy tales may seem totally made up, but trust us, they really can come true! We bet at one point even Snow White herself doubted she would ever meet her prince, but now she's a genuine Disney Princess. She may have been chased away from her home by her evil stepmom, had to live in the woods with a bunch of gem-mining dwarfs, got tricked into eating a poisoned apple, and went into a coma before she finally got her fairy tale ending, but nobody said it was supposed to be easy, right?

Luckily, you don't have to play Snow White dress up in order to have an enchanting time, but we do highly recommend it. You can dress in one of our many costumes to turn an average Halloween into a storybook adventure. And in addition to those modeled directly after the classic Disney Halloween costumes, there's a variety of looks that may fit your sense of style even better; like Snow White dresses with a modern flair, or the classic style plus size Snow White costume, and even a sexy Snow White costume for a more grown-up look.

Once you've picked out your perfect style from of our splendid collection of costumes and accessories, check out these tips and tricks we've put together to make your experience truly magical! Just promise us that if any sinister looking old ladies offer you any suspiciously shiny apples, you'll politely pass on them. (Tell her you just flossed, and don't want apple peels stuck in your teeth...)

Snow White Makeup Tutorial

Get the makeup out! Start off with a thin, light white powder base across your face for Snow White's classic porcelain appearance. Make a round shape with your light eyelid color to create the look of cartoon character's eyes. Highlight this shape by adding white underneath the eyebrow, along the bottom of the lid and in the corner of the eye. Finish your eyes by adding black eyeliner, and then using mascara to create bold eyelashes. Finally, apply some bright red lip color to give yourself Snow's famous rose red lips. When worn along with your stunning costume and practiced poses, you'll truly be the fairest of them all!

Adult Snow White Costume Poses

You've probably realized this already, but looking like a famous Disney princess takes a bit more effort than just slipping into a Snow White costume (otherwise, this whole guide would be about two sentences long). Snow is a beloved character that's been spreading joy for generations, so chances are someone is going to know if you didn't do your homework before putting on that dress! We're not saying you won't still have fun and look glamorous in your costume, but if you want to take your dress-up game to a whole new level, it'll help to have some special tricks up your sleeve.

After studying Snow's habits and mannerisms in great detail, we've narrowed them down to a handful of poses that will make your costume really shine. They may seem like simple gestures, but they'll add that little something extra to your look that helps make the difference between dressing up in a Snow White Halloween costume, and becoming Snow White for Halloween. It also goes to show that with a little imagination and practice, you don't need a magic mirror, or even a team of helpful woodland critters, to pull off a decent impression. Although, if you do have either of those at your disposal, by all means, put them to work!

Polite Princess

Snow White Polite Princess Pose

Snow White's reputation for being such a gentle and loving princess isn't just something she picked up out of nowhere. She happens to be a very well-mannered young lady to all she meets (even to little old ladies that want to poison her), and as a result, if she ever needs a place to stay for a while after her stepmom tries to have her whacked, a group of dwarfs will happily give her a couch to crash on. Show off your sweet, thoughtful side by putting one hand out and bending the other up, with your fingers resting near your neck, to strike a friendly and approachable pose!

Swing Your Skirt

Snow White Swing Your Skirt Pose

Being a beloved princess is hard work, but it's not only hard work! Everyone has to have a little fun from time to time, and isn't having fun what wearing a costume is all about? There are plenty of ways to have a good time in your cheerfully colorful dress, like dancing with your charming prince, playing with woodland critters (we recommend sticking to imaginary critters, since they are not as skittish, and are much less likely to bite), or just going for a walk and getting some fresh air! Giving your skirt a cute swing while strolling about is a classic Snow White move, and lets you show off your golden colored skirt while you're at it.

Sing to Your Animal Friends

Snow White Sing to Your Animal Friends Pose

Speaking of woodland critters, that reminds us of another fantastic pose you can add to your princess routine! It's no secret that the fair Ms. White is a bit of an animal lover, but getting flocks of songbirds, deer, and other adorable little creatures to help out with chores is incredible! We don't expect you to pull off a trick like that, but you can pay homage to Snow's amazing animal whispering talents by holding out your hand, as if a tiny bird were perched on it, chirping out a cheerful song. You can use a prop birdie if you'd like, or digitally add one to any photos snapped of you striking this whimsical pose!

Take a Bite

Snow White Take a Bite Pose

Last, but certainly not least, if there's one thing that this Disney princess is best known for (even more than her uncanny command over wildlife), it's her bad luck with apples. Actually, it was just one apple in particular, though if we ever went into a coma right after eating an apple, we would never eat anything resembling one again. But, as long as you're just holding and gazing at a seemingly-innocent piece of fruit, and not eating it, you should be perfectly fine, while also recreating another famous Snow White pose! And there's no need to get your food from suspicious old crones, either… they sell stuff like that in stores now.

Snow White Couples Costumes

Fairy tales are packed with compelling characters that can go together to make magical group costumes, and this classic Disney story is certainly no exception. Like many things that can be combined, though, some pairs of things go together better than others. For example, your princess gown would look splendid with a Snow White Huntsman costume (and, Snow White dog costumes would be adorable with anything you can think of!).

On the other hand, if you try combining Snow White dresses with an authentic Evil Queen Halloween costume, that might be a bit too specific, and not work out so well. Don't let that dissuade you from trying out fun new costume combos, but in the meantime, here are a couple of foolproof Snow White costume ideas you and your date can wear for a magnificent time out together!

Snow White and the
Seven Dwarfs Costumes

Snow White and Dwarf Couples Costumes

Did you ever think a ragtag group of miners would make such a great bunch of sidekicks for a princess? At first, we sure wouldn't have (even though it's in the title of the movie), but nowadays it's impossible to imagine Snow White without the Seven Dwarfs.

That's why when you're looking for a strapping and rugged style for your burly companion to wear, a 7 dwarf costume is a real hit! The fact that there's a different dwarf to act like for any of the wearer's moods makes it an incredibly fun and easy look to customize. Has your date had a long day and needs to unwind a bit? Give them a "Grumpy" makeover or maybe a "Sleepy" one if it's been extra-long. Are they feeling a little under the weather? Not a problem, they can just dress up like good old Sneezy. You could say dwarf costumes are a "goldmine" of variety! (We never miss a chance to make a good mining joke!)

Another great thing about pairing a Snow White and dwarf costume is that it works well with children too, since both kids and jewel-mining dwarfs tend to be on the smaller side. Dress your little one up in an adorable child or toddler Snow White costume to match your beautiful look, and create your own family fairy tale!

Snow White and
Prince Charming Costumes

Snow White and Prince Couples Costumes

The only guy that is as well-known for hanging out with the enchanting Snow White as her dwarf pals is the man who saved her from the Evil Queen's cursed eternal slumber. And with a name like Prince Charming, it's no surprise that he's got a knack for making good first impressions!

Dressing up like a prince may not be every man's fantasy, but when he sees how dashing he looks in a Snow White Prince Charming costume, he'll warm up to it in no time. Strutting around in a radiant frilly coat, bristling with gold trim and medals, is something we think everyone should try at least once in their life, and it'll definitely put a spring in your date's step. Don't be surprised if these dapper threads also bring out his most chivalrous side; with him rushing ahead to open every door for you and letting you have the last French fry if you happen to share some on your outing. That's the mark of a true gentleman!

We can think of tons of tricks to help your Snow White prince costume combo really shine, but that's a whole other How-To Guide for another day. But, as long as he stands up straight, combs his hair, and flashes a big, pearly white smile, we're sure he'll be a perfect charmer!

Evil Queen Snow White Costume

Everyone knows that Snow White is the fairest of them all, but it wouldn't be official if a certain evil queen didn't keep asking her magical mirror about it. We're talking about Queen Grimhilde, Snow's wicked stepmother, and she'll go to some pretty great lengths to be the hottest gal in the kingdom. We don't know what she's so worried about though, since she's just as classy of a dresser as Snow. Her gloomy outlook may be why she prefers a darker style of clothing, but it definitely doesn't make her look any less fierce!

Evil Queen Costume

Evil Queen Costume

If Snow White's lovely, colorful gown is just too... happy for your taste, take on a darker persona in an Evil Queen Halloween costume. You're going to look elegant and refined, with just the perfect level of sexy sophistication, but beware! This is one style you won't want to wear lightly. You'll also look fearsomely enchanting, like an ominous storm cloud on the horizon; beautiful, mysterious, and powerful, but pity the poor folks that earn your fury! Wearing this official Disney villain costume also gives you the perfect reason to act sassy around your friends. After all, they don't call her the "Wicked Queen" for nothing!

Evil Queen Headpiece

Evil Queen Headpiece

Every queen needs a crown, and like the monarchs that wear them, no two crowns are alike. When Queen Grimhilde is getting dressed up in her vestments each morning and getting ready to conduct her evil royal business, we bet she saves putting on her headpiece for last. Can't you see her taking her time while adjusting the majestically shimmering crown and black scarf in her magic mirror, before asking the mirror who the fairest of them all is? This diabolical looking accessory is a must-have for an Evil Queen Snow White costume, or for giving a sinisterly sassy flair to any regal ensemble you may be sporting.

Once Upon a Time Costumes

Like most famous fairy tales, the story of Snow White and its characters have gone through a few different incarnations over the years. In the hit ABC series Once Upon a Time, classic Disney heroes and villains find themselves in a whole new setting they never expected: an enchantingly mysterious town called Storybrooke in modern day America! Together, they must work to regain the lost memories and magic of their former fantasy lives, and fight against new forces that threaten their quiet little community. The fairy tale versions of the characters make great costumes, with exciting new twists on classic designs!

Once Upon A Time Snow White Costume

Once Upon A Time Snow White Costume

Thanks to a sinister dark curse, Mary Margaret Blanchard and every other resident of Storybrooke has forgotten who they really are. While Mary has created a nice life as an elementary school teacher, her days weren't always so quiet. Especially, back when she was known as Snow White, the daughter of the King and Queen of the Enchanted Forest, and the fearlessly formidable outlaw fighting against those that took over her homeland! This licensed Once Upon a Time costume is perfect for bringing out the darker, deadlier side of Snow, while still maintaining her trademark elegant princess-like sense of style.

Once Upon A Time Rumpelstiltskin Costume

Once Upon A Time Rumpelstiltskin Costume

Nobody in Storybrooke is who they appear to be, and there's no better example of this than in the case of Rumpelstiltskin. In the modern world, he's known simply as Mr. Gold (which is much easier to spell than his original name!), and while he may now be more of a crafty pawn shop owner than a crafty sorcerer, he still has a knack for getting what he wants. And his name isn't the only thing that was more fanciful when he lived in the Enchanted Forest; he also used to dress in sinister, more fairy tale-like attire while he conducted his diabolical business! As bad as he seems though, he can actually be a powerful ally for Snow White. Whenever it suits him, that is...

Snow White Quotes

Speaking like Snow White is as simple as speaking as gently and eloquently as a loving princess! But, if you're not quite sure what to say, here are a few of her classic lines to help you start off:

Snow White Quotes

"Why, there's seven little chairs. Must be seven little children."

"Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell?"

"Once there was a princess. And she fell in love."

"A wishing apple?"

"Oh, I feel strange."