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Transform into the fairest queen in all the land when you wear one of our storybook Evil Queen costumes. Whether you'd like to retell the tale of Snow White or muster your magic in other ways, you can tell your own tale! From Wicked Queen costumes to the iconic Evil Queen dress, we have a variety of styles that will bring this classic story to life.
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Evil Queen Headband and Collar Set
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Adult Disney Snow White Witch Costume
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Plus Size Disney Snow White Witch Costume
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Wizard Staff
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Toddler Wicked Queen Costume
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One of the most mysterious and magical villains in all of storybook history is known as the Evil Queen. She began as the iconic evil stepmother who claimed her place on the throne and quickly found her place as the most beautiful woman in all the land. Of course, that wasn't bound to stay true for too long. When you've got a gal practically blessed by nature, even a magical mirror is going to admit the truth. Still, when you dress up on one of our Evil Queen costumes, you might manage to convince that lovely looking-glass to rethink the truth! 

Perhaps it would help to know where the Wicked Queen began, though! She is thought to have first appeared in the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, though it is possible that other stories predate even that. She was something of the birth of the archetype of the evil stepmother, too. In the Grimm storyline, she was pretty obsessed with beauty. We like to think she was just chatting up the magic mirror but when her only topic of conversation was how lovely she was, clearly there was an issue!

Some stories say that she has a huntsman take care of Snow White. Others say that she knows a thing or two about potions and transforms into a creepy hag in order to trick the young gal. New versions show that she is much more complicated and has a much wider array of magical abilities. 

No matter which story you prefer, you can bring the story to life when you slip into one of our Evil Queen dresses. One version will have you sporting a luxurious purple dress with a classic black cape. Don't forget your bright gold crown and that killer stare that will even have your magic mirror shivering. Most versions of the Evil Queen include a black cowl and a high collar that will create the ultimate in contrast. 

Updated Evil Queen costumes come from the classic Once Upon a Time and feature the Wicked Queen, Regina. This style will feature the same long black cloak but with a bright red style. This is perfect for you queens who want to curse an entire population to ensure that you finally get your very own happy story!

Now if you'd like to show off that inner villain, don't feel the need to hunt down a potion that will transform you into the ugly hag. Try a mask, a long, scraggly wig, and even a poisonous apple. In no time, you'll be on the hunt for Snow White and your very own Disney dreams. The final step to any Evil Queen costume is the magic mirror. Keep a hand glass at your side and you'll always know which ending is coming. Join in with friends in a Snow White or Maleficent costume to create the ultimate in storybook group costumes. Monster