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When you see a deer emerge from the woods, or when you see one dash across the highway right in front of your car, what do you feel? Shock, surprise, awe? Now just imagine inspiring those reactions from everyone at your next costume party. When you arrive dressed as a deer, it will be everyone else who has a 'deer in the headlights' expression on their faces. 

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Deer Costumes

Women's Deer Costume Makeup Application

Use black and white eye shadows along with black eyeliner to create the doe eye look. Next, darken the eyebrows with a dark brown liner and blend with a Q-tip. Use a dark bronzer along the cheeks and around the face to match the deer costume color. Then take the white eyeliner pencil to create the spots along the cheek on top of the bronzer. Fill in the bottom of your nose with black to create the deer nose. Finally, use a beige lip liner and fill the lip with a nude lip gloss.