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Trolls Costumes

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Bring your favorite moments from the movies to life when you and your kids dress up as characters from Trolls! We have Poppy costumes as well as Branch costumes for kids and adults. Whether finding your true colors or going on a quest to save the music, you'll love dancing around as Trolls!
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Trolls Child Branch Deluxe Costume
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Kid's Trolls Dreamy Cloud Guy Costume
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Back in the '80s, we were delighted by a bunch of tiny luck charms in the form of the cute (but a little creepy) troll dolls. The very first ones were crafted of wood and believed to bring a great deal of luck to anyone who had one with them. They became a pretty big fad in the early 60s, initially, but went like wildfire once the 80s and 90s came. They even had a video game that drove people just a little nuts! Despite having so many troll options and loving the heck out of them, we just wanted more of those little buggars! What if they did more than just look adorable with their fluffy hair? 

Well, our prayers were answered when the Trolls movie came to life in 2016. The film was a computer-animated musical featuring the voices of Anna Kendrick as Princess Poppy and Justin Timberlake as the sullen worry-wart, Branch. The film was based on a story written by Erica Rivinoja, too! In the film, the hidden forest dwelling of the trolls is discovered by the Bergens, nasty giants that just love the taste of the happy-go-lucky creatures. To save them all, Poppy is raring to go... though Branch is happier to say, "I told you so!" Music and dancing abound, even for the reluctant Branch, until it's time to bring everyone back home. 

But, that's not all! Poppy would become a queen during an animated series and Branch... well, he wouldn't change a whole lot. A bit more dancing after he finally warmed up that big heart of his. Of course, when all music is about to come to a rocking end in Trolls World Tour, it's time to go on yet another adventure. More trolls, whackier looks, and even wilder tunes are destined to keep these strange friends together forever!

That's why the Trolls make such a great group costume idea, too. Your kiddos can head out to fetch their candy while dressed up as Poppy and Branch. Style their wild hair in any form you like. From the simple "up and even more up" to flowered crowns, flipped out pigtails, or the biggest topknot that anyone has ever seen, Trolls make for a pretty rocking look! 

Complement your Trolls costume with some of our musical instruments or even with a collection of our Pop! figures. In no time, you'll be singing to your own tune and showing your true colors, too!