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Bring your favorite moments from the movies to life when you and your kids dress up as characters from Trolls! We have Poppy costumes as well as Branch costumes for kids and adults. Whether finding your true colors or going on a quest to save the music, you'll love dancing around as Trolls!
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Men's Prince Gristle Trolls Costume
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Trolls Womens Lady Glitter Sparkles Costume
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Adult's Trolls Dreamy Guy Cloud Costume
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Trolls Womens Plus Lady Glitter Sparkles Costume
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Trolls Women's DJ Suki Costume Update 2
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Kid's Prince Gristle Trolls Costume
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Adult Trolls Dreamy Cloud Guy Plus Size Costume
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Trolls Boys Biggie Costume
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Plus Size Prince Gristle Trolls Costume
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Trolls Child Guy Diamond Costume Upd 2
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Trolls Girls DJ Suki Costume
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Trolls Guy Diamond Boys Costume
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Kid's Trolls DJ Suki Costume
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Trolls World Tour Girls Deluxe Barb Costume
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Trolls Adult Biggie Costume Update
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Trolls Girls Poppy Premium Costume
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Men's King Peppy Trolls Costume Upd 2
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Trolls Adult Plus Size Biggie Costume main1
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Trolls Guy Diamond Costume for Men
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Trolls Boys Branch Premium Costume Update
Trolls Adult Plus King Poppy Costume
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Kid's Trolls Dreamy Cloud Guy Costume_Update
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Trolls Mr. Dinkles Accessory Main UPD--2
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Deluxe Silver Gogo Boots Single UPD
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Trolls Poppy Makeup Kit
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Deluxe Fuchsia Gogo Boots Single UPD
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Branch Trolls Costume Makeup Kit
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Guitar Purse UPD
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Womens Silver Holographic Galactic Boots
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Womens Bright Blue Bob Wig
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Kids Light Pink Opaque Tights
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Disguise Deluxe Trolls World Tour Toddler Poppy Co
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Rainbow Colored Adult Troll Wig
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Back in the '80s, we were delighted by a bunch of tiny luck charms in the form of the cute (but a little creepy) troll dolls. The very first ones were crafted of wood and believed to bring a great deal of luck to anyone who had one with them. They became a pretty big fad in the early 60s, initially, but went like wildfire once the 80s and 90s came. They even had a video game that drove people just a little nuts! Despite having so many troll options and loving the heck out of them, we just wanted more of those little buggars! What if they did more than just look adorable with their fluffy hair? 

Well, our prayers were answered when the Trolls movie came to life in 2016. The film was a computer-animated musical featuring the voices of Anna Kendrick as Princess Poppy and Justin Timberlake as the sullen worry-wart, Branch. The film was based on a story written by Erica Rivinoja, too! In the film, the hidden forest dwelling of the trolls is discovered by the Bergens, nasty giants that just love the taste of the happy-go-lucky creatures. To save them all, Poppy is raring to go... though Branch is happier to say, "I told you so!" Music and dancing abound, even for the reluctant Branch, until it's time to bring everyone back home. 

But, that's not all! Poppy would become a queen during an animated series and Branch... well, he wouldn't change a whole lot. A bit more dancing after he finally warmed up that big heart of his. Of course, when all music is about to come to a rocking end in Trolls World Tour, it's time to go on yet another adventure. More trolls, whackier looks, and even wilder tunes are destined to keep these strange friends together forever!

That's why the Trolls make such a great group costume idea, too. Your kiddos can head out to fetch their candy while dressed up as Poppy and Branch. Style their wild hair in any form you like. From the simple "up and even more up" to flowered crowns, flipped out pigtails, or the biggest topknot that anyone has ever seen, Trolls make for a pretty rocking look! 

Complement your Trolls costume with some of our musical instruments or even with a collection of our Pop! figures. In no time, you'll be singing to your own tune and showing your true colors, too! How To

Trolls Costumes

Trolls Costumes

If you take care while wandering in a particularly enchanted-looking forest, you might occasionally hear the sounds of music flowing through the trees. Listen carefully, because which tunes you hear will tell you a lot about where you are. Do you hear tiny voices singing a cheerful refrain where the only word is “La?” Well, you’ve found the magical forest of the Smurfs! Do you hear an elvish song that is coming from the treetops? Well, in that case, it might be a few of those cookie-making elves you've heard so much about. Now if you're hearing the latest Pop covers from Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake—and...yes, that's Russel Brand—well, then you might be ready to meet the Trolls!

Now, these little musical faerie creatures were inspired by the German Troll Dolls from the 60s and 70s through the 90s. You might remember the creepy-yet-cute figurines with the poofed-up hair that were meant to bring good luck to all. All it took was a little Dreamworks magic and the singing styles of your favorite stars and the Troll were ready for their world tour! Don't be a munchy Bergen, though! They're happy to spread their dancing and singing fun to everyone. That's why we have a ton of Trolls costumes to help you show your true colors. Get ready to step into the beat with the wildest bunch of forest folks!

Troll Halloween Costumes for Kids

Whenever Halloween is coming around, you’re bound to head on an adventure online to locate some costumes that will really bring some smiles to their faces. We’re happy to say that Dreamworks has offered up the kind of characters that are bound to make that happen! The kiddos go wild for anything colorful and quirky. That’s why the Trolls make for a natural choice when it comes to gearing your tykes out so they’ll be hooting for Halloween. Plus, you can combine the Troll look with other Halloween accessories to invent brand new Trolls. Add some creepy antennae and green face paint and you’ve got an Alien Troll who gets down with the Dubstep. Grab a pair of Viking horns, a Scottish kilt, or a pair of lederhosen and you’ve got a Troll who is ready to win Eurovision! The Trolls are all about finding their own whacky personalities, so go wild with our selections of kid’s Trolls costumes.

Dreamworks Trolls Poppy Costume

Dreamworks Trolls Poppy Costume

The true pop star of any show in the Troll Forest is always going to be Poppy! This is the Troll to turn to if you've got a kid who is high on energy (and even more intense on color). Whether your little one is a true Queen of Pop or is just in line to inherit some pop power from a magical string, you can be sure to bring out some serious pink pep with a Poppy costume!

Branch Trolls Costume for Boys

Branch Trolls Costume

Some kids might get a little sullen if you tell them that they have to head out for Halloween in a costume that matches their sister’s! Believe it or not, Poppy’s best buddy in the world, Branch, used to be just the same way! Of course, a bit of Halloween fun with the Trolls is a sure way to get even a blue dude like Branch singing in step with the rest.

World Tour Barb Trolls Outfit

Barb Trolls World Tour

Imagine what kind of gal would be a villain in a world of magical music and dance. Well, maybe in an awesome 80s movie, it would be a town that wanted to get rid of dancing altogether. But in Trolls: World Tour, it’s a gal who wants all the music to be really rocking! Nobody ever taught Barb that it was fun to share. Give her (and your tyke) a chance to sing with a Barb costume!

DJ Suki Kid's Trolls Costume

DJ Suki from Trolls Costume

If you love the Trolls movies, you might have missed out on a stellar character. Trolls shorts introduces us to one of the sweetest characters of all: DJ Suki. She might not be the brightest member of the Snack Pack, but she knows exactly which tunes to play to get the Trolls on their feet. If your kiddo knows how to get their friends moving, a DJ Suki costume is pink perfection.

Tiny Diamond Troll Costume

Diamond Troll Costume

The biggest thing about being a Troll is being your own unique self. That said, just about everyone that lives in the Pop Troll's tribe sings and dances in about the same way. Everyone but Guy Diamond and his little babe, Tiny! Is that because they're also part of the Glitter Troll Tribe or is it just the gift of an autotuned voice? Who knows, but boy can they sparkle?!

Trolls Cloud Kids Costume

Cloud Guy from Trolls Costume

If you thought that we humans were the only ones that loved to watch the Trolls, think again! There's a friendly guy hanging out in the clouds who practically wets himself with excitement. (Of course, that's because he's made of rain.) Just to be safe, though, when your tyke dresses up in a Cloud Guy costume, make sure that you don’t startle them too much!

Adult Trolls Costumes

Just because the Trolls tend to be a more cartoonish kind of character doesn't mean that they are just for the tykes. We know that you've got some groove to get, too! Wild styles and bright hair make for a perfect look when you're hitting the dance floor. And we can guarantee that you'll be turning heads if you appear at the Halloween costume party wearing a crown of Troll hair on your head! Mix and match colors to create a new character or pick one of the larger-than-life Troll characters for that perfect Trolls family costume. Dress up as a friendly Bergen to make a baby Troll costume seem to be in scale. Browse through our wide selection of officially licensed Trolls costumes for adults and get to singing!

King Peppy Costume

King Peppy Costume

Whether the kids want to head out for Halloween antics or you’d like to show your stuff at the costume party, you can be the king of costumes! Become larger than life when you dress up as King Peppy. Sure, the King of the Pop Troll Tribe might stand a little squat, but he's just packing all the pep in a small frame! (Just make sure you keep that magic string safe!)

Lady Glitter Sparkles Costume

Lady Glitter Sparkles Costume

Who's the biggest ally of the Pop Trolls? Well, let's just look at the facts. Singing flowers are great, but they really can't get around very much. How about the gal who saved them all from getting gobbled?! That's right: Bridget was a Bergen that kept the Trolls out of the frying pan! She earned her name just as much as you did a Lady Glitter Sparkles costume!

Prince Gristle Costume

Trolls Prince Gristle Costume

When they tell you that music will let you find your true colors, they aren't kidding. Bergens might have had quite the trouble finding their happiness, but it turns out that a little bit of guidance goes a long way. Whether you want to gobble up the Trolls or lead them into a friendly future, a Prince Gristle costume is the way to go. Crown yourself the new king of sing!

Trolls Adult Biggie Costume

Biggie Trolls Costume

Who is going to keep an eye on all the Trolls running rampant? Well, it’s gotta be a guy big enough to see where they’re all going. For that task, we must suggest Biggie the Troll! This gentle-hearted periwinkle giant is always there to help...even though he's crazy shy. (Good thing he's got Mr. Dinkles to help him voice his feelings.)

Dreamy Cloud Guy Costume

Cloud from Trolls Costume

Nobody would say that the Trolls live a boring life. Between their musical antics and the random trouble they find in the forest, they’ve always got something going on! Of course, there is one guy who loves doing all he can to make things even crazier. Get your rain on and pull some pranks (especially on Branch) when you become the Cloud Guy from Trolls!

Guy Diamond Costume

Guy Diamond Trolls Costume

There’s one mystery that we just cannot solve. How the heck does Guy Diamond manage that extraordinary autotuned voice?! There's some serious science going on there. Maybe his voice bounces off all the glitter all over his skin? Did he sneak in some 80's techno tricks when nobody was looking? All we know is Guy Diamond gleams in the spotlight...and you will, too!

Trolls Halloween Accessories

Whether you're dressing head-to-toe in Trolls costumes or just adding a little bling to your everyday wear, our Trolls accessories can help to really bring some color to your life. Imagine Poppy going on her own world tour when she's sporting a head of Rainbow Brite hair instead of her iconic pink style. Picture what kind of cool face paint a Troll would wear to stand out at the music festival in the forest square. Of course, you don't even need to be a Troll to love their wild style. Try a foot-tall blue 'do when Fred shows up with the Scooby Squad. Show that you found the buried treasure by adding some of Guy Diamond’s bling to your pirate’s posse. Your imagination knows no limits, and we're happy to make sure that you're fully accessorized with our collection of Trolls costume accessories.Whether you're dressing head-to-toe in Trolls costumes or just adding a little bling to your everyday wear, our Trolls accessories can help to really bring some color to your life. Imagine Poppy going on her own world tour when she's sporting a head of Rainbow Brite hair instead of her iconic pink style. Picture what kind of cool face paint a Troll would wear to stand out at the music festival in the forest square. Of course, you don't even need to be a Troll to love their wild style. Try a foot-tall blue 'do when Fred shows up with the Scooby Squad. Show that you found the buried treasure by adding some of Guy Diamond’s bling to your pirate’s posse. Your imagination knows no limits, and we're happy to make sure that you're fully accessorized with our collection of Trolls costume accessories.

Rainbow Trolls Wig

Trolls Wig

Most trolls you meet are going to have a spectacular hairdo. Colors are going to vary from the brightest red you’ve ever seen to the kinds of purples that you could only dream of! Still, there’s room for an even wilder hairstyle. Try a bit of a blend of everything and see how that goes! That’s right: you can have the whole rainbow with the right Troll wig!

Whacky Trolls Hair Wig

Trolls Hair Wig

Just ask your tykes what their favorite color is. When you browse through our collection of wigs, you're sure to find something that will make your tyke's smile even bigger than their hair. Still, you can't go wrong with a shade of ultra-violet that makes their hair stand on end! Just imagine how the Trolls will react when Poppy shows up sporting a Purple Wig!

Trolls Makeup

Trolls Makeup

It is a really sad thing when a Troll loses hope. All the color just drains away and they go slate gray! Fortunately, the right tune will put a skip in their step and get them to show their true colors once again. Now, chances are, you and your tykes don’t actually have neon pink or glittering blue skin. Fortunately, we’ve got all the colors you could want in our makeup!

Mr. Dinkles Companion

Mr Dinkles Trolls

Don't go anywhere without your trusty companion, Mr. Dinkles. This little guy might look like he's a tiny little mewler, but he can really belt out some surprising tunes when he gets in the mood! Whether you're dressing up as Biggie or just want to keep the whole Troll family together, Mr. Dinkles is always ready to accompany you on your Troll adventure. Monster