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Purple Wigs

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These purple wigs add an enigmatic aura to any costume! You can find styles for men, women, and children here, and you can even get wigs to top off any cosplay outfit. It's a lot easier (and less permanent) than a trip to the hairdresser, so go ahead and select the wackiest look you can!
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Womens Purple And Grey Ombre Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
Striped Cheshire Wig

Striped Cheshire Cat Wig

Women's Dark Magic Superhero Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Magenta Superhero Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
Neon Dreadlock Wig
Sale - 60% Made By Us Exclusive

Kids Neon Dreadlock Wig

Purple Dolly Wig

Purple Dolly Wig

Purple Hair Chalk
Coming Soon
Womens Purple Short Bob Wig
Coming Soon

Purple is quite the enigma of a color. Ancient societies associated it with royalty, wisdom, and creativity. Here in Minnesota, we have a special affinity for the color, since Prince liked to don the extravagant during many of his performances. You know what else we have a strong affinity for? Purple hair. Sure, it doesn't really occur naturally in humans, but we have a long list of cool characters we love with purple hair!

From characters like Raven, from Teen Titans and Turanga Leela from Futurama, there are plenty of strong characters rocking a purple do. Of course, it's consolidated mostly to the realm of cartoon characters, but with one of our many purple wigs, you too could have the lavender hair of superhero or anime character.

We carry purple wigs of various sizes and styles to help you craft the perfect look with your costume! Trying to transform into Jessie, from Pokemon? Then one of our magenta wigs adds the finishing touch to the outfit. Our Cheshire Cat wig features layers of purple and pink to help add an enigmatic aura to your outfit and one of our purple wigs can complement your Raven costume with ease.

Most of our purple wigs are made from synthetic fibers and feature mesh netting interior to help achieve the perfect fit. You can find wigs for both adults and children in our selection, so no matter what sort of cosplay outfit you plan on crafting, we have the wig you need to finish off your style!