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Who says that being blue has to mean being sad?! With our selection of Smurfs costumes, you can be happy AND blue at the same time. We have sizes for both kids and adults, including Papa Smurf costumes, Smurfette costumes, and many more. You can dress up the whole family like the lovable characters from the cartoon and we guarantee you won't feel blue about it.
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The Smurfs Women's Adult Smurf Smurfette Costume
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The Smurfs Adult Papa Smurf Costume
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The Smurfs Girls Smurfette Costume
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The Smurfs Toddler Girls Smurfette Costume
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The Smurfs Women's Plus Size Smurf Smurfette Costu
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The Smurfs Child Smurf Costume
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The Smurfs Child Papa Smurf Costume 1
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The Smurfs Adult Smurf Costume
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Men's Plus Size Papa Smurf Costume
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The Smurfs Mens Plus Size Smurf Costume
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The Smurfs Toddler Smurf Costume
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The Smurfs Toddler Papa Smurf Costume
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Child White Gloves
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Adult Smurf Hat
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Adult Papa Smurf Hat
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Plush The Smurfs Slippers
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The Smurfs Smurfette Wig for Girls
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Women's Smurfette Wig from the Smurfs
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Womens Bright Blue Bob Wig
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Infant Smurf Costume
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Few cartoon characters can stand the test of time like the Smurfs! Peyo created the adorable little creatures back for a Franco-Belgian magazine called Spirou back in 1958. In the title Johan et Pirlouit, a young page to the king heads on a quest that eventually leads him to little creatures called SchtroumpfsLater, when Hanna-Barbera was looking for ideas for new cartoons, they drew upon the comic strip for inspiration and created The Smurfs! Of course, the blue critters became an instant hit, and kids across the country couldn't wait to tune in to watch their new adventures! Well, we grew up on the Smurfs and that's why our costume designer team crafted a ton of great Smurf costumes based on all of the classic Smurf favorites!

Of course, the most well-known Smurf has to be Papa Smurf. He's the one who's always coming up with the plans to stop Gargamel's evil schemes and he even happens to know a thing or two about magic! He's also the only Smurf that wears red, which signifies his role as a father figure and leader. Our Papa Smurf costumes come in size for both adult and children, making it the perfect costume for anyone who likes to play the role of leader! It's also the perfect costume for dad when doing a family group costume based on the Smurfs.

Then, there's Smurfette! Smurfette was actually created by Gargamel, the evil wizard. His master plan was to have her sneak into the Smurfs, so he could capture them once and for all. But the Smurfs were able to help her realize her good side, and now, she lives happily with all the rest of the Smurfs! We carry many different Smurfette costumes, including both Smurfette costumes for women and kids Smurfette costume. We also carry Smurfette wigs, so you can get the bright yellow locks from the cartoon series!

Although those are the two most popular Smurfs, there's plenty of other characters to choose from! Brainy Smurf has made his name as the smartest blue guy around, while Brawny Smurf is definitely the toughest. All you have to do is choose your favorite Smurf and then do some accessorizing with our signature Smurf costume. Since it comes with a blue shirt and white bottoms, which happens to be the most common look for Smurfs. Accessorize with a pair of glasses and a book to become Brainy Smurf! We also carry hats and makeup, just in case you want to build your own Smurf costume out of scratch!

Whatever kind of Smurf look you're searching for, you'll be able to find a look that suits you. And since we carry sizes for the whole family, you can dress up the whole family as characters from the Smurfs. How To

Smurfs Costume Ideas

Smurf Costumes

One of the very first cartoons ever made came out around 1908. Since then, the medium has exploded with the force of one of Space Jam’s ACME Blasters! Because of the obvious popularity of these wonderful animations, there are a lot of different types of fictional beings in the world of cartoons. One of the more unique creations are the Smurfs.

The Smurfs have been around for a long time, so they have been introduced generation after generation. It helps that they are adorable. It also helps that the lessons taught by the Smurfs are foundational! Work with your community for the betterment of all. Help those in need, even when you don’t have to. Live off the land to better preserve Mother Earth. If you want to live your life more like our blue buddies, we have the best place to start your transformation—our Smurf Costumes!

Smurfs Halloween Costumes

Halloween and cartoons have some weird overlaps. It makes sense based on the nature of the holiday and the medium of comics. They are both filled with fairies, talking bears, talking moose, talking… well, pretty much every talking creature you can think of. You’ve got your humanoid turtles, frogs, ducks—sorry, again; humanoid animals are pretty ubiquitous in cartoons. There are wacky spirits, sorcerers, scientists, and a million more things!

In both worlds, you can use your imagination to become or create whatever you want. For example, do you need a Smurf Halloween costume? We have all the licensed pieces you are going to need to put together the perfect costume. Not sure how to make a Smurf costume for Halloween? This page is FULL of ideas for you to choose from.

Smurfette Costumes

Smurfette Costume

A Smurfette Halloween costume is the perfect look for any person who wants to show that they are a strong, independent leader, all while being caring and having empathy. Smurfette embodies all of these traits and more. She was initially created by the evil Gargamel to sew discord in the Smurf village but decided to change her ways and fought back against her creator. Papa Smurf did his magic thing a made her a real Smurf. That was pretty Smurf of him. You won’t need Papa Smurf to help you put together an amazing Smurfette costume—we have all the stuff you need!

Papa Smurf Costumes

Papa Smurf Costume

If there is any leader that we can all look up to its Papa Smurf. He leads the entire village by himself, helps everyone who stumbles upon the village, teaches life lessons, and doesn’t ask for anything in return except for everyone to be the best person they can be. Papa Smurf is kind of a superhero. (Not to be confused with Super Smurf, who is actually Brainy Smurf). Think how all the Smurfs at the Halloween party will look up to you in reverence and for guidance when you walk in the door. So, if you are in need of an adult Smurf costume, you can’t lose with Papa Smurf.

Adult Smurf Costumes

Adult Smurf Costume

It seems like there are a million Smurf character names: Tracker Smurf, Sloppy Smurf, Farmer Smurf, Architect Smurf, Baker Smurf, etc. If you can think of a vocation or personality trait, there is likely a Smurf for you. It’s almost like the Smurfs were made for Halloween costumes. How great would it be to grab a group of friends, and everyone dresses up as a different Smurf? You could even grab a few instruments and make a Smurf band. Our team makes a point to have these costumes as accurate to the real thing as possible. If you can’t think of a Smurf to choose from, make one up—that’s half of the fun. The Smurf-abilities are Smurf-less!

Kid's Smurf Costumes

Kid's Smurf Costume

There is an episode of The Smurfs called “The Lure of the Orb.” It opens as a pretty innocuous episode until it starts diving deep like cartoons are apt to do! The orb was created by a witch in disguise who tricks Poet Smurf into using it as his muse. The moral of the story is that our strength comes from within. A very powerful and surprisingly relevant lesson for today’s youth. Our offices are seriously considering having Smurf Day. (Maybe a secondary Valentine’s Day all about cheerful expression… and, most importantly, getting to dress up as Smurfs!) If you subscribe to that, then you and your child will love our kid’s Smurf costumes.

Baby Smurf Costumes

Baby Smurf Costume

There is something about babies that warm our hearts. Babies are precious and The Smurfs think no different. Did you know there is an actual Baby Smurf? He was introduced in Season 3 of the cartoon and has been a Smurf staple ever since. Even Grouchy Smurf hid Baby Smurf from the stork so Baby Smurf could stay in the village, and Grouchy doesn’t like anything! The village is all about community, so everyone takes turns taking care of Baby Smurf. What better way to come together as friends and family than to dress up as your favorite Smurf characters? With our Baby Smurf costume, you’ll be able to complete any family photo with the best of ‘em (or Christmas photos, or Halloween pics, or just for fun, we are here for it).

Toddler Smurf Costumes

Smurf Costume Toddler

Toddlers are the perfect audience for The Smurfs. They are young enough to appreciate the aesthetic of the cartoon and old enough not to let the themes and lessons go entirely over their head. For instance, there is an episode called, “The Noble Stag.” Malcolm the Mean changed his cousin, King Gerard into a black stag with magic. Long story not as long, the episode essentially reinforces the golden rule, something that we all know last well into adulthood. We here in the office love dressing up our kids, so we know the first step into teaching your youngin’ proper life lesson is outfitting your child with our officially licensed toddler Smurf costumes. If anything, just play dress up and have a great time (we also do that in the office quite a bit, as well).

Smurfs Cosplay Ideas

Did you know that the Smurfs began as comic book characters? As comic nerds ourselves, we are proud to admit that. A lot of really good stories and characters start as comics and evolve into so much more—that’s why they’re a great place to find awesome costumes! Do you want to be an evil wizard? There is a Gargamel costume for you—we made all of the pieces you’ll need to put it together! Need a pair of red shoes to throw together a Papa Smurf costume? We made sure you’ll be able to find them. Are you in need of a Smurfette costume wig? Well, check out the golden strands we’ve sewn together, or even try a brunette wig for her more sinister self! If a wig won’t do, we have plenty of hats to add to your Smurfy look that will suit your tastes. Whether it be Smurf cosplay or Smurf related items, we have what you need to put together the perfect piece that can hold up at any convention.

Smurfette Wigs

Smurfette Wig

Smurfette must have some of the best hair of any cartoon. Her hair is literally golden, who wouldn’t want golden hair? We have the perfect wig for anyone trying to complete the perfect Smurfette costume. Once you’ve lived your best Smurfette life, you’ll be able to become Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. You have a ton of options to choose from!

Smurf Accessories

Smurf Accessories

We try our best, but sometimes it’s even hard for us to recreate our costumes perfectly. That’s why we do our best to have as many accessories as possible for you to choose from. That way, you can mix and match up our products to find the right character for you to become. Want to be Brainy Smurf, pair our dweeb glasses with a Smurf costume, and voila.

Gargamel Costumes

Gargamel is a tricky costume to nail down exactly, but we got darn close. In essence, Gargamel is just a dark wizard, so we definitely have a costume for that. Ole Garg must be really focused on his Smurf work because his get-up looks pretty unkept (the man is laser-focused on his goals, give him a break). Sewing a few patches on the elbows will give you the look of this evil wizard.

Clunky Red Shoes

Need to finish off the perfect Papa Smurf costume but don’t have his classic red shoes? Do you realize your Gargamel costume also requires red shoes to complete the look? Well, we have the feet fashion that you need to complete either costume and more. Use our specialty-made accessories to put together a costume that Tailor Smurf would be proud of. Monster