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Looking for something a little more exciting than a plain black ensemble? Try one of these Opposuits! Whether you prefer one of the Christmas suits, a video game theme, or just something silly, we’re sure you’ll find something to wear in our selection of these funny suits! We have options for men and women so everyone can get in on the giggles.
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Opposuit Super Mario Boy's Suit
Mens Money Suit
Opposuits Harry Potter Suit for Men
Sale - 17%
Opposuit King Of Hearts Mens Suit
Men's Flamingo Suit
Men's Pacman Suit
Opposuits Pokemon Suit for Men
Opposuit Super Mario Men's Suit
Adult The Batman Opposuit
Boys Pokemon Opposuit
Men's OppoSuits White Knight Shirt
Sale - 38%
Women's Lady Jag OppoSuit
Sale - 19%
Men's Opposuits Braveheart Suit
Opposuit Winter Pac Man Men's Suit
Sale - 25%
Opposuit St. Patrick's Girl Women's Suit
Sale - 13%
Women's Santa Babe Opposuit

What do you want to wear today? Most guys are going to put on that same black or blue blazer they wear every day, with the matching pair of pressed pants, and away they go to work or a cool upscale party. It's not like that doesn't work, it's proven to work... but what about the magic of variety? What about the fun in personal expression? What about the sheer awesomeness of being unexpected? If you want to stir things up and do something different and exciting, you have but one choice: get one of our Opposuits! You're going to stand out from the crowd in one of these printed suits. They're colorful, fun, and they will define your wardrobe, and you will forever be remembered as the coolest guy at the shindig.