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Christmas Costumes

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Christmas is probably just about everyone's favorite holiday. Really, what's not to like? Parties, gifts, special food treats. Lots of great music. (And some not-so-great music--but we won't talk about "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.")


Are you having a religious celebration or church pageant? We have child and adult costumes for Joseph & Mary, shepherds, wise men, angels.


For secular celebrations we have costumes for Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa. For elves and reindeer. For candy canes and gingerbread cookies. They're great for distributing gifts or hosting parties.


If you're into classic TV and movies, we have themed costumes from A Christmas Story and How The Grinch Stole Christmas.


So, plan your celebration, and make it even more festive with one of our Christmas costumes! How To

Christmas Costumes

Santa Claus Suits for Every Budget

Being Santa Claus is one of the most magical roles you could ever play. Children everywhere look forward to seeing you in your bright red suit, so that they can tell you about what they’ve been wishing and waiting for the whole year! Being Santa Claus doesn’t have to be expensive, either. You can play a perfectly convincing Santa with our simplest suit, or wear some of our more detailed replicas and have even the adults questioning whether you might actually exist!

Basic: Flannel Suit Santa

This flannel Santa suit is a basic option but not a boring one! It includes all of the pieces you need to be Santa and could be a good option for participating in a fun Christmas time run or just for delivering presents for the neighbors!

Better: Regal Suit Santa

For a little more money, you can treat yourself to the plush looking Regal Santa suit. It includes a pair of black boot covers, but we paired it with our Santa boots for a more polished look. When the suit is this affordable, you can easily splurge on the extras!

Deluxe: Premiere Santa Suit

Our exclusive Premiere Santa suit is ready for a mall or parade appearance. It is that convincing! Made from a heavier, higher quality fabric, this suit will last through the years and allow you to bring the magic of Santa to boys and girls as long as you are willing to suit up!

Premium: Jolly Ole St. Nick Suit

If you think just being Santa isn’t enough to make an impression, perhaps this Jolly Ole St. Nick suit is what you are looking for. This unique, old-fashioned design will set you apart from the rest and make you a popular guy during the holidays. After all, who wouldn’t want their party to be visited by the best dressed Santa around?

Mrs. Claus Costumes: Should You Be Naughty Or Nice?

There are several options for playing Mrs. Claus. The only question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to look very nice or a little bit naughty? Children love visits from Mrs. Claus almost as much as they love visits from Santa. After all, who better to put in a good word with the big guy than her? But if you’d rather focus on being ready to party on Christmas Eve and leave the kids to Santa, we have some fun options for that too!

Nice: Traditional Mrs. Claus

This traditional Mrs. Claus costume is charming, affordable and perfect for visiting with children during the holidays. With the sweet apron and bright red dress, you’ll have the little ones begging for your attention, so they can ask you about the North Pole!

Naughty: Sexy Christmas Costume

The presents have all been wrapped, and Santa will soon be home from making his special deliveries. You’re done taking requests from little elves. You are ready to celebrate! In this sexy Christmas costume, you can look festive while having fun. Santa will surely appreciate this more than anything that might be under the Christmas tree.

Naughty: All Wrapped Up Sexy Santa

Prove that you are just as qualified to play the part of Santa. You are friendly and full of holiday cheer, and thanks to this Sexy Santa costume, you have the perfect outfit for the job, too! Careful, people might start asking to sit in your lap from now on!

Nice: Mrs. St. Nick

If you’ve been a good girl this year, you deserve to be treated like a queen, and in this Mrs. St. Nick costume, you will look like Christmas royalty. Host a party, participate in a holiday parade or just take in the season in style!

Santa and Mrs. Claus as a Christmas Couple

Better together! When Santa and Mrs. Claus pair up during the holiday season, they are the couple that everyone wants to spend time with. Whether you prefer a more traditional look, or something with a little sizzle, we have a number of different couples combinations to help you pick out the style that matches your personality best.

A Traditional Couple

This traditional Santa Claus couple could not look more classic, or be more affordable! These simple pieces will put a smile on children’s faces everywhere. When the little ones close their eyes, this is the couple they see sitting by the fire together at the North Pole. Have fun bringing their imaginations to life, and listening to what good boys and girls they’ve been all year!

Festive and Flirty

Maybe Mrs. Claus doesn’t want to simply be the sidekick to Santa! This duo is dressed to look more like partners who both want to deliver the gifts, drive the sleigh and make the holidays merry and bright.


Sure, Santa could invite an elf or two along to lend him a hand, but those elves are not as cute as Mrs. Claus is in this sexy Christmas costume! He’s going to have so much fun delivering presents with her; he’ll want it to be Christmas Eve more than once a year.

Christmas Royalty

No one celebrates Christmas like Santa and Mrs. Claus, or throws a more festive party. With this Christmas royalty couple look, your greatest gift will be the cheer and joy that you spread wherever you decide to visit.

Christmas Classics

Not interested in being Santa but still want to celebrate the holidays in a fun, festive Christmas costume? These popular characters from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Story and more will get you into the spirit of the season in your own unique way.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Rather than deliver the presents, take them for yourself as the Grinch! Have a blast playing this Dr. Seuss character and showing that at the end of the day you love being included in parties, presents and holiday fun.

A Christmas Story

Have you ever watched A Christmas Story and wished that you could give the gift of pink bunny pajamas to your own child on Christmas morning? You can! You can even dress up as the Mr. Parker’s major award, the leg lamp that he proudly displayed in the front window. All of these looks will allow to you have your own piece of this Christmas classic.

The Elf

Buddy and Josie were such a sweet pair in the Elf that it only makes sense to want to dress up just like them. Maybe the way that you’ll spread more Christmas cheer is to be a little more like Buddy this Christmas.

Old Fashioned Carolers

Do you long for an old fashioned holiday, where you’d roast chestnuts over a fire and go door to door singing traditional Christmas carols? These caroler costumes for men and women will let you recreate that festive spirit and allow you to celebrate the way you’ve always dreamed about.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are becoming more and more popular, but not everyone has the time to scour the local thrift shops in search of the perfect look. Our collection of ugly sweaters will look festive, even if they aren’t considered particularly stylish and have you in the running as an ugly sweater champion.

Let It Snow!

If you love the holidays and aren’t afraid to show it in over-the-top costumes, this pair of snowman costumes could be your next big thing. Perfectly coordinated and totally festive, these looks are going to be a hit at any party, parade or festival.

Sparkling Sequins to Spread Extra Cheer

Need a way to dazzle everyone at your next Christmas party? These sequin covered costumes are going to shine brighter than any Christmas lights on your block. They are the perfect look for showing your friends that you love the holidays and are determined to sparkle from now until New Year’s!

Sequin Mrs. Claus

Our sequin Mrs. Claus costume is simply stunning. Whether hosting your own event or wanting to get into the spirit of the season at someone else’s gathering, this costume is a great night time look.

Sequin Elf

Make yourself stand out in a sea of Santa’s helpers with this sequin elf costume. It is great for making an appearance with Santa or for wearing to a party when going solo. When you look this sweet, you won’t be alone for long!

North Pole Essentials: Accessories for your Santa Suit

Trying to decide what to add to your Santa Claus suit to make it more authentic? Here is a handy checklist of some classic Santa accessories that will have everyone believing, no matter how old they are!

Present Bag

The easiest way to convince a crowd that you’re the real deal? Carrying a large bag of presents of course! This gift bag will carry lots of toys and look special when you arrive to make a special delivery to the ones you love.

Santa Glasses

Santa needs to make sure no name has been overlooked on his “nice” list, so he wears a pair of gold rimmed glasses to double check before he leaves on Christmas eve. Wear your own pair, and you’ll be an extra convincing Santa!

Santa Hat

It’s cold at the North Pole, and Santa has to keep warm so that he can meet all of his important responsibilities during the holidays. Plus, when you picture Santa, does he ever have a bare head? We didn’t think so.

Santa Beard

Santa is not known for being a clean shaven guy. And thanks to this Santa beard accessory, you can portray him without having to grow your own luxurious beard. This one even includes a wig, so that your makeover can be especially convincing.