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All of our parental guardians knew the day would come when they would have to send us to school with backpacks and school supplies in tow. Your child's cuteness still didn't quell that anxiety of sending them off. But parents have to go to the office, and school is a rite of passage. If you have a kid who loves education and wants to show their love for school or office supplies, you have to check out our School / Office Supply Costumes.
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Adult Water Cooler Costume
Sale - 25%
Child School Glue Costume
Sale - 14%
Child White Gloves
Made By Us Exclusive
Child Black Gloves
Made By Us Exclusive
Kid's Crayon Box Costume Dress-0
Made By Us Exclusive
Toddler Crayon Box Costume Dress-0
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Plus Size Pretty Pencil
Clearance  - 63%
Cell Phone Costume Companion
Sale - 60% Made By Us
Toddler Blue Crayon Costume Dress-0
Sale - 14% Made By Us
Kid's Blue Crayola Crayon Costume-0
Made By Us Exclusive
Child Black Pants
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Yellow Opaque Tights
Sale - 25%
Women's Pretty Pencil
Clearance  - 50%
Kid's Blue Crayon Costume Dress-0
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Kid's Red Crayola Crayon Costume-0
Made By Us Exclusive
9.8 Inch Gold Trophy
Sale - 40%
Toddler Red Crayon Costume
Sale - 20%
Adult Power Strip Costume
Out of Stock
Child #2 Pencil Costume
Out of Stock
Adult School Glue Costume
Out of Stock
Adult Scissors Costume
Out of Stock
Adult Pink Highlighter Costume

Our Office Supply Costumes and School Supplies Costumes are not just for children. One of the best things about education is that you never have to stop learning. We like to take that same mindset with our Office Costumes and keep attire for all walks of life. Check out this page, and you'll see numerous examples of Crayon costumes along with your typical supplies for work or school. You'll be a riot at the next employee costume day when you silently stand in front of the water cooler in your own Water Cooler Costume and offer refreshment to your unsuspecting co-workers. And don't worry, that joke goes on for days—as you can also lay next to your desk and ask your friends if they need to charge their phones in our Power Strip Costume. A little cheesy, why yes? What is the point of having a Supplies Costume if you can't have a little fun, right?

If you are looking shake to sit up at the next office Halloween party, you must pick up one of our Stationery Costumes. You'll (literally) be the sharpest person in your group with one of our hilarious Scissor Costumes. Speaking of scissors and the like, you have to give our Rock, Paper, and Scissor Costume a whirl if you happen to know some like-minded folks. You can even get meta and blow everyone's mind by playing a game or two. If you want to take things a little retro, we recommend you check out our Floppy Disk Costume and confuse anyone born before the early 2000s. Then there are always the classic Pencil Costumes for those who like to think, (awkward cough) a-lead (sorry about that joke, we just get very excited when it comes to School Costumes).

Education truly changes everything. Learning is such an essential part of life. We live, learn, live some more, and then learn some more. That cycle pretty much stays on repeat for our entire lives. Now, we all have unique interests that we gravitate to, but you still have to put in the work. You can make whatever dream happen as long you're productive with your passion. So, we should all be thankful for the smarts we've acquired throughout our journey and give some credit where it's due (outside of students, teachers, parents, and the government, of course) by picking up some of our lovable Supplies Costumes. We know you'll be the highlight of many days and nights to come with them. Monster