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We got a real jam going down here. Welcome to the Space Jam costume selection! It’s your chance to do your dance in a Space Jam Halloween costume made for real fans. From Lola Rabbit to Marvin Martian and even the basketball hoop, our Space Jam accessories and ensembles catalog is ready to score on the Halloween court!
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Women's Sexy Bunny Squad Costume
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Space Jam Plus Size Lola Bunny Costume
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Kids Space Jam A New Legacy Jersey & Shorts Combo_Update
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Space Jam A New Legacy Tune Squad Jersey & Shorts
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Womens Plus Size Basketball Bunny Costume
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Spacejam 2 Bugs Bunny Tune Squad Child Costume
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Space Jam 2 Lola Bunny Tune Squad Girls Costume
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Space Jam Women's Lola Bunny Costume
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Spacejam 2 Bugs Bunny Tune Squad Toddler Costume
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Space Jam Tune Squad Bugs Jersey
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Space Jam Monstars Jersey
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Classic Bunny Carrot Prop
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White Bunny Bendable Ears Headband
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Adult Giant Cartoon Hand Gloves
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Bendy Bunny Ears Headband Gray Update
Sale - 56% Made By Us
Bunny Nose

Bunny Nose

White Bunny Ears Headband
Made By Us Exclusive
Basketball Hoop Kids Costume
Coming Soon
Moving Bunny Ears Accessory
Out of Stock
Made By Us
Bunny Carrot Accessory
Out of Stock

Space Jam hit the scene in 1996 as a live-action and animated sports comedy film. Starring basketball icon Michael Jordan and everyone’s favorite Looney Tunes characters, it gained mixed reviews. But thumbs up or down from the critics, Bugs Bunny and Jordan’s wild on-screen antics became made the movie a cult classic. Just as any 90s kid or baby what, they think, and you’re sure to see their eyes light up!

In 2021 Bugs and basketball teamed back up for more in Space Jam: A New Legacy. Equally wacky and full of family-friendly sports and cartoon action, it’s a Tune Squad romp for a new generation. Only Lebron James leads the charge this time, and instead of duking it out on the court, King James and his squad take to the virtual world.

Whether you’re a fan of the original crew or their digital reanimation, our selection of Space Jam costumes lets you relive all the fun! Not familiar with the 90s feature or its 2020s successor? Stick with us! We’ll briefly dive into our selection and detail what’s waiting inside to help get your group costume assembled or loved one dressed like their favorite character!

Getting the team geared up for a tune-tastic Halloween? First things first. Are you Monstars or Tunes? Our simple Space Jam jerseys can get you and yours repping either team. Next, it’s down to old or new. Pick up a Lola Bunny costume or Bugs Bunny Space Jam uniform, and you’re ready to lead the squad to victory. Stick with the slick white uniforms for the 90s film and grab the new colorful suits for some 2020s fun!

Make sure everyone has a cartoonish hoop to shoot all night long with our basketball tunic and inflatable basketball prop. Lightweight, both hoop and ball, you and yours can try all the fancy trick shots without risking cheeks meeting a real basketball.

DIY-ing your Tune Squad costume? Our available Space Jam accessories are the perfect way to polish your look! Ensure Bugs and Lola have their charming choppers with a bunny nose accessory. Add some fluff to your ensemble with a bunny tail or Made By Us bunny ears! An exclusive pair of giant white gloves will have any costume looking perfect for a cartoon world, while a pair of classic athletic costume socks get your look ready to play!

With everything from officially licensed Space Jam costumes to Halloween props that ACME would be proud to ship its rascally consumers, our selection has you covered! Not finding what you need this round? Never fear! We’re always looking for new ways to get your costume looking its best! Check back often to see what buzzer-beater add-ons we have to make your Halloween a winner! How To

Space Jam Halloween Costumes

If you saw the original Space Jam film in the 90s, then you know that it quickly became a classic for kids of the era. Seeing Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan on screen together was nothing short of incredible! It fueled our love for basketball and the Looney Tunes characters. We wanted nothing more than to join the squad and help them defeat the Monstars! And when we saw the new movie, our excitement was reignited all over again! So whether you're a fan of Looney Tunes, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, or just basketball in general, join us in donning a Space Jam costume this Halloween!

Tune Squad Costumes

Many of us have dreamed of meeting our heroes, but how much better would it be if we could play basketball with them? Whether you grew up with the classic 90s film or are a fan of the new Space Jam movie, we have outfits that will have you ready to get on the court and join the Tune Squad! We have classic jerseys for adults and kids along with plenty of accessories to complete your costume. So, whether you'd like to meet your heroes or just dress up like them, we have what you need to join the Tune Squad this Halloween!

Classic Tune Squad Jerseys

Tune Squad Jersey

It's always fun to win a game that you're playing, but if you're like us, you also enjoy a challenge. When it's too easy to win, it's not as fun! So if you'd like to join the Toons and test your skills against a team of elite aliens, the first thing you'll need is a Classic Tune Squad Jersey! This white jersey has the familiar Tune Squad logo on the front, which will let everyone know that you're part of the winning team. Whether you use some ACME products and cartoon physics or just your own mad skills, we're sure you'll have a fantastic time defeating the Monstars and helping Michael Jordan stay out of Moron Mountain!

Space Jam: A New Legacy Jerseys

Tune Squad Jersey and Shorts

In our experience, remakes, reboots, and sequels aren't always made with the same love that was put into the original content. And many times, fans don't enjoy the new story as much as the old one. This is not the case with Space Jam: A New Legacy! It has everything we loved about the original movie with a fresh twist for a new era. And just like the movie itself, the Tune Squad Jerseys have a new look while still reminding us of the classic uniforms. Give yourself a refresh this Halloween with a Space Jam: A New Legacy Jersey! It will have you ready to help defeat the Goon Squad and save the day in no time!

Kids Tune Squad Jerseys

Tune Squad Jersey Costume

Some of the Looney Tunes characters aren't exactly…above average when it comes to their basketball skills. In fact, we might as well come out and say that they're not very good, unfortunately. So, if your kiddo wants to help them out on the court, it's never too early to start their training! Bring home a Kids Tune Squad Jersey for your little one and they'll be flying across the court like a bird, scoring baskets and style points alike to help win the game! And of course, some creativity and cartoon physics never hurt either!

Toddler Tune Squad Jerseys

Youth Tune Squad Jersey

Does your toddler want to get out on the court and help the Tune Squad? You might be a little worried about how useful they'll be. After all, they just started walking a few months ago, and their tiny hands can barely hold a baseball, let alone a basketball! However, we're confident your little one will be able to help. When you put them in a Toddler Tune Squad Jersey, they'll be so cute that they'll give the Tunes themselves a run for their money! And something that adorable is practically guaranteed to stop the bad guys in their tracks!

Kids Bugs Bunny Tune Squad Costumes

Bugs Bunny Tune Squad Costume

Although Bugs Bunny might not be the best basketball player on the team, he's still an important member. In fact, as the leader of the Looney Tunes, he's the one who keeps the team together and encourages them to be their best. If your kiddo wants to let their leadership skills shine, then a Kids Bugs Bunny Costume might be the right choice for them! With a Tune Squad Jersey and Bug Bunny's grinning face, they'll be ready to be a leader on the court and off!

Kids Lola Bunny Tune Squad Costumes

Lola Bunny Tune Squad Costume

Of course, we can't deny that LeBron James has the best basketball skills on the Tune Squad. But Lola Bunny might be able to give him a run for his money! Even before the team started practicing, she was ready to hit the court. After all, when you train with Wonder Woman, you're bound to learn a thing or two! Your kiddo can play the part of this athletic bunny when they put on this Kids Lola Bunny Costume. We're sure they'll be able to help bring the squad to victory!

Space Jam Outfits

Are you a fan of Space Jam but not so interested in joining the Tune Squad? Maybe you're not very confident in your basketball skills and you'd rather be a cheerleader on the sidelines. Or maybe you'd like to mix things up a little and join the bad guys for a change! Or perhaps the team is already full, and you just want to wear something a little different than a jersey this year. No matter what you're looking for, we have plenty of options for a Space Jam themed outfit!

Monstars Jersey

Monstars Jersey

While most of us want to join the toons and help the heroes save the day, perhaps you like a little more of a challenge! You want to test your skills against the greatest basketball players and see how you measure up. Or maybe you just want some of the cool powers that come from teaming up with the villains! Either way, you'll like this classic Space Jam Monstars Jersey. We're pretty sure you'll become the stuff of legend—whether you win or lose!

Basketball Hoop Costume

Basketball Hoop Costume

Are you typically the person who watches basketball from the sidelines? Do you want to join in the game but you're not feeling so confident about your skills? Instead of donning a uniform, you can put on a Basketball Hoop Costume like this one instead! You'll get to enjoy being one of the most important parts of the action, and you don't even have to know how to play the sport! Just beware of anyone coming in for a slam dunk!

Space Jam Accessories

You've been practicing for months, you have your jersey, and you're ready to get out on the court! The only thing that's left is to get the right accessories. Every costume looks better when you have all the pieces you need to give it your own unique touch. A hat can be the crowning jewel of your outfit, and the perfect pair of shoes can get you stepping in the right direction. So, if you want to look like one of our favorite cartoon rabbit basketball players, we have just the selection of accessories you need!

Bunny Nose

Bunny Nose

If you're going to dress up like Bugs or Lola Bunny, one of the best ways to bring your costume from good to great is to transform your all-too-human face. You could use makeup to give yourself a pink nose and some whiskers, and if you really like to add detail, you could even add some prosthetics to give your face the right shape. However, there's an easier way to give yourself an authentic rabbit look! This Bunny Nose accessory will give you an adorable pink snout and even some large front teeth to complete your costume perfectly!

Bugs Bunny Gloves

Bugs Bunny Gloves

Bugs Bunny is famous for a lot of things. Of course, his catchphrase "What's up, Doc?" will immediately make people think of this sarcastic rabbit. He always has a carrot around to munch on, and of course, his profile wouldn't be the same without those ears. But if you really want to look like this classic cartoon character, you'll need to imitate his gloved hands. These Bugs Bunny Gloves will help you complete your Space Jam outfit, but we can't guarantee that they will help you hold a basketball any better!

White Bunny Tail

White Bunny Tail

Some accessories are completely essential to certain costumes. For instance, it's hard to be taken seriously as a member of the royal family if you don't have a crown. You probably won't look much like a fairy without a pair of wings. And if you're going to be dressing up as a rabbit of any kind, you absolutely need a fluffy White Bunny Tail like this one! So, complete your Bugs or Lola Bunny costume with this adorable tail, and you'll even be able to use it more than once if you also like to dress up around Easter time!

Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears Headband

It would be hard to recognize Mickey Mouse's profile without his iconic ears. In fact, much of his merchandise simply has that familiar pattern of three connected circles and we instantly know who it is. Just like Mickey, Bugs Bunny's ears are a very important part of his look. So if you're going to dress up like him this Halloween, we highly recommend a pair of Bunny Ears like these! They'll be the perfect thing to complete your costume. And if you like to dress up as the Easter Bunny in the spring, this accessory can even pull double duty! Monster