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You may think of theme parks or Christmas before Halloween, but these Mickey Mouse Halloween costumes suit every occasion! Grab a pair of Mickey Mouse ears to complete your vacation packing. Help your child enjoy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse even more with a Mickey Mouse toddler costume. Or build an iconic look with Mickey Mouse accessories. With everything from Mickey Mouse gloves to holiday decorations, our selection has something for every fan!
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It's no fluke that The Walt Disney Company is referred to as "the house the mouse built." Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular and recognizable cartoon characters in the world, and with his friends Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto has been featured in more than 130 films. Mickey was the first cartoon character to be honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, and he regularly receives write-in votes in many U.S. elections at local, state and national levels. 

Mickey was born in 1928, the brainchild of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, as the replacement for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a character to which Disney had lost the rights in a contract dispute. Disney then started his own company and began producing cartoons based on a new character whom he originally named Mortimer. Disney's wife, Lillian, persuaded him to change the name to Mickey, and the rest is history. Mickey's official screen debut was in one of the very first "talkie" cartoons, Steamboat Willie. Over time, ten of Mickey's cartoons would be nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the Academy Awards, and 1942's Lend A Paw won the award. Disney himself was Mickey's voice until 1946, and again for a few years in the late 1950s. Mickey's first, and arguably most iconic, feature film role was as the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Fantasia in 1940. 

Visitors to the Disney theme parks can meet Mickey and his friends; Mickey has been featured on wristwatches and in many toys and games. Now you can become Mickey or one of his friends in our Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes. They come in sizes for adults and kids, and let you bring the world's most famous mouse couple to life! How To

Mickey Mouse Halloween Costumes

Mickey Mouse Costumes

Mickey Mouse has a long and unique history. It's hard to believe it, but his first appearance was all the way back in 1928. Nearly 100 years ago, during the end of the roaring 20s, Walt Disney cooked up one of the most popular animated characters of all time. Animation as we know it today had only been around for 20 years or so…and they were still completely silent! Disney really helped pioneer the use of sounds and music to pair with cartoons, which greatly enhanced their popularity. And it all started with a simple mouse!

The wacky mouse character found himself in the middle of all sorts of adventures. Walt really turned Mickey Mouse into the everyman archetype, like an animated version of Charlie Chaplin's Tramp character. And he's managed to stay in the pop culture all this time, something that few other cartoon characters have managed to do! (Not many people are talking about Chilly Willy or Felix the Cat these days.)

Eventually, Mickey moved into color and brought his friends along to the silver screen, too. We got to see Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto, and a ton of other great characters. Disney's success with Mickey gave him the confidence to create Snow White, which at the time seemed like a huge gamble. Of course, we all know how successful Disney movies are now, but it was all thanks to a humble little mouse who started out piloting a steamboat!

With Mickey's long and storied history, it's really not a surprise that Mickey Mouse costumes are popular each and every year. Whether it's his classic look from the original cartoons or something from the newer cartoons, there are always options for anyone looking to dress up as the magnificent mouse. And since Mickey has so many different options, let's look at some of the fantastic costumes you can wear if you want to become the worldwide icon.

Mickey Mouse Cosplay

Cosplay has become quite popular over the last few decades. People spend a ton of time recreating their favorite characters, and Mickey Mouse might be one of the best options. After all, the character has played many different roles and had a ton of different occupations in his nearly 100-year history of showing up in cartoons, movies, and video games. That means you'll need some basic costumes and accessories to craft your Mickey Mouse outfit, whether you're dressing like classic Mickey or his lesser-known incarnations. (Kingdom Hearts Mickey Mouse, anyone?) Let's have a look at some options for kick-starting your Mickey Mouse cosplay.

Mickey Mouse Costumes for Adults

Mickey Mouse Costume Adults

First, let's start with a basic Mickey Mouse costume for adults. Although some people might want to really dig in and craft a specific version of Mickey Mouse, others might just want to have the traditional sort of look. That means a few things. Mickey did start as black and white animation, but that soon got an updated style that has continued through the years. All of his outfits have been inspired by his signature red shorts with large white buttons. This particular design changes his shorts into pants and gives him a slightly more formal appearance, including a tux-like top. It's a classic way to go when dressing up like him.

Mickey Mouse Dog Costume

Mickey Mouse Dog Costume

The only thing we love more than human cosplay is dog cosplay. Dogs are already one of the most adorable creatures on the planet. We have a hard time not spending the entire day looking up funny dog videos, because those wondrous creatures are too good for this world. So naturally, when you dress them up in one of our dog costumes, it's just about the cutest thing on the planet. And your pooch definitely wants to join you during all of your adventures. They already follow you everywhere, so why not bring them along with you during your own cosplay outings? The best way to help your pup get into the mood is by dressing him up in a Mickey Mouse dog costume. It'll have your dog ready to engage in some cartoon antics with you!

Mickey Mouse Fantasia Costume

Sorcerer Mickey Costume

Perhaps the most famous iteration of Mickey Mouse, aside from his traditional look, is his appearance in Fantasia. In the 1940 film, Mickey played a sorcerer's apprentice caught up in a whole mess of trouble with a broom. The film earned critical acclaim with its striking visuals and a phenomenal soundtrack that included Bach, Beethoven, and Stravinsky. The film also featured shorts involving fairies, the Greek gods, and the nefarious devil, Chernabog. It's remained a staple to this day (we watch it at least once every 6 months). The standout piece to Mickey's outfit in the film was his blue hat, which featured a style that any wizard would want to top off their outfit.

Original Mickey Mouse Costume Hat

Mickey Mouse Ears

Mickey ears have a way of awakening some pretty powerful childhood memories. Perhaps you were one of the lucky kids that got to head to Disney World with their family. Wearing a pair of Mickey ears, you may have scurried your way through the gates, ready to discover all of the fun activities inside. Maybe you hopped onto every ride you could while your parents tried valiantly to keep up with your unbound enthusiasm! Well, then something like these original Mickey Mouse ears are something that should help you recapture that magic. Pair them up with a wide variety of accessories to craft your own Mickey-based look.

Kids' Mickey Mouse Costumes

One of the most powerful things about Mickey Mouse is how he has cross-generational appeal. You probably grew up watching cartoons of the lovable mouse. And now, kids today are growing up with brand new cartoons and video games. That's why Mickey Mouse never fades popularity, and it's why Mickey Mouse costumes for kids are an excellent choice for any child trying to be their favorite Disney character. There are plenty of different ways to go when creating a Mickey Mouse experience for your little one. You can give them the classic style or go with something based on the popular Mickey Mouse Roadster series. We have an outfit for just about every kind of little Mickey fan.

Mickey Mouse Halloween Costumes for Kids

Kids Mickey Mouse Costumes

Kids wear costumes for all sorts of reasons, from dress-up during playtime to birthday parties. We've even seen a child or two try to wear costumes to their very first day of school! Of course, the most common reason kids wear costumes is for Halloween, so of course we need to start with Mickey Mouse Halloween costumes. Halloween costumes are generally quick and easy to put on, so your child will be ready to hang with Donald Duck and Goofy in no time with this particular choice. It's also got a classic vibe to it, so you can use it as the base to create all sorts of different Mickey-based costumes.

Baby Mickey Mouse Costumes

Baby Mickey Mouse Costumes

Choosing a first costume for your baby can be a huge decision! After all, the photos will live on for decades to come, and they'll be a source of warm feelings of nostalgia each time you look at them. We have plenty of infant costumes to choose from, but we still think Mickey Mouse is one of the best choices around! We have to chalk this up to the cross-generational factor that comes with the lovable character. Your parents will instantly recognize this baby Mickey costume on your child, and so will your grandparents. And if history is proof of anything, even your child's children will still know all about Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Costumes for Toddlers

Mickey Mouse Costume Toddlers

If your child has a few Halloweens under their belt, then they might need something a little larger than our classic infant costume. That's when it's time to start looking into our toddler-sized Mickey Mouse costumes. The traditional Mickey design works on a large variety of ages and sizes. Our toddler costumes provide the perfect outfit for kids who are too big to fit into baby costumes and just a bit too small for our standard child-size costumes. They have all of the same colorful style in an in-between size!

Mickey Roadster Racer Costume

Mickey Roadster Racer Costume

Finally, we wanted to take a moment to talk about Mickey Roadster Racers. It's a cartoon starring Mickey and his pals, and this time, they're all expert racecar drivers. It combines two things that toddlers can't get enough of: fast cars and Disney's best characters! Younger kids will definitely be more into a costume based on the fast-paced, hilarious stories told in the show. For those kids, we recommend something like this Mickey Roadster Racer Costume. They'll be racing around in style!

Mickey and Minnie Costumes

Another great thing about wearing a Mickey Mouse costume is that he pairs perfectly with Minnie Mouse! In his earliest cartoons, Mickey had a tough time trying to win the affection of his beloved Minnie. The cartoons often had him facing off with ornery Pete, who would put both him and Minnie into some pretty dangerous situations! Their relationship has evolved over the years and they seem to be a pretty happy couple. Their story makes for a cute way to bring you and your significant other together, but it's also a cute way to make a duo costume for little Disney fans out there! In this section, we'll take a look at some Mickey and Minnie costume ideas for both kids and adults.

Kids Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costumes

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costumes

Ahh, young love! There's nothing more adorable than an innocent playground crush. Meeting eyes while swinging on the jungle gym, sitting together during snack time, and playing together after school…now those are some relationship goals! Sure, most kindergarten crushes don't last very long, but you can capitalize on the cute factor by dressing up the little ones in matching costumes! Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes are an easy choice for kids, since they'll be excited to roleplay as the iconic duo. You can get some get photo memories of that very first school crush. They'll be photos that you and your family can cherish for years to come.

Couples Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costumes

Mickey and Minnie Costumes

Mickey and Minnie really are one of the cutest couples of all time. Whether they're in a Medieval setting, racing cars together, or just traveling across the world, the pair have been pretty inseparable since their first cartoon together. Minnie has gone through various transformations over the years, but she's always sporting her favorite pattern, polka dots. Just pair any one of our adult Minnie Mouse costumes with the classic Mickey costume and you'll have an instant couples costume that can stand the test of time.

History of Mickey Mouse

Now that we've covered some of your favorite folks from Disney, how about we talk about the greatest world icon of them all, Mickey Mouse! That little mouse has had a long history of cartoons since his inception and if you want to impress people with your vast knowledge of the mouse when you're dressed up like him, then take a look at all of his looks from the past (complete with fun facts to fuel your inquisitive nature.)

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Plane Crazy, and The Gallopin' Gaucho

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Many might be surprised to hear that Mickey Mouse wasn't Walt Disney's first foray into the animated world. Oswald was originally created in 1927 for Universal Studios and this bunny bears a slight resemblance to Walt's later mousey masterpiece.

Plane Crazy

Mickey's first incarnation came sans his classic shorts and gloves in 1928 with Plane Crazy. Unfortunately, no distributors picked up the cartoon, so it never saw wide release until 1929 when Steamboat Willie saw success and people needed more!

The Gallopin' Gaucho

Technically made before Steamboat Willie, this silent cartoon was held back until the release of Steamboat Willie so they could add sound. Mickey's sporting a slightly different look than his previous cartoon with bolder black eyes and a more mischievous grin.

Steamboat Willie, The Karnival Kid, and The Band Concert

Steamboat Willie

This cartoon, released on November 18, 1928, marks the true birth of Mickey as we know him! It was also the first cartoon ever made that was synchronized with sound. This date is even considered to be the little mouse's official birthday.

The Karnival Kid

Mickey finally gained a voice in this classic cartoon! And what, you may ask, were his first words? "Hot dogs!" Well, his first words may not have been anything too profound, but he'd go on to say plenty more in the rest of his cartoons.

The Band Concert

We finally got to see Mickey in full color in this cartoon! The Band Concert marks his first appearance in color. Goofy also got his first color appearance. It also continued Mickey's long history of being an accomplished musical mouse!

The Brave Little Tailor, The Pointer, and Fantasia

The Brave Little Tailor

This cartoon brought the fairy tale Das Tapfere Schneiderlein to life, with Mickey playing the lead role. The story follows his quest to fell a giant that's causing serious trouble in the kingdom, despite being nothing more than a humble tailor who got lucky swatting flies!

The Pointer

Pluto and Mickey took center stage in this hunting themed cartoon! It received an Academy Award in 1940 and was the second short to feature Mickey’s modern design. (Mickey's Surprise Party was the first short to move from the original black-and-white coloring.)

Fantasia: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Despite being considered a classic now, the initial release garnered mixed critical responses. It was the first appearance of Mickey wearing his sorcerer robes and Yen Sid's hat. It ended up being part of a risky experiment: merging a bunch of unrelated cartoons into one epic film.

The Little Whirlwind, Fun and Fancy Free, and Mickey Mouse

The Little Whirlwind

Mickey got a short-lived makeover in this cartoon that had him looking like other animator's styles. He had a slimmer body and larger head, hands and feet. Good thing this redesign didn't last very long, though. Mickey started looking like his old self before the end of World War II.

Fun and Fancy Free: Mickey and the Beanstalk

This was Walt's last time voicing Mickey Mouse, which featured him retelling the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. Donald was none too pleased when Mickey brought home a handful of magic beans, but at least it let them discover that Willie the Giant had the stolen Golden harp!

Mickey Mouse

1955 marked the beginning of a live-action TV show featuring the Mousketeers. This show would eventually bring many music stars into the limelight, including Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling, who all went on to have lucrative careers.

Neon Mickey, Mickey's Christmas Carol, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Neon Mickey

Mickey got reimagined with an electric vibe for Walt Disney Home Entertainment releases, so this little guy was seen on many movies from the 1980s on out. His iconic ears and nose are still highly recognizable despite the distorted electric silhouettes creating his image in profile.

Mickey's Christmas Carol

This holiday classic puts the Disney spin on the Dicken’s classic A Christmas Carol. Mickey plays the kind-hearted Bob Cratchit next to the crotchety Scrooge McDuck who would go on to later spinoffs. It also marks one of the few times Mickey's nephews were ever seen on screen.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This was the first time that all of Disney's major characters were fully rendered in CGI animation on TV. (Aside from Donald Duck, who had the honor earlier). It turns out he looks pretty good in CGI, but most of his animation is still done in 2D to maintain the classic look we've come to love.

Epic Mickey, Get A Horse, and Mickey Mouse (2013)

Epic Mickey

Mickey gets the video game treatment again in 2010's Epic Mickey! Disney finally reacquired Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who appeared alongside Mickey in the game. Of course, the legendary Frank Welker did the voice work for him. The game would go on to receive multiple sequels!

Get A Horse

In 2013, Frozen had a little special short at the beginning. It featured Oswald, who'd been gone from Disney cartoons for 84 years, as well as a blend of animation styles. Two weeks of work went into giving us Walt's voice from assembled tracks to join the rest of the classic voices.

Mickey Mouse (2013)

Mickey's latest look from his recent shorts uses Flash and approaches the classic character with a retro look based on his good old days. The cartoons clock in at a mere three minutes and the first season episode "Croissante de Triomphe" even won an Emmy! Monster