Looney Tunes Costumes

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Are you a fan of falling anvils, carrot-munching rabbits, and a lot of dynamite in your cartoons? Then you’ll probably enjoy these Looney Tunes costumes! Whether you’d like to chase Tweety around or pick up one of our Tune Squad costumes and play some basketball, we’re sure to have something you’ll like.
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Marvin the Martian Ray Gun
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“What's up doc?” “You're despicable!” “The Earth? Oh the Earth will be gone in just a few seconds.” “Suffering succotash!” “I twat I taw a puddy tat!” “Yablabaspfbnah!”

Bugs Bunny. Daffy Duck. Marvin the Martian, Sylvester and Tweety Bird. Taz. All your favorite Looney Tunes characters are well known for their memorable lines and catch phrases. (Well, except for Taz since he mostly just growled.)

Besides being known for their funny one-liners, these characters became famous for their funny appearances as well. If you think you're ready to put on Daffy's beak or arm yourself with Marvin's ray gun then check out our collection of Looney Tunes costumes. You couldn't find a better collection if you went straight to Acme Corporation.