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Looking for a way to command attention? March into your next costume party wearing a glittering marching band costume! Lead the drumline in a glitzy drum major costume. Turn heads with your spinning baton and eye-catching majorette costume. Or get the kids ready to head the band in the costumes and accessories that carry an appropriate amount of pomp and circumstance!
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Plus Size Women's White Suit
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Kids Drum Major Costume
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Child White Gloves
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Adult Women's White Gogo Boots
Child Black Gloves
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Child Black Pants
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Child Conductor Hat
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Women's Golden Marching Band Costume
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Womens Sexy Nutcracker Costume
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Drum Major Costume for Men
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20s Style Black Dance Cane
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Womens Nude Opaque Pantyhose Update
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Finger Cymbals

Finger Cymbals


Halloween has always been an event. But maybe it could use a little more fanfare. Maybe a parade to kick things off would garner even more excitement. Perhaps the entire neighborhood would leave on their front light after they saw droves of children and parents cheering for candy and fun. We think so! We may be biased, but who doesn’t get revved up after a good parade?

Even if you don’t have multiple blocks to march or floats lined up down 12 city blocks to show off, you can lead the parade with a marching band Halloween costume! You’ll be ready to get the crowds going, rally the trick or treaters, or simply dazzle at a costume party when you shop our collection!

Need a bit more inspiration for how to put everything together? Continue reading to learn a few of our ideas!

If you ask us, every good parade should start with a solid drumline. The heart-pounding beat simply makes it impossible to stay calm—excitement will win out every time! But the drumline needs a leader and we’ve got that part covered for you and yours! March in the line or head the team with the costume you love best from our selection. Just don’t forget your drum or cymbals! It’s hard to play along without the proper percussion.

Want to be the visual entertainment in your Halloween parade? Get dressed in our majorette dance costumes! In a flashy skirt your baton or flag will just be extra visual interest. In our exclusive Nutcracker uniform you’ll be ready to show off your Rockette’s worthy dance moves. Pick up the necessary dance accessories to guarantee you’re ready for showtime!

Do you love a costume that’s easily transformed for another? You can’t go wrong with our marching band costumes and accessories! Your children are ready to conduct the band or a train with a Made by Us conductor’s hat. A wearable drum works for your Halloween drumline or your wind-up monkey looks and holiday pageant characters. And, of course, those fabulous boots are amazing with your drum major garb and 60s go-go ensemble!

Still a little unsure? Maybe it’s the lack of spookiness in these Halloween costumes that’s holding you back. Never fear! Our wider catalog has everything you need to turn even the cheeriest marching band getup into something worthy of All Hallows Eve’s darker side! Just pair your favorite option here with the greasepaint, tights, masks, or wigs that are sure to strike a chord on your spooky Halloween!

From group costumes to eye-catching stand alone looks, you’re set with our marching band outfits. And once you get your band together, we’re sure Halloween will be all the more exciting for you and yours! Monster