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Buzz Lightyear Costumes

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To infinity and beyond! It's no secret that Buzz Lightyear, from Toy Story, is one of the greatest Disney Pixar characters of all time. If you're looking to transform into him, then we have a great selection of Buzz Lightyear costumes for all ages. Whether you need a Buzz costume for you or a Buzz Lightyear costume for your toddler, we have a little something for anyone who wants to step into the role of a space ranger.
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Buzz Lightyear Toy Latex Mask
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Buzz Lightyear Youth High Top Shoes
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Zurg Hat Mask
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Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Adult Comfy Throw
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Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Ship Pet Carrier
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Womens Disney and Pixar Buzz Lightyear Costume
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Girls Disney and Pixar Buzz Lightyear Costume
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Plus Size Disney and Pixar Buzz Lightyear
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Back in 1995, Pixar brought us a modern classic. It was actually their first full feature film if you can believe it! Toy Story hit the theaters, which introduced us to the secret world of toys. It told the tale of a brave new astronaut toy who had no clue that he was a toy, and how his new toy friends would go to any length to help him out. We had always had a sneaking suspicion that toys were living amazing lives when we weren't looking, but the Toy Story movie just made us even more suspicious! Of course, the breakaway character from the movie was Buzz Lightyear and it's really no surprise that he's remained popular, after many more movies and even his own cartoon series. Many fans even want to be the space ranger himself, which is why we carry a large variety of Buzz Lightyear costumes.

Our selection of Buzz Lightyear costumes starts with kids. It's no secret that kids are captivated by every Disney Pixar movie (along with adults for that matter). From pajama costumes to simple t-shirts, there's a choice for every little fan. We even have some cozy and adorable Buzz Lightyear Costumes for toddlers, so even brand new fans can become Buzz.

1995 seems like a long time ago... because it kind of was! A lot of the kids who grew up watching Toy Story became adults, and as such, they want to relive a piece of their childhood by wearing a Buzz Lightyear costumes for adults. Well, adult fans are in luck. We have classic costumes based on the character that will fit men, along with various women's Buzz Lightyear costumes. Just choose a style that fits your personality and you'll be ready to head to infinity and beyond.

What about the family pooch? Surely, he can't go to outer space! Well, that's true, but he can at least be ready for a Toy Story style adventure when he wears one of our Buzz Lightyear dog costumes. It turns your doggo into the Toy Story character, so he can join in on the fun. If you pair it up with our other Buzz costumes, you can even create the perfect family of space rangers.

Finally, if you just need a few Buzz Lightyear costume accessories, then you've come to the right place. With things like jetpacks, space helmets, and other wacky astronaut gear, you can have a detailed Buzz outfit going in no time. Of course, we recommend checking out all of our Toy Story costumes so you can reunite the classic gang at Halloween or your next costume party. How To

Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costumes

There are astronauts and intergalactic space-farers. Then there's Disney & Pixar's Buzz Lightyear. While each character makes a great choice for a costume, it's Buzz that promises to take things to infinity and beyond! Let our collection of licensed Buzz Lightyear costumes and Made By Us exclusives inspire everything from family group costumes to games of make-believe and out-of-this-world Disneybounds and cosplays! With a range of unique designs and sizes for all ages, our Buzz Lightyear collection is sure to have you and yours falling for the style!

Zurg Costumes

Zurg Costume

Every hero needs a villain. And wherever you and yours are on your Buzz Lightyear adventure, you'll know Emperor Zurg is the Space Ranger's biggest bad guy! This Zurg kids costume lets young fans take on the role with a 3-piece ensemble based on the character's appearance in 2022's Lightyear. But how they play the character is what matters!

Pair the costume with kids’ Buzz Lightyear costumes from our boys and girls costume selection to start playtime on an epic adventure. Power up the suit with trick-or-treat essentials like safety lights used as hand lasers. Or leave the licensed ensemble as-is for a powerfully cool look kids will love for any dress-up event!

Men's Buzz Lightyear Costumes

Men's Buzz Lightyear Costume

Buzz Lightyear may be a toy. But that toy inspired entire generations of kids starting in 1995. And even as grown-ups, Buzz's charm can hold our imaginations! Which is where adult Buzz Lightyear costumes come in! From this premium Lightyear costume to a Buzz accessory kit great for any men's or women's Buzz Lightyear costume idea fans are ready to play Space Ranger again!

Featuring multiple pieces, including an inflatable jet pack and helmet, Halloween or playtime really do look prepared to reach infinity and beyond! Assemble a Ranger team with this exclusive or our more relaxed-fit options to bring Lightyear adventures to the Halloween circuit. Or really increase the playfulness with an inflatable Buzz Lightyear costume that'll delight every fan!

Buzz Lightyear Dog Costumes

Buzz Lightyear Dog Costume

Kid's and baby Buzz Lightyear costumes are great for inspiring family Toy Story costumes. But there may not be munchkins running around your home. Or they might have already claimed another Toy Story character for their role in the group look. In which case, bring Buzz along for the fun with a pet costume to turn your furry friend into the intrepid Space Ranger!

Get your pup looking as ready for adventure as an original Buzz Lightyear with this licensed Buzz pet costume featuring a soft chest piece, fabric helmet, and battery-powered light-up wings! Shop pet accessories to keep your four-legged Buzz well-equipped with Disney-themed collars, leashes, and even carriers perfect for trick-or-treating!

Sox Lightyear Costumes

Sox Lightyear Costume

Kids love dressing up as their favorite heroes. If there's a dress-up theme they love even more though, it's animals! And while our kids’ animal costume selection is primed with tons of wild options, this Sox Lightyear toddler costume brings the two great themes together for kids with an easy jumpsuit and hat ensemble inspired by Buzz's heroic A.I. companion!

Make the Sox cameos even easier to enjoy at playtime or Halloween with this Sox accessory kit that's fit for any fan! Paired with their favorite yellow wardrobe or used for a Sox Disneybound featuring a playful tutu it's sure to inspire way beyond games of make-believe. Perhaps all the way to Sox cosplays that beg fans to dive into full costume makeup and animal accessories!

Buzz Lightyear Accessories

Buzz Lightyear may not wear a suit with as many tools and surprises as Inspector Gadget, but the Space Ranger definitely requires a few accessories as a toy, movie character, or costume inspiration. And our selection of Buzz Lightyear accessories is here to get fans started! From wings to boots ready for imaginary moonwalks, our full selection is here to get every authentic or inspired-by Lightyear costume ready. Meanwhile, the Buzz costume accessories detailed below will help you outline or fine-tune a list of must-haves whether for a casual Buzz look or elaborate cosplay!

Buzz Lightyear Shoes

Buzz Lightyear Shoes

It may not always be time to don a Space Ranger uniform and play the day away as Buzz Lightyear. But that doesn't mean a fan can't enjoy walking a mile in the beloved character's shoes. Especially with a pair of our exclusive Buzz Lightyear high-tops! Available in both adult and kids shoe sizes, these flashy kicks work great for Disneybounds, everyday outfits, and as the final touch to a licensed Buzz costume!

Buzz Lightyear Gloves

Buzz Lightyear Gloves

Simply put, gloves have a magic touch! From opera gloves adding chicness to gauntlets ensuring knights can literally "throw the gauntlet," a pair of gloves or mittens can be a costume requirement. Buzz Lightyear is no exception! These stretchy and lightweight kid's Buzz gloves help young fans have a firm grip on the character's familiar look. Ensure an adult Buzz costume is given the same attention with the equally easy-to-wear gloves featured in our exclusive Buzz kit!

Buzz Lightyear Masks

Buzz Lightyear Mask

When it comes to perfecting a character's look, costume tends to be the easiest part. Especially if the character in question has an extremely recognizable face. And while we've seen some mind-blowing makeups disguise completely different face shapes as strong-jawed characters like Buzz Lightyear, sometimes a mask is the preferred option. Choose our exclusive latex Buzz mask for a time-saving and flawless costume execution, down to the confident grin!

Buzz Lightyear Jetpack Toys

Buzz Lightyear Jetpack Toy

If Buzz Lightyear is going to "fall with style," he first needs to get off the ground. Luckily, he has both collapsible wings and a spaceship. And while our costume versions won't actually achieve lift-off, they're sure to have fans feeling ready to fly! Strap options like this jetpack toy to any Buzz costume for a quick and lightweight costume upgrade. Or get wheelchairs and wagons disguised as Lightyear's ship with a cover from our adaptive costumes collection! Monster