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If the Queen of the Nile is your style, check out our variety of Cleopatra costumes. We have the best selection of Cleopatra costumes for adults and children, from sexy costumes to modern styles. Pair up with Pharaoh, Anubis, Nefertiti or Bastet, and you'll be part of the ultimate couples costume. (A Roman like Caesar or Mark Antony would do too.) Cleopatra is also a great costume choice if you want to show off your winged eyeliner skills!
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Cleopatra. Her name evokes images of a legendary love story. She may or may not have been physically beautiful--accounts vary. (And few portraits or busts made in her lifetime survive.) But she was undoubtedly charismatic, intelligent, and a skilled politician--all accounts agree. She was the subject of one of Shakespeare's best-known plays. She's been portrayed on film by the likes of Claudette Colbert in 1934, Vivien Leigh in 1945, and Elizabeth Taylor in 1963. 

The last pharaoh of Egypt wasn't actually Egyptian. She was a direct descendant of the Macedonian/Greek conqueror Alexander the Great. She became queen at age 18 as co-ruler with her younger brother, and both wanted sole power. Cleopatra sought the support of the (married) Julius Caesar against her brother. A famous anecdote tells how she engineered the meeting by having herself wrapped in a carpet and delivered as a gift to Caesar. She became his lover and bore him a son, won the war and killed her brother in the process. She was now the sole ruler of Egypt. 

When she was 28 years old in 41 BC, she met Mark Antony--the love of her life. There is no doubt that their love was genuine--accounts written by eyewitnesses all concur. But the course of true love did not run smooth. Politics and expediency intervened to separate them. Antony and Cleopatra waged a political battle with Rome that ultimately led to both of them committing suicide.  

Why did Cleopatra kill herself? Antony finally lost his battle to rule Rome, and Cleopatra lost hers to keep Egypt as an independent kingdom. They were both captured, and were to be taken as prisoners to Rome. The emperor wanted to execute Cleopatra in public; she used suicide as a means to avoid that humiliation. Did she really use a snakebite as her method? It's likely that she did, though no one knows precisely what kind of snake she used. She may have used some other type of poison. After her death, Egypt became a province of the Roman empire. 

If you want to become this enigmatic queen of the Nile, choose one of our Cleopatra costumes. We have styles and sizes for girls and women. We know from ancient Egyptian art the type of garments noble Egyptians wore. Since they lived in a desert climate most garments were white linen. Most Egyptians had dark hair, so if yours isn't you'll want a wig.

And you'll definitely want makeup. Our makeup kits are easy to use, and let you create exotic, dramatic looks. Most ancient Egyptian women (and many men, too) used dark eyeliner.

Next, you'll want to set the stage. If you want to have an Egyptian-themed party starring Cleopatra, think luxury. Cleopatra was one of the wealthiest people in the world at the time. Like all pharaohs, she was proclaimed a goddess. So she wasn't just royal, she was divine! It's likely that she used tableware made of gold, and she had servants to supply her every need. Be sure to include beer in your party menu. It was the staple beverage, though it was likely quite different from modern beer. Workers sometimes received their pay as beer, and there was a goddess of beer. Other menu items might be stews of vegetables and legumes, and sweets made with dates or figs.

You could also have a Roman-themed party as Cleopatra; she lived in Rome for at least a year as Caesar's mistress. That menu would include wine, fruit, bread and cheese.

You've set the stage and chosen a Halloween costume fit for royalty. Now act the role. Cleopatra was a queen, pampered from birth and accustomed to getting her way. She loved her country and worked to keep it independent and prosperous. It's probable that she sought alliances with two of the most powerful men in the world for that reason, and love was just a side benefit. Cleopatra knew what she wanted and how to get it, and lived life on her own terms. Roman historians took a dim view of Cleopatra; she was far too outspoken and ambitious for their taste. 

Perhaps watch one of the movies about Cleopatra, or even show one at your party. The best-known is the 1963 extravaganza starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. At the time it was the most expensive movie ever made, and lost money despite being the highest-grossing film of the year. Adjusted for inflation, it's STILL the most expensive movie ever made.

So, have fun becoming one of the most powerful, admired, and simultaneously vilified women in history! How To
Cleopatra Costumes

How to Be Cleopatra

Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, Female Pharaoh, goddess incarnate... and one heck of a costume! Whether you're planning the best Halloween ever, or are just looking to rule over your next costume party, a Cleopatra costume is a historic, but never dated choice. For women, this one is a tough look to beat. But, of course, if you're looking to take top prize, you're going to want to make sure your Nile game is on point. Well, we've got your back! Check out our illustrated guide for all the best tips and tricks to rule Egypt once and for all.

How to Pose for Pictures in Your Cleopatra Costume


Cleopatra Worship Pose

"Walk Like an Egyptian"

Cleopatra Walk Like an Egyptian Pose

"Don't Cross Her"

Cleopatra Don't Cross Her Pose

"Watch the Wrist"

Cleopatra Watch the Wrist Pose

Cleopatra was undoubtedly the queen of posing before cameras had even been invented. Of course, striking a pose for a statue is a lot more work than taking a pic with your iPhone! We’re sure she had some go-to moves and you can replicate them all when you employ these stoic stances. The best thing about your Cleopatra costume is the ability to add gorgeous wrist jewelry and veils to accent every arm movement. So make them count! Whether worshiping the gods or just your standing your ground against your enemies, your subjects will be in awe of your royal posture. If all else fails, there is one move you just can't forget: how to walk like an Egyptian. Flip those wrists, and watch your friends bow to your every command. Just don't forget to queue up the Bangles on your phone before you head out for the night...

Couples Costumes to Pair with Cleopatra

Cleopatra and Anubis

Cleopatra and Anubis Couples Costumes

Cleopatra and the Pharaoh

Cleopatra and the Pharaoh Couples Costume

Cleopatra was romantically linked to Julius Caesar, both of her brothers, and most famously Mark Antony. But hey, it's Halloween, so we're going to keep this one simple! Any Egyptian costume will pair perfectly with a Cleo costume. With Anubis by your side, you'll be Isis reincarnate as she claimed to be, and this pair of Egyptian gods will be a tough look to beat in any costume contest. The black mask and tunic will be the perfect contrast for your white robe. And for a truly undefeatable throne-worthy duo, a Pharaoh costume would be the perfect match. She actually co-ruled her kingdom with a couple different Pharaohs, well, until she got sick of that and took over the throne! But with this Cleopatra Halloween costume, you'll be able to rule Egypt all over again as this historic power couple.

How to Talk Like Cleopatra

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