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Cleopatra Halloween costumes are a favorite for a reason. Who wouldn't want to take a swing at becoming one of the most legendary rulers in history? Especially a ruler with such a great wardrobe! Women of all ages can step up to the throne. Girl's Cleopatra costumes are studded with a royal dose of gold and turquoise, perfect for school parties. On the other hand, sexy Cleopatra costume can feature sheer fabrics and dramatic cuts!
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Goddess Leg Wraps
Adult Deluxe Cleopatra Wig
Snake Necklace-update-new

Snake Necklace

Adult Gold Body Chain
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Gold Body Chain for Women

Metallic Gold Face Makeup
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Anubis Mask
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Anubis Mask for Adults

Colorful Cleo Deluxe Girls Costume
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Anubis Staff
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Pharoah Mask
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Pharaoh Mask for Adults

Egyptian Staff
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Egyptian Staff Prop

Adult Warrior Sandals