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Goddess Costumes

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Why be an ordinary woman when you can be a goddess? If classical mythology has always intrigued you, choose one of our goddess costumes. You can become the incarnation of your favorite ancient Greek or Roman deity!

Athena/Minerva. Aphrodite/Venus. Artemis/Diana. Wisdom, love and beauty, the hunt. Choose your affinity, then pick a costume. We have them in sizes that range from toddler to women's plus.

If you're going to dress as a goddess for your costume event, it goes without saying that you need to be beautiful. We have glitzy accessories to help you achieve that. If your own hair isn't as divine as you might wish, choose one of our goddess wigs. And check out our gold-tone costume jewelry. We have everything you need to make your costume event heavenly! How To
Goddess Costumes

How to Be a Greek Goddess

Being divine looks a lot easier that it actually is! Don't worry though, because we're here to help you out. Whether you want to be a goddess of beauty and love, or a goddess of war, these tips should help you project that godly aura out to everyone.

How to Pose for Pictures in Your Greek Goddess Costume

Louvre Statue

Greek Goddess Louvre Statue Pose

Searching Sculpture

Greek Goddess Searching Sculpture Pose

Fierce Figure

Greek Goddess Fierce Figure Pose

Serene Stance

Greek Goddess Serene Stance Pose

Part of being a goddess is showing all the mortals your elegance and power. What better way for that than showing off a few divine poses? (You COULD use your goddess powers to shoot fire and lightning at them, but we think this is a better way to show off your godly prowess!) These classic poses are the kinds of poses that sculptors will make statues about in the years to come.

Couples Costume Ideas to Pair With A Greek Goddess

Greek Goddess & Spartan Warrior

Greek Goddess and Spartan Warrior Couples Costumes

Greek Goddess and Toga

Greek Goddess and Toga Couples Costumes

Living in ancient Greece, a girl has to make an important choice. Are you the ruler type, ready to head out to the Pantheon with a mortal man in your honor? Or, do you want to head into battle with a ferocious Spartan warrior by your side? Whether you choose the path of peace or war, you can find a date to accompany you!

Which Greek Goddess Are You?

Greek Goddess Quotes