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Medusa Costumes

Medusa is an ambiguous figure in Greek mythology--there are several versions of her story. The earliest legends portray her as a hideous monster born of monsters. Later classical-era myths tell the story of a beautiful maiden, one of six daughters of ancient sea deities. Medusa is the only mortal of the three Gorgons; her two Gorgon sisters and three Graeae sisters are immortal. She is seduced by the sea god Poseidon in Athena's shrine. As punishment, Athena turns Medusa into the snake-haired monster. No matter how she got snakes for hair, afterward anybody who looks at her turns into stone.

Medusa is eventually slain by the hero Perseus. The king who wants to marry Perseus's mother sends Perseus on a quest to get him out of the way. Perseus is to bring the king Medusa's head, though of course the king wouldn't object if Perseus gets turned to stone. With help, support and gifts from Athena, Zeus and Hermes, Perseus is able to accomplish the feat. He avoids getting turned to stone by looking at Medusa's reflection in his mirrored shield rather than at her face. When he beheads her, the winged horse Pegasus springs from her severed neck. Drops of her blood fall into the sea and become red coral. Perseus carries her head in a knapsack to Athena, who mounts it on her shield.

The contrast of Medusa--beauty and horror at the same time--makes for an intriguing costume. Our Medusa costumes give you a beautiful sexy look with just the right amount of fear from the snakes. You can make your look as fearsome as you wish by adding more snake accessories. You can be part of a themed group of ancient goddesses, or part of a couple with your man dressed as Perseus. You could even bring in a winged horse. Or wear red coral jewelry. It depends on who else will be at your party, and whether they'll recognize the allusions. Even if your friends have forgotten everything they ever learned about mythology, do the obscure references anyway. You can have the satisfaction of "I know something you don't know." How To
Medusa Costumes

How to be a Medusa

Imagine looking at someone and turning them into stone? Admit it ladies, we've all fantasized about turning a pesky boy into a gigantic boulder from time to time. Medusa's stone-stunning capabilities were a result of Athena's curse, but we'd like to think of it as more of a talent than a curse! Plus, Medusa's flowing locks were transformed into hissing serpents as part of the hex. How trendy would it be to have a head full of snakes? You could definitely rock the same 'serpent hairstyle' that Medusa sported. It would be like wearing a bunch of lovable pets on your head all day. Sign us up! If you geek out over Greek mythology and secretly daydream about having green scaly skin, then why not transform into Medusa for a night? Let us know if you happen to accidentally turn a 'frenemy' into a rock sculpture!

How to pose for pictures in your Medusa Costume

Gorgon Gorgeous

Gorgon Gorgeous Pose

Mythical Maiden

Mythical Maiden Pose

Seductive Snake

Seductive Snake Pose

Stone Cold Beauty

Stone Cold Beauty Pose

Medusa was once a beautiful maiden before her unsightly transformation; despite her snake hair that beauty still remains which you will show as you pose for pictures dressed as the mythical character. Gaze directly into the camera and pretend like you're turning the photographer into stone. This pose will showcase your intensity. You can also choose to look statuesque while you show off your gorgeous costume. Use the attached cape to your advantage while posing. You should also work your snake headpiece! Glance over your shoulder and the serpents will look as though they're ready to strike. Lastly, Medusa's fierceness is undeniable. Captivate your audience with your eyes. Remember, your eyes are your weapons!

Battle Between Medusa and Perseus

Medusa vs Perseus

Medusa vs Perseus Pose

Labyrinth Showdown

Labyrinth Showdown Pose

The battle between Medusa and Perseus was epic! Ancient artists frequently used the battle to create stunning works of art and contemporary artists still use the battle for creative inspiration. Now the battle will serve as inspiration for your couples pose. Have Perseus hold his sword and look directly at the camera. Hold your sword accessory as if you were keeping him at bay. If you want to opt for a bow and arrow instead of a sword, we suggest having your date dress as a gladiator. Look at him out of the corner of your eye as if you were going to attack!

How to talk like Medusa

Medusa Quotes