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Genie Costumes

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Get ready to make some wishes come true with one of our genie costumes! With classic genie in a bottle costumes and even child genie costumes and toddler genie costumes we have the outfits that will let anyone dress up as a summoned genie for Halloween.
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Womens Sexy Genie Costume
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Adult Magical Genie Costume
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Girls Deluxe Shimmer Costume
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Girls Deluxe Shine Costume
Girls Mystical Genie Costume
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Men's Sultan Costume
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Mystical Genie Costume for Toddlers
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Child Dreamy Genie Costume
Adult Disney Aladdin Genie Costume
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Mens Adult Genie Costume
Aladdin Live Action Boys Genie Costume
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Plus Size Disney Aladdin Genie Costume
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Aladdin Animated Adult Genie Inflatable Costume
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Aladdin Genie Dog Costume
Black Genie Lamp
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Womens Long White Wavy Wig
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Bright White Long Wavy Wig
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Bright White Full Wavy Wig
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Adult Gold Body Chain
Black Genie Ponytail
Disney Genie Mask
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Genie Face Headband
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Women's Snake Charmer Costume
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Child Mystical Genie Costume
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Adult Sultan Costume Update Main
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Genie Lamp
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Genie Lamp Prop

Long Black Eyelashes
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Womens Fortune Teller Jewelry Set
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Blonde Ponytail Clip
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Arabian Cutlass Sword
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Giant Turban
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Gold Adult Genie Shoe Covers
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Aladdin Genie Lamp Teapot
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Child Arabian Prince Costume
Finger Cymbals

Finger Cymbals


Granting three wishes will be easy when you get one of our genie costumes for Halloween. We have the right selection of costumes in a variety of style and sizes to fit your price range. Don't wait for Halloween to come out of your magic bottle and get one of our costumes to fit your style. How To

Genie Halloween Costume Ideas

Legends always say that you must be just a bit careful any time you are muttering a wish. They can go a bit wonky. Say that you want a breath of fresh air, and you could find yourself transformed into a bird! Grumble that you’re a little hard on your luck and need to be swimming in gold and you’ll quickly find that Scrooge McDuck of Disney fame wouldn’t actually do so well in a golden vault. Genies can be tricky sort, either because they are mischievous fairies who love to play tricks with their magic or because they are dark, demonic jinn who are eager to make folks wish they had never met them!

If you are looking to flex your magical muscles or show your supernatural side, you don’t have to go down the road of wizardry. No witchy wands, mysterious spellbooks, nor even devious deities from otherworldly alien worlds are required! Just say the word and we’re happy to show off our collection of genie costumes to ensure that your nights (Arabian or otherwise) are pure magic. The only question is which type of genie you’d like to be! If you’re curious about your options, your wish is our command, because we’re about to show you a whole new world of genie gems!

Aladdin Genie Costumes

From the first moment that Aladdin wandered his way through the Cavern of Wonders (doing his best to keep Abu from monkeying around), we were in love with Genie. From the festival of fireworks to the Hulk-level ferocity… to the wholly relatable crick-in-the-neck, this was the kind of ultra-powered pal that you knew you were going to love. (Plus, with a portrayal by the celebrity likes of Robin Williams and Will Smith, who wouldn’t be wearing a smile every second of their performance?) If you love the idea of coupling up with Genie, just imagine how great it would be to become one of the most powerful cosmic entities in all of existence! (And, this time, without the itty-bitty living space.) Take a look at our variety of Genie costumes from Disney’s Aladdin and get to living your best genie life!

Men's Genie Costumes

Mens Genie Costume

When wishing for a ton of fun and making folks laugh until they are blue in the face, there’s no better way to go than with the animated character that made Genie a household name. Whether loving those Agrabah nights or running around with Aladdin, Genie is the guy to be!

Inflatable Genie Costumes

Inflatable Genie Costume

It’s true that a Genie is a bit larger than life and not many humans can really stand up to that kind of character. But don’t fret! Puff out your chest and be confident! (That’s what Genie would tell you to do.) He might also suggest an Inflatable Genie costume to help you feel like you’re flying.

Will Smith's Genie Costume

Will Smith Genie Costume

The world certainly had some strong reactions to the first sight of the Live Action Aladdin Genie. At first, they wished for the blue Genie of the past and then they regretted their wish. One thing we do know for sure is that a Live Action Genie costume gives you a realistic look… blue or not!

Jafar Genie Costume

Jafar Costume

Dressing up as a titan-sized genie with gleaming red flesh and evil in your eyes would be a truly impressive thing. Of course, you’d also need to stand about 30 feet tall! Instead, remember that the genie, Jafar, could poof into regular wear, too! (Though we recommend some dark red dye.)

Genie Costume Headpiece

Genie Costume Headpiece

If you’re looking to channel some of the Genie’s magical mojo without all the mess, sometimes a quick change is the answer. With the right Aladdin’s Genie accessories, you can do just that. Try a hat, a pair of big Genie ears, or a whole Genie accessory kit for a transformation that is a snap!

Genie's Lamp Accessory

Genie's Lamp

When you’re running around in bright blue and singing iconic songs to an upbeat beat, everyone is going to know exactly who you are. Still, you might go the extra mile by bringing along your Genie lamp. (Plus, who doesn’t enjoy the convenience of a mobile home with their costume?)

Genie Halloween Costumes

If animated adventures aren’t your cup of tea, there are other genie options that are inspired by international or TV tales, too! Bring the allure of the belly dancer or fortune-teller to really shake up the scene. You could also channel the Nick Jr. magical mischief of a pair of genie twins or the classic look of a suburban genie just trying to fit in among a bunch of astronauts and housewives. If that is the kind of genie that you’ve been dreaming up, take a look at these classic genie costumes to find one that fits your style! (Just remember to use your powers responsibly or you may make the neighboring witches worry that you’re hijacking their Halloween hijinks.)

Genie Costumes for Girls

Girls Genie Costume

If you’ve been anywhere near Nickelodeon in recent years, you’ve likely heard the chipper accents of a couple of twin genie girls. Whether you’ve got a tyke who loves Shimmer & Shine or they are just a magical part of your life, a girl’s genie costume is a wish come true for you both!

Kid's Genie Costumes

Kids Genie Costume

Some wonder about the difference between a desert prince and a genie gent. Since all it takes is a snap of the finger for a genie to hide in plain sight, it’s really quite the mystery! When it comes to a genie costume, kids can be both at once… (though a pinch of confetti can make it magic).

Women's Genie Costumes

Womens Genie Costume

One of the real tools to make a convincing genie costume is, to no surprise, some tulle. First, it is comfy and stylish, so any genie look is immediately uplifted. But, even better, the translucent fabric is a perfect way to create the illusion of magical smoke for your dreamy genie disguise!

Sexy Genie Costumes

Sexy Genie Costume

There’s nothing quite as alluring as confidence. Anyone with ultimate power available at a snap of their fingers has that swagger in spades! Sway in style and beat the heat of the desert when you wear a genie costume that has a sexy edge. Everyone will be wishing they had your style!

Toddler Genie Costumes

Toddler Genie Costume

As much as amazing magical power seems like it is only for the aged, it turns out that even the tiniest of tykes can win as a Jinn! If you have a youngster in your life who is proof that your every wish was granted, show them just how magical they are with a genie costume for toddlers.

I Dream of Jeannie Costume

I Dream of Jeannie Costume

Sure, there’s the blue guy, but 1965 started off our genie TV in pink perfection thanks to Barbara Eden’s portrayal in a truly magical sitcom. Let this Jeannie out of the bottle and be the star of every scene when you give the classic TV show, I Dream of Jeannie, another needed season!

Adult Genie Costumes

Adult Genie Costume

Maybe the most magical part of the genie is that they come in all sorts of styles. From glittery glee and terrific tulle to magical monsters and diamonds in the rough. But one thing that we’re sure you’re going to love is that, for once, the guys can enjoy some princely poofy pants!

Sultan Costume

Sultan Costume

If your wishes are more in line with being a regal sort of magical being, there’s no reason that you have to use all your genie magic to make someone else rich. Why not gleam in gold and rule the world yourself!? When you’re a Genie Sultan, you get the best of every world at once.

DIY Genie Costume Ideas

Perhaps you’d prefer to create a genie look that is all your own. They’ve been around in a ton of different mythologies for years, so there are many more versions that you could create. Gather up your gamer buddies for a group costume that features the Dao of the Dark Ages or fiery Efreeti and you can have a true adventure. Add the right brightly colored accessories to an existing costume to give a magical twist to an iconic classic. (Who says a werewolf can’t grant wishes or that genies aren’t immortal because they’re actually zombies, too!?) Make a mashup of comic book heroes or top-tier villains to see what they’d do with ultimate mojo or take a truly unique twist that’s all your own! We couldn’t wish for anything better for you, so we’ve put together a few suggestions to help you along with your genie-inspired costumes.

Belly Dancer Scarf

Belly Dancer Hip Scarf

One of the first things that anyone will ever say about a genie is that they are brimming with magical might. Sure, we admit that. But the second thing will always be that they really know how to accessorize. Bright gold and sequins everywhere are a necessity. Turns out that a flashy sash at your side is just the thing to cinch your genie look together! Sashay all day!

Genie Headpiece

Genie Headband

Gleaming gold and shining stones aren’t just for the sultans who are wishing for riches. They’re a natural part of official genie couture, too. (We actually think they wear all the shiny somethings to suggest wealth as a first, easy wish, to be honest.) Dress to impress when you top off your genie costume with a rhinestone headpiece so you have more than just a flashy smile.

Genie Ponytail Wig

Genie Wig

Ever wonder how genies sport those perfect ponytails and topknots? As everyone knows, genies are immortal. That means that they have all the years in the universe to let their hair grow out. Don’t worry that you don’t have the time to style your hair into that perfect genie je ne sais quoi. Let us grant your wish and do up your ‘do with a Genie Wig instead!

Genie Body Chain Accessory

Genie Costume Jewelry

Genies can be some of the most extra kinds of supernatural creatures out there. Why go big when you can go huge and why merely sparkle when you can dazzle the whole desert!? These are the sentiments that all genies strive for… so if you need a little something extra to shine up your look, go for the gold. Specifically, we mean gold chains to drape all over everything!

Genie Dog Costume

Genie Dog Costume

Whether you’re a genie in a bottle or you’re the diamond in the rough, it never hurts to have a companion along for your adventure. The struggle is deciding if you want a magical sidekick or an animal friend. Naturally, we don’t believe in having to pick between two amazing things, so we’ve combined them both with a Genie Pet costume! How’s that for a wish granted!?

Genie Shoes

Genie Shoes

The most common image of a genie throughout all of mythology is a mysterious being with a misty lower half. Perhaps it is a smoky form that comes from the tip of their lamp or they may simply hover around with a trail of magical dust where their legs could be. On the offhand chance that you’re free to walk around, though, make sure you’ve got shoes that sparkle!

Genie Turban

Genie Turban

If fancy gold chains or giant blue ears aren’t the kinds of thing to top off your genie look, we have other ideas to help you crown your costume. Of course, we can’t have you looking like a regular king when you’re enchanting a desert palace. For those who want a larger-than-life adventure, only a golden turban will do. (Plus, you might need a place to hide your lamp, anyway!)

Arabian Cutlass

Arabian Cutlass

It won’t be often that a genie needs to get into a fight. (The whole cosmic power at your beck and call usually overrides such needs.) Still, it doesn’t hurt to look like you really belong. A curved cutlass makes for the perfect faux weapon to keep at your side for any desert dalliances. That way you can even save your magical mojo for when the real fun begins! Monster