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Harry Potter Wands

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Sometimes, the wizard must choose the wand. Complete your witch or wizard costume with Harry Potter wands from our selection! Feel the power held in a Voldemort wand. Or enhance your magical studies with a Hermione Granger wand. From Newt Scamander to Dumbledore, we have the replica or Harry Potter interactive wand you’ve been searching for!
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Simply put:  a wizard costume needs a wand accessory. And if you’re a Harry Potter purist, not just any wand will do. If you’re dressing as Luna Lovegood, you’ll want a Luna Lovegood wand. Dressing up like Draco Malfoy instead? A Draco Malfoy wand is the only thing that will satisfy the look—though, in reality, that particular character expands your options. In fact, the trio went through multiple wands too. One Ron Weasley wand doesn’t have to match another since he replaced his first with something new, then borrowed. In short, no matter which Harry Potter character your costume is based on, you’ve got more than one choice. And we’re here to help!

All Harry Potter wands in our collection are for a specific character. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for a different costume. A Newt Scamander wand is great for bringing the character to life. However, with its sleek and non-descript design, it would work for any magical ensemble! Now, a Dumbledore wand, more commonly known as the Elder Wand, might be a trickier inclusion for your unique witch or wizard costume. Though, given the wand’s history, we’re confident you can come up with a reason you’re the master of that all-powerful wizard wand.

Actually, since we’re talking magic, let's face it:  you can get as creative as you’d like with your story and character. Whether you pick the Harry Potter Elder Wand or you decide to give that loveable gamekeeper a second chance at magic with a “Hagrid wand,” we can help! After all, none of us know what Hagrid’s wand looked like before the Ministry snapped it into pieces, so your Hagrid umbrella wand can be brought to life with any of our available Harry Potter character wands. Honestly, the possibilities are as endless as Harry Potter fanfiction!

Feel as powerful as any of the Wizarding World characters with a Harry Potter magic wand. With options that light up and some that even teach you the movements, as well as Professor Flitwick, it’s possible. Impress your friends at Halloween when you execute a Revelio charm. Or show them something even Dumbledore would be impressed by. Our collection has the training wands to make it happen!

Then again, maybe you’re not looking to become a Harry Potter character. Instead of completing a costume, maybe you’re just collecting character wands. Shop our selection to find the fine specimen you’ve been after. With us, you can start a collection of Fantastic Beasts wands. Or you can gather a Harry Potter wand set that includes just the Trio’s iconic wands. With options for several Wizarding World wands, we have you covered! How To

Harry Potter Wizarding Wands

If you think you can walk inside of Ollivander's shop and pick out the first pretty wand that you see, then you are sorely mistaken, my magical friend! Wandlore is a complex and mysterious branch of magic that we don't understand entirely. What we do know is that the wand does all the choosing—and not like the Sorting Hat and its what-do-you-think kind of decision-making, either! Be careful, because wands can also switch allegiances. If you're defeated in combat, that wand is going to look at the new wizard! The nice thing is that they can also be passed down to the next generation. They're such finicky magical instruments! A wandmaker uniquely crafts each and every wand by using these three distinguishing factors: the type of wood, its length, and the core material that runs through the wand. For example, one could have unicorn hair or a Phoenix feather running through their wand, but it's important to keep in mind that no two wands are exactly the same. It's no surprise that everyone here is obsessed with the wizarding community, so we designed an infographic that lists all of the wands belonging to the most iconic wizards. (Yes, even Mr. No-Nose, himself, Lord Voldemort, made the list!) Take a look at all the wand shapes, sizes, and colors. If you went to Hogwarts, what would your wand be made out of? Do you think your personal wand would resemble any of these?

Wizarding World Wands

Wizarding World Wands

Now that you've got a solid idea of what the rest of the Wizarding World has for their Wands, you have to wonder which one would choose you?! Fortunately, our selection of wizard accessories and wands aren't quite as picky as those at Ollivander's. We've even inherited some of those choice wands you just learned about. Maybe it is time for Luna to pass hers down to the next insightful Ravenclaw? Perhaps you're more interested in joining up with the likes of Newt Scamander or are filled with so much Gryffindor bravery that you can even risk a Weasley wand! Or, if you're really brave, we've heard a certain He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named doesn't need his wand anymore…. Monster