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Poor Snape had a bad rap from the very beginning with his intense glower and classroom in the dungeon. But we all know that Professor Snape was looking out for his students all along. If you're looking to celebrate a Harry Potter hero, officially licensed Snape costumes are just what you need! A Professor Snape Costume is just what you need to feel confident as you mix potions and infiltrate the plans of he-who-must-not-be-named!
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Deluxe Harry Potter Snape Men's Costume

Snape has a better drawl and cold glare than any professor in Hogwarts. He not only knows how to keep his face frozen perfectly, to match his intimidating monotone. What's lurking under that bitter, secretive facade? Well, maybe you'll gain a little insight when you slip into a Snape Costume!

We like to think that Snape had a rather interesting life outside of the gates of Hogwarts and dealings with Voldermort. Perhaps he went to witchy emo-punk clubs deep in the heart of wizarding London on summer breaks, casting that smoldering glare around and fluttering the hearts of fellow edgy concert-goers.

Or perhaps he used those potions skills for his brewery business when there weren't hundreds of under-age wizards and witches constantly wandering around his domain and trying to filch ingredients from his private stores. Severus Snape cosplay is a great way to flush out details of a deep character that we never got to fully know!

Creating the perfect Severus Snape Cosplay is easy when you're shopping with us. After all, you're in the hands of some serious Harry Potter fans, now! You'll start with our officially-licensed Snape costume. It features an elegant black, button-up high-neck tunic layered under flowing black robes that would look right at home in the dungeon Potions Classroom at Hogwarts as well as the dark storefronts of Knockturn Alley! Top the costume off with a chin-length, razor straight black hairstyle for a Snape wig and a suitable wand and you'll be ready to intimidate young wizards of all houses at your next costumed event!

When we first met Snape, we knew he was hiding something. If he hated Harry Potter so much, he had to be working for the Death Eaters, right? When the truth came out everything we learned about the potions instructor came together! If you're putting together a Professor Snape costume, you're taking on a pivotal role in the fight against Voldermort. Without Snape, the Harry Potter series may not have had a happy ending, bitter-sweet or otherwise! Now you can go in Snapes robes knowing that the Wizarding World owes you a debt of gratitude!

Perhaps an outing in a Severus Snape costume can set a new path for the misunderstood wizard. You could crack a smile more often and try to be more understanding when students stir up potions that curdle or harden to stone. 

But don't let us tell you what to do. We like to think a Snape costume is a Harry Potter potter look that's about second-chances but perhaps Snape's original attitude always delighted you! If that's the case, then go ahead and glower your unimpressed frown when you get your Professor Snape Costume in the mail. Just remember to leave a review after you pack it up after your event if you liked it. Just because your Snape costume fits you perfectly doesn't mean you have to take on his persona when your costumed event is over. Unless, of course, you've decided to wear your Snape robes every day. In which case, where can we sign up for your potions class?