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Are you looking for some big top fun? Step right up and see our wonderful, world-wide wonderous circus costumes! We've got so many circus costume ideas right here you can almost hear the crowd cheering already. The main attraction, of course, is our circus ringmaster costume, with authentic details in sizes from kids to adults. If you're looking to get wild in the spotlight try our lion tamer costume. Let's all go to the circus!
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You probably threatened to run away and join the circus plenty of times when you were a kid! Whatever happened to that dream? It probably got lodged away somewhere with your dream of becoming a superhero or princess, but now’s the perfect time to reinvent yourself or your child as a true circus act. It’s really just all about choosing the right act to bring to the show and we’ve got just the circus costume to get you off to the right start.

If you’re kind of a joker and like riding in tiny cars, then wearing one of our clown costumes might be second nature for you. If you like taking charge and having a reason to carry a whip around, then you may want to give one of our ringmaster costumes a try. Or maybe you want to be the one being tamed? Then you can become a ferocious jungle cat in one of our lion costumes! Either way, with one of these costumes, you’ll feel like you belong under the big top!