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Halloween Skeletons and Skulls

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Dig up some inspiration for a haunting scene with Halloween skeleton decorations available here! Our selection of Halloween skeletons is sure to get a temporary cemetery or shadowy porch looking spooky fresh. Meanwhile, available decorative skulls let you add some creepy couture to your interior décor! With options ranging from Halloween skulls to poseable skeletons in human and animal shapes, there’s a festive fright for every style!
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1 - 60 of 429
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4.5" Skull Candy Bowl
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Animated 8 Foot Giant Skeleton Decoration-0
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8" Skeleton Frog
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Realistic Poseable Skeleton Prop
19.75" Light Up and Sound Skull-update
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5FT Poseable Crazy Bones Skeleton in Pink Decoration
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8 Inch Skeleton Turtle new
Glittering skeleton orange
Sale - 63% Made By Us
8FT Animated Giant Pink Skeleton Decoration Main
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6.5" Cute Skeleton Cat
Ancient Skull Candle Decoration new
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Hanging Half Skeleton with Light Up Red Eyes UPD
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Skeleton Head Hands Light Up Prop UPD Main
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Skull with Color Changing LED Lights new
Sale - 56% Made By Us
Skeleton Hands Decoration
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Gentleman Jack-update
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5 Ft Posable Skeleton main
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Oversized Skull Lantern Decoration
Sale - 75% Made By Us
Professor Shockalot Light Up Tombstone Decoration
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Stacked Sound Activated Skulls Light Up Eyes Prop UPD
Clearance  - 25%
Crazy Bones Poseable Skeleton in Red new
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Reaper Skull Door Decoration new
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Bunny Bonez Skeleton Décor
Electronic Eyes Poseable Skeleton Decoration-0
Sale - 23% Made By Us
Large Skull Archway Decoration
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Sugar Skull Throw-update
Sale - 67% Made By Us
16" Skeleton-Clown
Made By Us Exclusive

Are there any skeletons in your closet? Would you like there to be? Our assortment of skeleton props that are available for both indoor and outdoor use and are sure to add a touch of spookiness to any decor. Don't need the entire life-size skeleton to complete your scary scene? We have a great selection of Halloween skulls to choose from, too! How To

Skeletons and Skull Décor

Halloween Skeleton Decorations

Skulls and skeletons… we’ve all got ‘em. But for some reason, they’re super spooky once they’re outside our bodies. Some might say that it is all about the lumbering zombie that threatens to go after your brains. Others might argue that a ghost haunting the halls is sure to give anyone the shivers. But there’s just something about hearing those bones clatter or staring into a pair of eye sockets that gets us going! Nothing says “spooky season” quite like a grinning skeleton lounging on your front porch! The white bones can look scary enough to make young ghouls and goblins cling to their parents when they pass by on Halloween night. Then again, the delight of a friendly skelly is quite a sight to behold. They’re great about encouraging visitors to come in and stay awhile.

The right Halloween skeleton can set all sorts of scenes. Pair your boney buddy with an eerie spider web and a big ol’ hairy arachnid for a setting that’s truly terrifying. Or pair up your Halloween skeleton with a backdrop of flowers and sparkles for a glam, Day of the Dead feel. You see? Skeletons are a classic for a reason! Now it’s time to scroll through and find the skeletal décor that you know in your bones to be the perfect complement to your Halloween scene!

Halloween Skeleton Decorations

From the two-dimensional decorations made in grade school classrooms to popular poseable skeleton props that can make your home a neighborhood Halloween highlight, skeleton decorations will always get the imagination going. If you’re looking for Halloween skeleton decoration ideas, you’ll find all sorts of tricks below. Whether you’re decorating inside or outside, you’ll have a great time sprucing up with skeletons this spooky season!

Poseable Skeletons

Poseable Skeleton

If you’re looking to get creative when decorating for Halloween for years to come, getting your hands on a few poseable skeletons is a great idea! These boney figures have moveable joints on their arms, legs, and their jaws. This lets you set them up in all sorts of scenarios. Represent your own interests! Set up your skeletons to play croquet on the front lawn or make a truly meta effect by making it look like they are the ones decorating for Halloween!

Glow in the Dark Skeletons

Glow in the Dark Skeleton

There’s just something magical about the twilight and dark nights of Halloween. It always makes folks wonder what might be just around the corner. Then, suddenly, they see the green or violet glow of something otherworldly! Goosebumps rise and so does the excitement of the season! Create that exact effect when you use a glow-in-the-dark or blacklight skeleton prop. You’ll save on electricity, too, when these bones gleam and let your décor speak for itself.

Animated Skeletons

You know those moments in a scary movie when the monster jumps out of a dark corner? You can practically feel your spirit leave your body… and then the giggling fit can begin. Perhaps you want to give your Halloween scene a bit of that magic. Well, skeletons are great on their own but once they start moving and speaking, you’ll really have a stunning Halloween display! (Not to mention the fact that animated Halloween decorations can make quite the characters!) Whether out on the lawn or serving as your own personal party greeter, these moving (and even musical) bony buddies are a great way to creep out the passersby all through the Halloween season.

Animated Skeleton Decorations

Animated Skeleton

Why didn’t the skeleton participate in the talent show? Because he didn’t have any guts! That doesn’t mean that these skeletal actors don’t have any talent, though. From musical marvels to comical creeps, you’ll find a variety of animatronic skeletons that are sure to make your décor an instant win. Spooky reapers have lots to say and skeletons with lots to play, so you can get a ton of life out of these undead animatronics. Check to see whether they are battery-powered, plug into an outlet, or run on USB and you’re ready to get into the action!

Animated Lawn Skeleton Décor

Skeleton Lawn Decorations

Mary, Mary, you’re quite scary! How does your garden grow? A skelly there, some bones to spare, and groundbreakers all in a row! When you want to make sure that your yard is looking exceptionally spooky for the festive season, there’s no better way than with a few animated yard decorations. Paired with a tombstone ground stake, a flailing skeleton makes your lawn come to life! Arrange it so your moving mummy points your trick-or-treaters to your door and you can be sure you’ll see several wide eyes and wider smiles to greet you.

Animal Skeleton Halloween Decorations

Animal Skeleton Halloween Decorations

Everyone loves animals. They are cute and cuddly. (Alright, sometimes they are big and scary, too.) But when you combine your inner animal lover with your adoration of all things spooky, suddenly you have a need for something really special. Turn to our collection of skeletal animals! Sure, they might not hit up the precise anatomical accuracy, but the extra bony ears and other skeletal features make these animal skeleton decorations a perfect addition to any scene. (No bones about it!) Basic birds? Nevermore! A skeletal raven is a great inspiration for the next chilling tale! Not allowed to have pets at the office? Well, you’ll be howling in delight with a skeleton’s best friend, the wolf, or a witch’s skeletal cat familiar!

Dragon Skeletons

Dragon Skeleton

Are you looking to create a scene that’s even more unique? Well, who is to say that your skeletal companions need to have started in the realm of reality!? Blend fantasy and fear when you invite a dragon skeleton into your lair. Their bony wings and horned heads will remind everyone of their favorite fairy tales… especially the ones that involve a creepier side. Combine this kind of decoration with crystal balls and fog machines for magical scenes.

Bat Wing Skeletons

Bat Skeleton

It’s only natural that a Halloween scene may want to include some vampire style. Not only is a gothic environment perfect for the season, but the masters of the undead know what they are doing. But just because Dracula usually is seen around bats doesn’t mean that they need to still be living! Upgrade your vampiric abode to the next level when you bring it to life with a skeletal bat decoration it’ll give your home undead vibes that may last an eternity!

Skull Décor

Hot take: we think skulls are scarier than the full skeleton. Why? Maybe it is the fact that they are so much smaller. You never know where they may be lurking! They’re also that perfect combo of creepy and interesting. It’s no surprise folks have been gathering and displaying them as decorations for thousands of years. And while having a real skull around is pretty twisted, a skull prop can be a pretty timeless addition to your Halloween décor. So, have some fun with it! With all sorts of different skull options, your skull can speak directly to your style! Looking for something a bit demonic? Well, a horned skull is just the thing to get people talking. Want a skull that’s a little more fabulous than fearful? A splash of color from a sugar skull can be a perfect way to celebrate the Day of the Dead!

Gold Skulls

Gold Skull

They say that all that glitters is not gold. But those folks haven’t taken a look at a gleaming skull that shines with the light of the sun! Okay, perhaps we’re giving these golden skulls a bit more credit than they deserve, but there’s something about a skull that looks like it is worth its weight in gold that really makes a rich statement. Whether you’re decking out a pirate lair or are a creepy king, upgrade your skull décor with the Midas touch for a unique scene.

Skull Candy Bowls

Skull Candy Bowl

Whether you’re setting the stage for an epic party or you’re hoping to be the talk of the trick-or-treating town, you simply must deck out your snack tray. Now you might try to add some spectral lights to show everyone where they want to go. Then you can use any of our skeleton decorations to serve as a spooky host. But when it is time to grab the goods, you need a candy bowl that fits the setting you’ve created. What’s better than fetching a treat from a skull!?

Animal Skull Décor

Animal Skull Decor

Too many skull decorations for Halloween can scare kids who might be passing through. That’s typically not the case if you add animal skulls to your eerie display. Most of these animal skulls have a creepy flair but they won’t cause any tears. For instance, a ram skull gets people in the right Halloween mood while a T-Rex candy bowl will delight kids of all ages, as they reach their hands through the long dead dino jaws to grab a treat. That candy better be worth the risk!

Glow in the Dark Skulls

Glow in the Dark Skull

So, you’ve got your decorations all set up and you’re ready to prove that this holiday is yours. Perfect! But we do have to ask. Have you thought about lighting? Everyone needs to know where they are going if they’re going to see your awesome work. Why not keep the theme going with some glow-in-the-dark skull décor? From eerie green to blacklight blue, a few glowing skulls as guides to the treat pail or your door is a perfect scene-appropriate addition! Monster