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Outdoor Halloween Decorations

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If your yard is looking a little plain, then it’s time to spookify it with our selection of our Outdoor Halloween decorations. We have plenty of Halloween yard decorations and adornments designed to make your lawn look like one frightening graveyard, including hanging ghouls, fake zombies that look as though they’re rising from the ground. We also carry decorations to hang on your door and pumpkins to place on your stairway!
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Halloween Decorating Ideas

There’s never much time until Halloween is here. Are you looking for fun during Halloween and looking for ways during Halloween to show off your enthusiasm? Well, Halloween is a perfect time to take part in Halloween decorations around your house! Fortunate you’ve found our page about outdoor Halloween decorations, so you’re about to celebrate Halloween with a burst by adding fun to your Halloween yard decorations. Imagine your Halloween last year. Aren’t decorations the perfect way to up the ante? Start with some decorations for your home on your lawn this Halloween! In fact, you can go over the top with your outdoor Halloween decoration ideas with decorations that are so good that the season will come to life thanks to your celebrating Halloween. We have scary outdoor Halloween decorations such as zombie decorations that are super fun for Halloween, easy to put together, and will remind all that no one comes to scary outdoor Halloween decorations like you! But, what decorations for Halloween are you going to add to your house on Halloween? Well, start by adding Halloween mantle décor to your front porch!  

There are a lot of strange facts about outdoor Halloween decorations that some don’t know. Jack-o-Lanterns are an old Irish myth, for example! That and more can be found among our best Halloween decorations. We have a selection of traditional Halloween decorations for sale and list among our unique Halloween decorations an assortment of Halloween decorations that will make Halloween special. Now, Halloween can get competitive. While neighbors challenge you to decorate your lawn with our Halloween yard decorations, you can add excitement to your outdoor Halloween decorations on the block.  

Illuminate your holiday for the spirits of Halloween with spectacular lighting at Halloween. You can make your home a spooktacular sight this Halloween with our huge range of outdoor Halloween lanterns on Halloween. Glowing Jack-o-Lanterns are great as a yard decoration idea for various pumpkin decorations at the lowest price available. Pumpkin associations with Halloween are huge and are spooky as a yard decoration from Halloween wall décor to a unique lawn ornament to add creativity to Halloween decorations in your life. They’re such a fun addition to your outdoor and indoor Halloween! 

There is no such thing as too much decoration and we have the best in scary Halloween yard decorations with skeleton garlands, sound and lighting effects, and everything else to get to Halloween in a big way. They make for perfect touches on a Haunted House decoration and can give you even better inspirations on outdoor Halloween decorations for other places. Let the kids take to Halloween decoration at their school and you’ll bring spooky cheer there as well.  

Don’t feel like you need to spend a tone, either. We have fantastic selections of Halloween decorations on sale, too. You’ll have the best Halloween yard decorations and other Halloween outdoor decorations at the lowest price, cheap as the other Halloween decorations you’ll find but at hauntingly good quality with décor to commercial grade Halloween decoration. (And some that could have come right off a movie set!) Check out our outdoor Halloween decorations and props to add dimension to your ouside Halloween decoration.  

Find your favorite selections of Halloween decorations for both indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations. Our decorations are double scary and triple the fun, so take a look through this category to get your Halloween set up for your celebrations. How To

How to Decorate Outside for Halloween

With interior décor taken care of, it's time to take the fun outside! October weather holds a magic of its own. Its howling winds and skittering leaves swirl around outdoor Halloween decorations. Fall thunderstorms illuminate Halloween yard decorations planted in garden plots. And a do-it-yourself Halloween decoration looks expertly done at every eerie hour of the day. But with so many decorating options to choose from and a variety of ways to set them up, a list of favorite outdoor Halloween decoration ideas can make discovering the right choice for your home much easier!

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Looking for graveyard ideas? We’re almost there. Let’s discuss alternatives first. Inflatable Halloween decorations can be easy to use and takedown. With lights and sounds in some, your lawn becomes a spooktacular event without much fuss. Or choose an extreme. Cloth ghosts floating from branches are classic, fun, and spooky but take up little space. But a carnival of terror with all the bells, whistles, and Halloween props is impossible to miss.

Halloween Porch Décor

Halloween Porch Décor

Whether you have a 3x3-foot concrete slab or full wrap-around porch, Halloween porch décor ideas make knowing how to decorate your porch for Halloween more doable. Wreaths for the door or walls can be an understated way to show your festive spirit. Piling jack-o-lanterns on the steps or haybales looks great all season long. And a skeleton paired with bats hanging from the roof above your steps ensures your home spreads the right amount of creepy cheer!

Halloween Graveyard Decorations

Halloween Graveyard Decorations

Memories of stinking leaves piled around faux tombstones lay restless in your mind. Plastic bones sticking out of the ground still send shivers down your back. And it’s your greatest wish to create a Halloween graveyard as terrifying as the one you remember avoiding as a kid. Pick out your favorite kit or build a boneyard full of crooked stones and skeletal creatures. Invite the grim reaper to lurk between the trees. Or become the reaper yourself to breathe life into the display!

Halloween Fog Machine

Halloween Fog Machine in a Cauldron

Low hanging fog might be the eeriest natural phenomenon. Whether hovering above overcrowded cemeteries or clouding innocent parks, its touch makes everything look alien. If you want a final detail to increase the fear factor on your Halloween yard work or you've decided to take a minimalist approach with your decorating, our fog machines are for you! Filled with fog liquid and set up in an empty or décor-laden yard, you’ll be the master of fall’s mysterious mist.