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Perfect your Halloween décor with candle holders from our selection! With options ranging from tea light candle holders to a candelabra simply meant to add a spooky glow to any dinner table, hallway, or piano, there's a candle holder for every style. So, shop with us and discover the versatile or holiday-specific candlesticks and holders right for you!
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Michael Meyers Candle Holder Decoration
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Raven Tea Light Holder
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Snake Candle Holder Set
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It's the little details that make a staged scene convincing. And chances are, you don't live in a centuries-old mansion covered in cobwebs and filled with haunted pianos 365 days out of the year. So, on the one day you really want people to believe that's your regular setting, don't forget to accessorize your décor! From dining table centerpieces to the only acceptable reading lamp for vampires, our selection of candle holders is here to ensure your Halloween decorating is what you want it to be!

Transforming your front room into Dracula's chamber? A candelabra is the bright idea you need! A Halloween candelabra set with tea lights will surely add a spooky flicker to the room. Pair the ornate tea light holder with any of our taper candle holders to ensure the shadows land and spread precisely how you want. Whether finished with silver paint or sculpted like a skeleton bride and groom, your Halloween candle holders won't outshine each other. They'll simply share a bit of their shine!

Not interested in turning house and home into a haunting abode? Try a candle holder set that's more treat than trick! Discover vintage candle holders with smiling jack-o-lantern faces or a black cat tea light holder that's purrfect for a witch or average cat-parent! Or set a fabulous dining table with a candle holder centerpiece featuring everyone's favorite feathery fall friend, the raven. Perched upon candelabra, tea light cup, or candlestick, the big black bird could delight evermore!

Prefer a decorative candle holder that's ready for more than one occasion? Try modern or vintage glass candle holders! Featuring nothing but their natural translucent shine and a space to hold tapers and tea lights, glass candle holders are the versatile choice for any room! Use a glass candle holder for fireplace displays that are as enchanting as they are safe. Put smoky grey glass on the dining table to update candelabra centerpieces without losing that mysterious look candelabras provide. Or give a crystal clear taper holder its chance to shine from any surface in the house! Surrounded by twinkle lights, garlands, pumpkins, or skulls, these one-style-fits-most decorative candle holders are the quick and easy addition to any day of the year!

From Halloween candlesticks shaped like skeleton brides, grooms, and guests to simple hurricane candle holders, our selection is here to inspire and provide! Discover the metal, glass, or resin holder that fits your style today! Didn't find the candlestick that sets your heart on fire? We're always looking to improve our customers' holiday experience. So, check back again to see what new and exciting candle holder options we add to the collection for you and yours to enjoy! Monster