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Halloween Animatronics

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Are you ready to serve up some thrills and chills to your trick-or-treaters? You can keep it simple or go over the top with Halloween animatronics. Either way, these battery-powered robots are all about the spooks! We have animatronics as simple as a creepy dropping spider & an eerie-eyed doorbell. Or there are these jaw-dropping characters such as Regan from The Exorcist! Yikes! So plug in and get ready, this Halloween is one for the books!
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Animated Death Row Decoration
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Animated Brown Jumping Spider Main UPD
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Animated Face-Off Bear
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Animated Rotting Ringmaster Update
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Animated Witch Prop Update 1
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Spooky props are a great way to complete any party or outdoor Halloween scene, but animated Halloween decorations and props are the ones guests always remember. Whether you're searching for the perfect ghoul or reaper to haunt your yard, or you'd like to include Regan from the Exorcist in your own haunted house, we have lots of spooky characters ready to entertain at your next event! All of our animatronic decorations include instructions for assembly and use, please note that some may require batteries for operation. Make sure your yard has the best Halloween spirit with these animatronic Halloween props.