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It’s finally fall! The wind is getting chillier in the evenings, and you might even see hints of the harvest, like local farmers advertising pumpkins for sale. It never hurts to add this iconic symbol of the season to your décor, and we have plenty to pick from! Whether you want a pumpkin carving kit to create your own masterpiece or an artificial jack o’ lantern that will last from year to year, you’re sure to find something you love.
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Fall is in the air! Kids are going back to school, days are getting shorter, and birds are flying south. And when you look around outside, even though the air outside is colder, everything is painted in warm colors. While the leaves on the trees are changing from vibrant green to blazing red, the farmer’s fields are golden and ready for harvest. And all over your block, orange autumn décor is starting to grace your neighbors’ front steps.

Sounds like it’s time to decorate your home for the coming season! When you’re looking for some symbols of the season to adorn your house for autumn, you have plenty to choose from! You might display a friendly scarecrow or some fall-themed florals. But of course, you can’t forget the most classic—the pumpkin!

Just like not all natural gourds look exactly the same, you can also find variety within our pumpkin décor, whether you’re looking for artificial pumpkins, jack o’ lanterns, or even LED pumpkin lights. Do you love the look of field-grown pumpkins, but you really wish that they would last a little longer? Look no farther than our collection of fake pumpkins, and you’ll find plenty of options for beautiful gourds that you can keep around for years!

Our Halloween decorative pumpkins come in lots of shapes, sizes, and colors so you can match any décor style, from elegant to whimsical to creepy. Explore some white pumpkin options if you lean toward a neutral color palette. Black pumpkins can work for both a sophisticated or spooky approach, and of course, you can always find a classic orange gourd in our selection as well!

As fall begins to morph into spooky season, we’re not surprised to see more and more jack o’ lanterns around. They’re the perfect way to add some extra fun to your Halloween theme! Our light-up pumpkins come in all kinds of styles, from creepy to cute. And although we love the ease of long-lasting artificial gourds, there’s nothing quite like carving your own jack o’ lantern. We provide pumpkin carving tools and LED pumpkin lights so you can let your fall DIYs shine!

Some people stop at decorating the inside of their home. But when you shop our selection of outdoor pumpkin décor, you won’t have to! Our inflatable yard decorations are just what you need to welcome trick-or-treaters to your door or give them the worst fright of the night, whichever is more your style.

No matter your favorite way to style your home, we’re sure to have pumpkin decorations to match. We hope you’ll come back and explore our selection again so you can keep finding new designs that you’ll love to display year after year!