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Serve up some tricks with your treats this Halloween when you shop our selection of candy bowls! You’ll find ceramic bowls that complement your existing Halloween décor and Halloween serving bowls that are so cute they’re spooky. Don’t let your Halloween candy bowls disappoint, grab something sweet or just a tad eerie that you’ll want to keep up all year round!
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4.5" Skull Candy Bowl
Sale - 43%
Black 14" Cauldron
Michael Myers Halloween Candy Bowl Holder
Made By Us Exclusive
Superman Candy Bowl Holder
Sale - 40%
Ghostbusters Slimer Candy Bowl
Made By Us Exclusive
Skull Candy Bowl UPD
Ghostbusters Stay Puft Candy Bowl Holder
Made By Us Exclusive
Animated Candy Bowl with Shaking Reaper_Updated
Made By Us Exclusive
Skeleton Candy Bowl
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Animated Candy Bowl Mummy Hand
Scary Clown Candy Bowl Decoration
Made By Us Exclusive
Mummy Candy Bowl Decoration
Made By Us Exclusive
Vampire Candy Bowl Decoration
Made By Us Exclusive
Batman Candy Bowl Holder
Sale - 17%
Bleeding Zombie Bowl Update
Gargoyle Candy Bowl
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Iron Man Candy Bowl Holder
Sale - 14%
Ghost Candy Bowl Holder
Sale - 33%
Universal Monsters Frankenstein Candy Bowl
Coming Soon
Made By Us Exclusive
Cauldron Candy Bowl
Out of Stock
8" Lighted Skull Candy Bowl
Out of Stock
Frankenstein Monster Treat Bowl_Update
Out of Stock
Wolverine Candy Bowl Holder
Out of Stock
Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder
Out of Stock

Have you ever sung trick-or-treat at neighbor’s door and been greeted by the ripped-open bag their candy offering came in? Okay, maybe it was your kid that had to reach inside the plastic packaging to grab their sweet treat. And maybe it didn’t seem like that big a deal, but there’s something so lack-luster about not being shown a creepy Halloween candy bowl. If it doesn’t give you a small chill or bring a wide grin to your face, you lose a piece of the holiday’s charm.

Don’t let your trick-or-treaters miss the excitement of a good serving bowl! When you shop our selection, you’ll find everything from ceramic jack-o-lanterns to gory monster skulls that are perfect for your Halloween vibe. Whether you’re looking for something to complete your Halloween table display or just want a unique bowl for the candy all the neighborhood kids are clamoring for, you’ll find something when you shop with us!

Creating a haunted house for trick-or-treaters to visit? Fill a severed head with all the gummy candies you can fit where its brain once sat. Or, spook those youngsters with a classic animated hand in a bowl. It never gets old watching a child’s eyes light up as they manage to grab their candy without being touched. And hearing them screech as the robotic fingers graze the back of their hand, is a tradition worth repeating!

Are you letting trick-or-treaters use the honor system this year? Leave a well-guarded bowl out for them to visit. A skeleton butler or fierce dinosaur is sure to keep them in line as they grab just one or two pieces of candy from your generous selection!

Keeping the light off on the front porch and saving all the candy for yourself and your costume party guests? Make sure the sugary offerings aren’t just sitting out on the buffet. Make an alluring snack line-up with any of our available Halloween bowls. From iconic movie characters to familiar Halloween images, there’s a decorative bowl to suit your party theme.

When it comes to decorating your table or handing out treats to costumed kiddos, not just any bowl will do. Sure crystal looks pretty and something simple will fulfill its duty, but there’s nothing quite like a festive Halloween candy bowl laden with sweets. So, shop with us to find the bowl that you like best. Choose a skull or a pumpkin, or maybe an owl or clown that’s ready to delight and terrify anyone looking for a sugary treat. Whether you find something that’s destined to serve you for years or like to keep your Halloween decorations on-trend, we’re always adding to our selection! Monster