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Whether you're looking for an easy-to-use decoration option or a piece of décor that'll add even more impact to your display, window clings are the thing you need! Let our selection of clings inspire window cling designs for your Halloween décor. From zombies clawing to get out the front door to ghosts popping through windowpanes, there's a cling for your spooky decorating style!
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20" Scary Ghost Boo Breakers
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12 Crow Sticker 12 Piece Set
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Crazy Cat Car Cling
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Grim Reaper Car Cling
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Asylum Corridor Door Decoration
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If windows are the eyes into a house, they're the perfect place to change the way people see your home. At least for Halloween. Where the windowpanes once showed pretty curtains or a glimpse of a well-curated or well-lived-in space, they can now show a haunted home! Or perhaps a scene as gorgeously gruesome as your favorite Halloween flick? Whatever the goal, our selection of Halloween window clings is here to help!

Continue reading to discover other ideas on how to use our window and door clings to create a holiday display unique to your tastes. There's a spooktacular option from simple clings to 3D clings waiting for you!

Let's start easy with the closest to the classic that Halloween window clings get. Remember those jelly-like bats and pumpkins the elementary school would throw up in the office? Or maybe it was Granny creating full Halloween scenes with piecemeal scarecrow clings, and individually cut letter window clings. Our available "classics" take the Halloween vibes to a new yet familiar place! Slap a bloody handprint on the front window to send shivers down trick-or-treater spines. Then recycle those creepy fingerprint clings to the bathroom mirror. You know your housemate is probably in need of a good scare, and lipstick scrawling gets messy!

Are you looking for a bit of privacy during the spooky season? Try window clings that fill the entire window frame! An animated skeleton or menacing mummy is sure to block sight into the front room or kitchen. Even if Halloween pranksters are feeling a bit brave, these glowering ghouls will act as a privacy window cling and send unwanted guests walking the other way!

Are you planning a Halloween party? Ensure your decorations cover outdoors and inside! Faux wood board clings create an immediate mood and welcome guests to an abandoned abode. Of course, with door clings for the fridge and bedroom doors or Halloween stickers stuck to the walls and mirrors, they'll quickly realize there's more spirit in your home than they could have imagined!

Are you looking to decorate for the winter months as well? Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, and St. Pat's haven't quite made it to our window cling collection. But a quick tour of our entire window and wall décor selection, and you're sure to feel inspired to DIY your holiday and Christmas window clings! And we're always working on expanding our catalogs to suit every customer's need. So, whatever the plans or special occasion, consider shopping our décor! If we don't have what you need today, tomorrow is a new day full of possibilities and decorating ideas worth sharing with you and yours! Monster