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Your decorations will be earth-shaking with help from our selection of groundbreaker Halloween props! Give your haunted graveyard a lively update with a Halloween zombie groundbreaker crawling its way out of the dirt. Creep out the neighbors with an animated pumpkin groundbreaker Halloween decoration staring them down with glowing eyes. Or keep the Halloween décor simple with skeleton bones decorating your garden beds!
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LifeSsize Animated Mummy Groundbreaker
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Light Up Skeleton and Hands Decoration
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Animated Half-Body Skeleton (M38443)
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17 Animated Clown Groundbreaker
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Death Rising Prop
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It doesn’t take a whole lot of work to make a cemetery feel creepy around Halloween. Simply it existing can make people shiver. But when it comes to creating the same eerie vibes in your front lawn cemetery, you may find yourself scrabbling. There are plenty of things you can add. Fog machines, animatronics that lurk behind trees, and spider webs hanging from bushes and foam tombstones tend to do the trick. But we know a quicker way to spook the neighborhood, and it’s quite the treat!

Take your faux boneyard and make it extra spooky with Halloween groundbreakers! These Halloween props turn your manicured lawn into a plot crawling with spirit. But best of all, they’re easy to use and take less work to put in place than cotton spider webs.

Imagine a churchyard obscured by thick fog. You can’t see headstones through the coverage, but you can see the red eyes staring at you from ground level. Now imagine that terror-ific scene existing in your own yard! All you need is an animated groundbreaker! In our selection, you have a variety of spine-chilling characters to choose from. Freshen up an old legend with a pumpkin-headed groundbreaker. Let a Halloween skeleton groundbreaker shake out their old bones. Or play with a pop culture terror with officially licensed groundbreakers.

Are you thinking more along the lines of a family-friendly cemetery scene? These groundbreakers can help with that too! Choose a skeleton kit that stakes into the ground in a more comical fashion. These scattered bones look closer to silly than scary with their arms and legs spread and mouth agape. Or you can try a simple set of zombie's arms to pair with your punny tombstones. The less realistic option takes a bit of the horror movie fear right out of the equation.

Whether you’ve been putting up a graveyard every Halloween or this is your first haunted rodeo, this selection can make your display the talk of the neighborhood. Create zombie uprisings with fleshy figures to pair with your own zombie costume. Raise the dead for a death metal concert—some of these available skeleton stakes are ready to rock! Or simply update your existing collection of tombstones and spider webs with groundbreaker props of any variety. However you put our selection of groundbreakers to use, you’re sure to create a daunting display that’s second to none!

Not finding what you’re looking for here? Dig up something spooktacular from our wider selection of Halloween decorations! From graveyard props to inflatables and sparkling pumpkins, we have more than 1,000 options to help bring all of your groundbreaking Halloween ideas to life! Monster