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Bleeding Zombie Bowl Update
The Creep Hanging Prop
Coming Soon
Zombie Wall Decoration
Coming Soon
Half Body Zombie with Red Light Up Eyes
Made By Us Coming Soon
Death Rising Prop
Coming Soon
Economy Corpse - Smiley
Coming Soon
Grave Buster Barb Prop
Coming Soon
Grave Buster Bob Prop
Coming Soon
36" Grave Danger Prop
Coming Soon
Graveyard Ghoul Prop
Coming Soon
Wretched Horror Prop
Coming Soon
Animated Clawing Zombie Prop-0
Video Coming Soon
Zombies Inside Sign
Sold Out
Light-Up Zombie Hand
Video Sold Out
Skull on Jaws update1
Sold Out
60 inch Zombie Prop
Sold Out

Make your home look like ground zero for the zombie apocalypse with our assortment of zombie props and decorations. We have signage to warn others of the zombie invasion, as well as zombie body parts and hanging zombie props. If you are planning to host a zombie themed Halloween party, watch the season premier of the Walking Dead with pals, or just want a creepy home makeover these decorations are perfect!