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We've peered into the future. Through the swirls of mist in each crystal ball we offer here, we saw your Halloween decorations shine! Fulfill the prophecy! Shop for the perfect Halloween crystal ball in our selection of crystal ball décor! From a simple prop crystal ball that could blend in with year-round knick-knacks to elaborately sculpted options that'd make any oracle jealous, you're sure to see a winner!
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If you need a crystal ball for Halloween, you've come to the right place! Now, if you're trying to hone your scrying skills and commune with higher powers and whatever is behind the veil, we may be unable to help. Then again, maybe a crystal ball prop works just as well as something from the occult shop! In which case, stick around! Shop for decoration or tool in our selection of crystal ball Halloween décor!

Feeling a bit lost in the fog of crystal ball shopping? Let's explore our unique selection to find the crystal ball Halloween decoration that's right for your need.

Maybe you're here searching for something simple. A crystal ball sits on your mantle or is nestled on a bookshelf to add sparkle or a touch of intrigue. You can go playful with a crystal ball shaped like a jack-o-lantern. Our available crystal jack makes a spirited choice for your home or office. Whether it replaces the potential mess of carving pumpkins or lets you get festive without overdoing it in a public location, you won't regret this easy option. Of course, even plainer might be better. So, choose a clouded crystal ball resting on an unadorned golden base for a decoration that's as specific as it is versatile!

Turn up the Halloween, magic, or occult vibes with our more ornate crystal ball decorations. A color-changing crystal ball would add flair to the fortune-teller den you've set up for the costume party. Meanwhile, smoke unfurling from beneath a claw-clutched crystal ball ensures eldritch powers inhabit your home, even if they're faux.

Bring an entire scrying scene to life instead when you choose sculpted witches or dragons peering into their crystal ball. Propped on a bubbling cauldron or warming in a dragon's flames, these glowing options will have you watching classic fairytale drama unfold, whether it's Halloween or an average Wednesday!

Still unsure? Let's take one more look! Peer into one of our favorite crystal ball props with us! Held in the coils of a golden snake, glowing pink, and adding an eerie enchantment to a blackened skull, this decorative piece is another versatile option. Let its dynamic design boost your Halloween display, or let it and similar designs update your year-round aesthetics!

From glittering crystal balls designed to be centerpieces like candle holders to plastic skulls crowned with translucent globes and crystal balls with wide, blinking eyes, our selection of crystal ball Halloween decorations is worth a look! Find the classic crystal ball for your kid-friendly fortune-teller station at the neighborhood trunk-or-treat. Buy crystal orbs filled with spiders and twinkling lights for a spooky sweet decoration. Or become a true oracle with glimmer globes with as ancient a look. When you shop here, it's all possible! Monster