The Top 10 Comic Con Costume Ideas

Attention comic book fans, cosplayers, and all around nerds, convention season is here! While San Diego Comic Con is the greatest destination of the year for those who eat, sleep and breathe pop culture, there are so many other conventions taking place over the course of the summer (and the rest of the year) that anyone would be able to attend. Comic conventions provide a great opportunity for cosplaying as your favorite characters from pop culture. We've put together a list of the 10 best costume ideas to provide you with all the inspiration you need when dressing up for Comic Con.

1. Marvel Superheroes Costumes

Iron Man Costume     Spider-Gwen Costume    Captain America Costume    Deadpool Costume

Black Widow Costume     Spider-Man Costume     Star Lord Costume     Groot Costume

The buzz around Marvel movies every year goes unmatched. While many get excited about the latest entry in the MCU, it’s just as easy to be blown away by some of the crazy cool Marvel costumes that people show up in. Whether it be a real life Iron Man costume, an ultra-realistic Spider-Man suit, or some really cool Hulk makeup, you’ll be able to find someone in the Marvel universe. These are some of the most popular Comic Con costumes so even if you're attending alone, there are tons of photo opportunities to be included in someone else's cosplay group!

2. DC Comics Costumes

Superman Costume    Joker Costume    Harley Quinn Costume    Batman Costume

Supergirl Costume    The Flash Costume    Arrow Costume     Wonder Woman Costume

Batman is not only the king of comic book superheroes, he’s also one of the most popular cosplays. Despite the fact that you’re wearing an all-black, heavy suit with limited mobility, so many people dress up as the caped crusader for conventions. Aside from Batman and Robin, another popular duo for DC fans is the clown prince of crime, The Joker, and his hard-hitting love interest, Harley Quinn. However, DC has so much to offer for other comic costumes! Check out these superhero costumes if you're looking for other options.

3. Star Wars Costumes

Rey Costume    Kylo Ren Costume     Ahsoka Costume    Darth Vader Costume

Obi Wan Kenobi Costume     Stormtrooper Costume     Boba Fett Costume    Princess Leia Costume

Star Wars Costumes

Most (probably all) comic conventions take place here on Earth, not a galaxy far away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the galaxy to the convention. You can go as a Jedi, a Sith, or you can go full droid, if you like. There are plenty of intergalactic options, but we'd advise against Jabba the Hutt. You could get awfully tired lugging that costume around.

4. Game of Thrones Costumes

Dark Northern King Costume    Dragon Queen Costume     Northern King Costume

Red High Priestess Costume    Men's Renaissance Coat

Game of Thrones Costumes

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows ever with one of the most expansive casts ever. Attendees will dress as their favorite Game of Thrones character regardless of if they've been killed off on the show or not. Sometimes, they'll base their costume around that character's death or maybe even an iconic moment, like Cersei's walk of shame or Hodor holding doors. These costumes are always appreciated by fellow fans.

5. Walking Dead Costumes

State Trooper Costume     Zombie Costume     DIY Negan Costume Tutorial

Daryl Dixon Poncho     Daryl Dixon Vest     Michonne Sword    Negan's Lucille Bat

Walking Dead Costumes

Next to Game of Thrones, no other show has been on as long or been as consistent as The Walking Dead to inspire hundreds of con-goers to dress in zombie garb for the event. After seven season, the show hasn't slowed down in adding new characters (while killing off others) to inspire all sorts of fun cosplay. As main characters come and go, you'll always be sure to come across some walkers at any convention you attend.

6. Video Game Costumes

Master Chief Costume      Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn     Ryu Costume

 Pokemon Ash Costume     Breath of the Wild Link Costume     Freddy Fazbear Costume

Video Game Costumes

The biggest gaming convention of the year, E3, provides a great opportunity for cosplay. However, video game cosplay is well-represented at comic conventions all over the place. One of the most popular game characters to cosplay as recently has been Overwatch, with awesome characters like D.Va (pronounce Deeva), Mei, and Tracer, among others. Other gaming cosplay that is prominent at conventions include World of Warcraft, Halo, and popular Nintendo characters like Link and Mario.

7. Harry Potter Costumes

Harry Potter Costume     Luna Lovegood Costume     Hufflepuff Robe

Newt Scamander Coat    Slytherin Robe

Harry Potter Costumes

Straight outta Hogwartz. There's no shortage of wizards at any convention. While some are game to round up a group for a spirted game of Quidditch, others are intent on using magic to help them skip lines in order to attend the panels they want or get their hands on some sought-after merch or autograph.

8. Star Trek Costumes

Classic Uhara Costume     Klingon Costume     Spock Wig     Classic Star Trek Phaser

Star Trek: The Next Generation Command Uniform     Classic Spock Shirt     Star Trek: TNG Operations Uniform

Star Trek: TNG Phaser     Star Trek Costumes

Star Trek is one of the biggest fandoms around, making it a safe bet to cosplay at a convention. Many people enjoy the classic looks of Spock (Leonard Nimoy), Captain Kirk (William Shatner), or Klingons. And with other popular versions such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and the recent movie trilogy, the force is strong with the Trekkers (please don't tell them we said that).

9. Cartoon and Anime Costumes

Homer Simpson Costumes     Leonardo Costume     Bubbles Costume

Bojack Horseman DIY Costume     Attack on Titan Mikasa Costume     Dragonball Z Goku Costume    

Bob Belcher Costume     Rick & Morty DIY Costume Tutorial

Movie and TV Costumes   Anime Costumes

Among the guests featured at comic con panels and booths are voice actors of current and classic animated favorites. Usually, these guests are thrilled to see people dressed as characters they provide voices for. Other recent favorite animated characters to cosplay as include those from shows aimed at adults like Bob's Burgers, Bojack Horseman, and, of course, Rick & Morty. If you're looking for something else, there are plenty of anime characters from the likes of Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, or Sailor Moon (to name a few) to choose from!

10. Pop Culture and Meme Costumes

David S. Pumpkins DIY Costume Tutorial     Babadook Pride DIY Costume Tutorial

Stranger Things DIY Costume Tutorial

Just like with Halloween, every year offers a new set of memes that resonate with nerd culture so much that it inspires some creative individuals to throw together a costume to wear to a con. Last year’s popular costumes included Pokemon Go and Stranger Things, among others. What will this year bring? Fidget spinners? The Babadook? David S. Pumpkins?!?!

Will you be attending any conventions this year? Are you planning on dressing up? What are some of your favorite Comic Con characters to take pictures with? You're always welcome to share your cosplay pictures with us on our Facebook page and, if you're looking for more inspiration, you can check out our full selection of Halloween costumes that would make for a perfect convention costume!

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