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Which Jedi Level Have You Reached? [Quiz]

by |December 9, 2019
Categories: FantasyMoviesQuizScience Fiction

Which Jedi Level Have You Reached?

Are you the type to let trouble roll off your shoulder or do you need to right the wrongs of the world? Are you focused on what's in front of you or do you have your eyes on the big picture? These are the kinds of questions that the Jedi must consider. This quiz might not help you reach the Jedi Temple, but it will help you figure out just how deep you are in the Jedi mindset.


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How Well Do You Know These Iconic Film Villains? [Quiz]

by |August 12, 2019
Categories: HorrorMoviesQuiz

How Well Do You Know These Iconic Film Villains?

What transforms a character from your run-of-the-mill antagonist to an iconic villain? If a baddie has staying power, you know it. They've got the most quotable lines, the most dramatic entrances, and the best capes. An exceptional villain will not only make a movie but they can make a franchise. Where would Star Wars be without Darth Vader's heavy breathing? And why would we care about Harry Potter if he weren't destined to confront the most powerful dark wizard in the world? Let's face it: we, as humans, love drama. And the villains are the ones making all sorts of trouble tea to spill. Why wouldn't we prefer the characters that are making us sit on the edge of our seats, tuck up our legs, and shiver?


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Which Disney Henchman Are You? [Quiz]

by |July 15, 2019
Categories: AnimationFamilyMoviesQuiz

Which Disney Henchman Are You?

All the characters in classic Disney cartoons are lovable. Yes, even if they're on the side of the baddies. In fact, some of the villain's henchmen have the best lines in the whole movie. Iago the parrot is always ramping up Jafar while also flaunting some seriously great one-liners. We know some people who've been quoting this nefarious bird for more than twenty years! While the good-hearted sidekicks can be adorable as well (looking at you, Timon and Pumba) it's a lot more fun to channel your inner deviant. There's just a lot more plotting and maniacal laughter involved.


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Do You Have What it Takes to Be the Hand of the Queen? [Quiz]

by |May 6, 2019
Categories: FantasyQuizTelevision

Do You Have What it Takes to Be the Hand of the Queen?

Everyone is talking about who will sit on the Iron Throne. But let's get real, the actual powerhouse behind the throne is the Hand. The Hand leads the crown to do what's right (hopefully) and supports them when there are tough decisions to make. The Hand is a confidant, a hypeman, and even a henchman when needed. Through the seasons, we've watched plenty of regents rise and fall, but through it all the Hand remains loyal. Do you have what it takes to win the trust of your respected Queen or King?


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Which Horror Movie Villain Would Kill You? [Quiz]

by |October 22, 2018
Categories: HorrorQuiz

Which Horror Movie Villain Would Kill You?

Don’t split up. Don’t break the rules. And whatever you do, don’t have too much fun at summer camp! Of course, dear reader, the last thing we want for you is to get hunted by these legendary villains. But here you are, wondering which iconic killer would be the end of you. For so many of the “bad guys” featured in this quiz, escaping simply isn’t an option. If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, well, that's it. You’ve just got to face the horrific, suspense-building music.


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Which Goosebumps Book Are You? [Quiz]

by |September 26, 2018
Categories: HorrorHumorQuiz

Which Goosebumps Book Are You?

Remember getting a hold of Goosebumps books when you were a kid? Was there anything better than the fresh bumpy cover with an intriguingly grotesque illustration on the cover? Once you got them you wished for a stormy day so that you could huddle up and let R.L. Stine scare you silly in style. Then there was the show! That scene where Mr. Stine walks onto the screen with his classy embossed suitcase got everyone's heart beating. The tingling music, followed by the "dah, dah, dah, dah, dah" with dog barks singing along. You know what we're talking...

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