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4 Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorials

by |September 21, 2023

Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorials

We love watching how character designs change over time, and one of the most prolific characters for us has been Harley Quinn! Many of her outfits and overall looks are quite different, and yet they somehow all still scream "Harley Quinn". Her passion for fashion makes her one of the most popular cosplay characters for conventions, Halloween, and other costumed events. Just like her outfits, Harley Quinn's makeup varies too! If you're looking for Harley Quinn makeup ideas, we'll be sharing several makeup tutorial videos throughout this video for some of her most popular costumes. Keep reading to find the best Harley Quinn makeup idea for you!


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DIY Spider-Verse Costume Ideas [DIY]

DIY Spider-Verse Costume Ideas

So you decided to wear a Spider-Man costume, but you don't want to look like everyone else. What are your options? Thankfully, there's an entire Spider-Verse of costumes waiting for you! We'll share some easier Spider-Man costumes you can make yourself by tossing a few items together. You'll feel ready to attend a Comic-Con or Halloween party in style! And remember, with great DIYing comes great costume-ability.


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Jack Black Peaches Costume DIY

by |April 14, 2023
Categories: Cosplay, DIY

Jack Black Peaches DIY

Jack Black is always a treat, and his "Peaches" music video is a feast for all Jack Black fans! We love his shiny Bowser-themed suit, and the peach-pink background and matching piano elevate it to levels of pure greatness. If you want to capture this look for yourself for your next Mario Party or Halloween, we'll show you how we did it! This is a pretty easy DIY costume after you assemble all the pieces, with minimal gluing and sewing. Keep reading for the Jack Black "Peaches" DIY costume!


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Birds of Prey-Inspired Huntress Costume [DIY]

by |February 10, 2020

Birds of Prey-Inspired Huntress Costume DIY

Harley Quinn has long been the queen of the convention scene, especially for the ladies. However, Birds of Prey is an exciting movie for female superhero and movie costume enthusiasts. Not only is Harley Quinn in the film (with a number of new outfits, we might add), but she's surrounded by an entourage of sharply dressed ladies. Group costume opportunity with the gal pals, anyone? If you're looking to add Helena Bertinelli—the most prominent Huntress alter-ego—to your costume crew, we'll show you an easy no-sew DIY costume idea for Huntress.


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by |May 22, 2017
Categories: Contest, Cosplay

May 2017 People’s Choice Cosplay Contest Winner

Thank you for making our May 2017 People’s Choice Cosplay Contest such a success! We were figuratively deluged in comments and emails for a couple of weeks there. They were pouring in, well, like votes do. (We’re sorry, but votes don’t make great similes.) Anyways, we fed the votes into our Counterator 2000 Machine and–PRESTO!–out popped a name.


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by |May 1, 2017
Categories: Contest, Cosplay May 2017 People’s Choice Cosplay Contest

There were so many fantastic entries in our April 2017 Cosplay Contest that it was difficult picking only three winners! So we decided to run a second contest with our top 20 featured cosplays and leave the voting up to the fans. This time we’re giving $1,000 in store credit to or to the winner. That’s right, it’s a People’s Choice Cosplay Contest, and you get to help decide who wins it all!


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