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What better place to buy Stranger Things Halloween costumes, than at We have outfits for all your favorite characters like Dustin, Eleven, Barb, and we even a Demogorgon costume. These make a great group costume idea, too! Grab your friends and dress up in terrifying Stranger Things costumes and accessories!
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Stranger Things Adult Demogorgon Costume
Stranger Things Adult Demogorgon Costume
Men's Eggo Waffle Costume
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Stranger Things Adult Deluxe Hopper S4 Costume
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Adult Blue Sailor Costume cc
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Fisherman Costume for Men
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Adult Stranger Things Eleven Plaid Shirt
Eggo Box Purse
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Stranger Things Vecna Mask
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Kids Eggo Waffle Costume
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Get Real Waffle Costume
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Eggo Waffle: Purse
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Kids Deluxe Ghostbusters Costume
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Kid's Waffle Costume
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Adult Waffle Costume
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Stranger Things Eleven Socks
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Stranger Things Steve Wig
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Blues Sunglasses
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Pop culture fans weren't ready for the breakout hit and Netflix phenomenon, Stranger Things. A refreshing mixture of all types of 1980 sci-fi movies like The Goonies, Stand By Me and Poltergeist, the show infuses supernatural elements into a classic coming-of-age story set in the 1980s, creating an entrancing show for nostalgic horror genre buffs. It's an instantly likable show mostly because the characters are so relatable, not to mention the child actors are adorable. Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven form a charismatic squad of resilient kids the audience roots for from the start. Although the smash hit Duffer Brothers show is considered science fiction-horror, it's not scary enough that tweens and even easily frightened adults can't tune in so it's gathered a large following. Going forward in the upcoming seasons of the show, fans can expect more answers and more monsters.

Naturally, Stranger Things costumes have become a popular theme for admirers of the show. Each character has a defined style that can be easily recognized while you're out and about trick or treating with family or when attending a bar crawl with friends. It's also a relevant costume idea. Get ready for plenty of picture requests especially if you decide to venture out on the town with a group. Can you say 'future costume contest winner' material?

This pop culture costume idea lends itself to easily form a group costume with your closet pals since the show is largely popular because of the connection between the ragtag gang. Your squad can recreate this endearing quality. Young kids brave enough to watch Stranger Things will love the deluxe Ghostbusters costume because it depicts the group's Halloween costumes in Season 2. The waffle costume for kids is also another viable option for creative kids. Wear the syrup-topped waffle tunic and gather candy with a friend dressed in a pink gingham dress and a blonde wig. It's an Eleven and Eggo waffle BFF costume that's proven to be social media gold!

Those looking to scare this Halloween, don't worry. We have a Demogorgon costume that is creepy enough to send shivers down anyone's spine. It covers from head to toe to transform fans into the Upside Down's top predator. The included untwined petal mask has a see-through mesh panel but will otherwise keep your identity a secret. Of course, we also have costumes and accessories so your crew can become THE Stranger Things squad with minimal effort. 

The alphabet shirt is a simple costume that other fans will immediately recognize. Add battery operated string lights if you want to give it some extra flair. The red, blue, and white baseball cap with attached curly brown wig turns anyone into Dustin, the AV squad's sweetest member.

Whether you decide to fly solo or go with a group of buddies, the Demogorgon, Eleven, or Dustin costume and accessories are all possible options. We'd love to hear/see how the costume(s) worked out so please leave a product review and attach a photo taken! How To

Stranger Things Halloween Costumes

Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things changed the game. It’s a mixture of sci-fi, drama, 80s nostalgia, and even horror. It features adorable middle-school kids, melodramatic teens, corrupt scientists, a gateway to a different dimension, and a terrifying monster with infinite rows of razor-sharp teeth. The Duffer Brothers created an instantly likable show for people of all ages. It’s a family show with a few scary moments sprinkled in here and there. Cheering on Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven is a great time for the whole family. They really are a magnetic and charming group!

The friends have been through a lot of drama even though they’re not old enough to drive yet! One night, Will suddenly disappears. Next, they meet a new friend with supernatural powers (Eleven), then Dustin nurtures and takes care of a baby Demogorgon. (In Dustin’s defense, Dart was really cute at one point.) All of these characters, and many more featured in the show, have a unique look, perfect for recreating. This Halloween, all of these Stranger Things costumes will cause a commotion, just like the TV series. They’re all iconic, relevant, and recognized looks easily recreated with officially licensed Stranger Things Halloween costumes, or you can use clothing you already own mixed with a few new accessories. They translate perfectly into amazing group costumes. Go on an adventure with your crew but be on the lookout for a Demogorgon. It could be coming to a town near you!

Win the costume competition with help from our wide array of Stranger Things Halloween costumes! They’re cute, easily identified, and fun to wear. Plus, we have all your favorite characters. Make people run for their lives in a head-to-toe Demogorgon costume or entice them to pinch your cheeks while dressed in a Dustin costume. Whatever character you decide to impersonate, you’ll look spot on and instantly loveable.

Demogorgon Costume

Stranger Things Demogorgon Costume

What has four petals, hundreds of teeth, sharp claws, and can jump from dimension to dimension? A Demogorgon and now you can transform into one. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve a trip to the Upside Down or hatching from an oozing egg. The officially licensed and exclusive costume is made up of a jumpsuit with an attached chest piece creating an eye-popping disguise. The hood has a mesh inset to see out easily and the included hand and shoe covers complete the look. Wear it and become the strangest character from Stranger Things. (It’s an honor!)

Hopper Costume

Stranger Things Jim Hopper Costume

Around here, we’re Team Hopper. Sure, he comes off as gruff and standoffish but he’s actually a sweetheart. He’s a great father figure to Eleven (because her Papa is a psycho), he’s very supportive of Joyce, (we hope those two become an official couple soon), and he’s a courageous protector to the entire town of Hawkins. The officially licensed Hopper costume comes with everything you see, even the hat and sheriff badge. Keep everyone safe from Demodogs and Demogorgons by impersonating our favorite police chief!

Dustin Costume

Stranger Things Dustin Shirt

Everyone loves Dustin because he’s adorable; it’s as simple as that! He’s also a quick-witted little dude who’s great at cracking a joke. Dustin is easily a fan-favorite and you’ll be too when you impersonate him using this Dustin costume. It’s a great low-maintenance disguise because it’s just a t-shirt. Pick up the coordinating Dustin hat with attached curly wig to get the exact look pictured here. This trucker hat is the perfect accessory to your Stranger Things costume. Now, you're ready to hop on your Huffy for a D&D meet-up with friends!

Barb Shirt

Barb Stranger Things Shirt

Barb, our hearts break for you! You were a best friend to Nancy Wheeler, a great student, and we won’t let you be forgotten. Your image will live on with help from the Barb shirt. Fans can use it to create their very own Barb Stranger Things outfit, just pick up some high-waist jeans, a wig, and a pair of thick-framed glasses to complete Barb’s iconic look. Get ready to be praised and admired since Barb was the breakout star from Stranger Things. (Justice for Barb!)

Eleven Costumes

You don’t need telekinetic powers or the ability to astral project to another dimension to get your hands on some impressive Eleven costumes. We’ll send them to you, without Demogorgon drama. We have El costumes from Stranger Things Season 1 and 2 so you can impersonate your favorite version of the pivotal protagonist.

Eleven Costume Dress

Eleven Costume

Do you have a love for waffles? Are you prone to nosebleeds? If so, the Eleven costume dress is the perfect disguise. You’ll look just like the runaway experiment while wearing the pink dress and bomber coat. Pick up the sporty knee-length socks, a short blonde wig, and some blood makeup unless you can make your nose bleed on command. If so, we’re impressed and mildly concerned!

Punk Adult Eleven Costume

Punk Eleven Costume

Do you live for El’s grungy aesthetic in Season 2? If so, you’ll love the punk adult Eleven costume. The jacket is boxy with rolled cuffs and real buttons. This costume also comes with the slicked back wig and wrist band. Pair it with a favorite pair of jeans and don’t forget to roll the bottoms to create the ultimate 80s vibe!

Girl's Stranger Things Dress Costume

Eleven Stranger Things Dress

El is a great role model for little girls because she’s one tough cookie who isn’t afraid to stand up to bullies. Young Stranger Things fan can transform into their favorite waffle-loving character with this girl’s Stranger Things dress costume. It’s perfect for wearing while she works on her telekinetic powers. She’ll be able to clean her room without lifting a finger in no time!

Girls Stranger Things Eleven Costume

Eleven Stranger Things Costume

Maybe your little girl is more of a jean-person and less of a dress-person? Great news, she can still morph into Eleven with this girl’s Stranger Things Eleven costume which recreates one of her most memorable appearances from Season 2—the overalls look. The plaid shirt completes the ensemble and offsets the faux-jean overalls. Have your little El strike a fierce pose so you can take her picture!