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Hot Dog Costumes

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You'll want to take a big bite out of this costume category because it's delicious! Looking for a costume that will dominate at any Halloween event? Look no further than a hot dog costume. Men, women, boys and girls will love becoming the meat-delicacy that's wrapped in a fluffy bun and topped off by ketchup, mustard and relish.
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Hot Dog and Bun Costume
Adult Mens Corndog Costume
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Adult Hot Dog Costume
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Grilled Meat
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Hot Dog Pet Costume
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Kids Hot Dog Costume
Adult Ketchup Costume
Teen Hot Dog Costume
Toddler Hotdog Costume
Child Ketchup Costume
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Pet Hot Dog Costume
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Child Mustard Costume
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Child Black Gloves
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Child Black Pants
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Adult Plus Size Hot Dog Costume
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Oh Boy! Nothing epitomizes summer quite like the quintessential Hot Dog. The modern hot dog evolved in America from European-american sausage vendors. Interestingly enough, the vendors would sell their sausages with a glove so the customer did not burn their hands while eating the delicacy. Needless to say, there were a lot of gloves that did not get returned to the vendor. When the idea was hatched to serve the sausages in a bun to do away with the gloves, a modern classic was born!

We're thinking you could have a lot of fun as a hotdog. If not yourself, maybe your child or dog? (Trust us, there is nothing funnier than a Dachshund in our pet Hot Diggity Dog Costume). Showing up at a summer barbeque with a pack of weiners and buns is norm, if not expected. Imagine showing up dressed AS a hot dog. Hilarity will ensue! Peruse our selection of hot dog costumes, and other life sized food items for a great group ensemble. Just remember to bring the Ketchup! Monster