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Warm Halloween Costumes

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Wearing a costume can sometimes involve revealing a lot of skin for both men and women. Take Grecian and Roman costumes for instance. They're a prime Halloween costume selection since they appear authentic and feature ornate details but togas require guys to bare their arms, upper torso and legs while women's Grecian costumes mostly demand the same. If there's a cool October chill in the air and the evening plans involve bar hopping or an outdoor activity of any kind, chances are you'll start shivering at some point throughout the night. No one's happy when they're infected with a serious case of goosebumps and of course, your happiness is of utmost importance to us. Decide on being all warm and toasty when celebrating Halloween by purchasing any of these warm Halloween costumes. 

If enjoying all the Halloween festivities is usually difficult because you live in a frozen tundra like us (okay, we actually live in Minnesota but close enough) then you need to peruse this costume category. Many of these costumes feature heavy fabrics, faux fur, and long sleeves. We also have warm Halloween costumes for the entire family so the whole clan can happily go trick-or-treating without constantly shivering. Don't worry about cutting the night short because the kiddos are too cold. These costumes will allow the family to stay out later and collect more candy; a delicious treat for everyone! 

Ladies can still achieve a sexy look that's also weather appropriate by wearing one of these costumes. Many warm weather costumes for women incorporate form-fitting spandex. Some of our top picks include the Black Widow costume and women's Captain America costume. Here's a little tip, pick a costume that allows you to secretly wear lots of layered clothing underneath. For instance, kigurumis and Hogwarts house cloaks are perfect for wearing if layering is your preferred method to stay warm.

Men have a plethora of warm costumes to choose from. Inflatable costumes allow costume enthusiasts to wear anything they want underneath; yes even a winter jacket! Speaking of jackets, guys can choose to shield themselves from chilly fall weather by wearing our Joker wool coat. It's impossible to be cold when outfitted in heavy wool! Funky printed Opposuits and bulky mascot costumes are also viable options for dudes looking to stay nice and toasty. 

It's also very imperative that boys, girls, toddlers, and babies are covered up. We have plenty of warm Halloween costumes for them as well. Children will love the cozy dinosaur jumpsuit that comes with a headpiece to shield the entire head from the cold. Girls will be enamored with our selection of officially licensed Care Bear costumes because they're all made from bright colored plush microfiber fabric (extremely warm). Of course, toddlers, babies, and newborns need to stay bundled up when celebrating Halloween. All of our character buntings are soft and cover the entire body. These cute buntings even come with accentuating hats. 

Once the entire family is dressed up, take a picture and send it to us because we'd love to see it! Also, let us know how cold it was on Halloween and the method you chose to stay warm.