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Adam and Eve Costumes

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start! Dress up as the original man and woman, Adam and Eve. This couple might have made some questionable decisions but they're still plenty of fun when it comes to costume season. Simply bring along an apple and you're ready for all sorts of costumed events. Hey, you could even show up at a garden party. That's Adam and Eve's home turf, after all!
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In the beginning, life was pretty simple. Adam and Eve just hung out in the garden with all the animals and plants. But then they started hearing rumors about how good apple pie and apple cider was. They had to try it, their friend the snake was the best foodie in the garden, after all! So they went ahead and crossed a line. Big mistake! It wasn't long until they were evicted. And because they were the first two people on earth, it was really hard to find a new place to rent. 

You can either hold a grudge against this infamous, fig leaf wearing couple or you can embrace their legacy with cheeky Adam and Eve costumes. Not only is this couple's costume a lot of fun, but it's also super photo-shoot friendly. Have an awesome tree in your backyard? Grab an apple and pretend that you're back in the O.G. (original garden, what did you think that stood for?) Are you dealing with a chilly October setting? Simply pose with your houseplants or one of those trendy jungle leaf wallpapers or tapestries. Make your Sunday school teacher from back in the day proud with biblically themed profile pictures that you can use for years! 

While we love the idea of an Adam and Eve couples costume for any costumed event. It's a great excuse to bring healthy snacks in the form of apple slices to any party, after all. But it's also fun to wear these costumes solo. Eve is an especially fun lone costume with a wide variety of accessories to choose from like a toy snake or our apple purse. 

Don't worry about bringing a snake along when it comes to throwing on our exclusively designed Eve! She's already rocking a serpent that wraps around your leg, body, and securing the leafy dress with a snakehead. It's topped off with a rose crown so you're ready to head out to a costume-oriented music festival with one order. 

Want your whole crew to dress up in Genisis fashion? There are more than two players in this story! Your friend who's a bad influence can dress like a snake. Your rosy friend can dress as an apple. And of course, adding Adam and Eve in there is important as well! Want to have a biblically themed bash? We won't tell your Catholic catechism teacher, Sister Harriet, don't worry. Throw together Moses, the Thring kings, and a few bad guys in there like Pontius Pilate and King Herod and you'll have a party of people no one will ever forget!

When it comes to biblical costumes, it's smart to start at the very beginning! This original couple is fun and a little bit sassy, making an impact as soon as you enter the party. Whether you order the two in one jumpsuit look or you head out in our Made-by-Us leafy Adam or Eve costume, these costumes are hard to forget. And if you get in trouble you can always blame it on your friend, the snake!