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Ask anyone under the age of six who their favorite author is and there's a good chance that they'd answer with an enthusiastic "Dr. Seuss!". That is after you explained what an author is to the young reader. With the bright illustrations, strange characters, and silly rhymes every little kid loves to read classic Dr. Seuss stories again and again. There's a certain way that Seuss magically captures everything from day-to-day events to holiday celebrations. 

For instance, the way Dr. Seuss deals with a boring rainy day. Two kids are getting babysat by their grumpy old neighbors and all the sudden the Cat in the Hat shows up and the kid's day gets a lot more interesting. We've never flown a kite indoors but the Cat in the Hat sure makes it look fun! Then Thing One and Thing Two show up and you have to wonder how you can make that kind of fun happen in your own life.

Well, it's not that hard to bring that energy home with you, actually. Get groovy at your next costumed event with our Cat in the Hat costumes. We have Dr. Seuss costumes on every different level. There are black and white Cat in the Hat jumpsuits for infants, kids, and adults. Looking for something more casual? We have easy, peasy sets with the striped hats, red bowties, and the white double thumbed gloves. The same goes for our hilarious Thing One and Thing Two costumes. 

Want a fun costume to wear for a holiday parade or Christmas party? It'll be a really good time when you're heading out as the Grinch. Take it to whatever level you want. We have professional level Grinch costumes that include a mask, Santa suit, and big furry gloves. And then we have the costumes for everywhere in between. Slip a Grinch hat on your head before you head out for an everyday cold weather look. Heading out to a party? Put your own ensemble together with Grinch leg warmers, mask, and green gloves. 

And hey, let's not forget about the guy who speaks for the trees, The Lorax. Are you heading out for an Arbor or Earth Day event? You'll enjoy wearing The Lorax hat so people know who you stand with as well. There are plenty of reasons to dive into our Dr. Seuss costumes. You could even give a Cat in the Hat set to your favorite librarian or school teacher! They can bring them out for story time or Read Across America promotional events. 

Are you ready to dive into the colorful world of Dr. Seuss? We're excited to see how far you might take it. From fundraisers to 5K races, these costumes insert a little more fun into everyone's life. So scroll through and pick out a few looks for you and your family. Come up with an adorable look? Let us know by leaving a review and a picture. Hey, who knows, you might even come up with some serious rhyming skills!

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