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Our Dr. Seuss costumes help you share the joy of reading with the world! We have all of the best costumes, whether you need Dr. Seuss dress up ideas for school to celebrate Read Across America Day or you just want to dress up like the Cat in the Hat. You can also find classics like Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes, so all you need to do is choose your favorite character from Dr. Seuss books.
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Christmas Girl Costume
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Kid's Fox in Socks Costume
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Adult Green Furry Jumpsuit Costume Upd
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Adult Green Furry Jumpsuit Costume

Deluxe Adult Cat in the Hat Costume Update

Deluxe Adult Cat in the Hat Costume

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Kids Green Furry Jumpsuit Costume Upd
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Kids Green Furry Jumpsuit Costume

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Women's Christmas Girl Costume Update
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Deluxe Grinch Costume Update

Men's Deluxe Grinch Costume

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Toddler Christmas Girl Costume
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Classic Women's Christmas Girl Costume
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Plus Size Christmas Girl Costume 1
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Classic Christmas Girl Costume for a Child
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Infant Girl Classic Christmas Costume
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Toddler Green Furry Jumpsuit Costume Update Main Upd
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Fox in Socks Costume Kit
Grinch Hat with Fur Beard Update 2-1

Grinch Hat with Fur Beard

Buck Teeth Update

Buck Teeth

White Base Makeup

Rubies White Base Makeup

Blue Jumbo Afro Wig

Blue Jumbo Afro Wig


Ask anyone under the age of six who their favorite author is and there's a good chance that they'd answer with an enthusiastic "Dr. Seuss!". That is after you explained what an author is to the young reader. With the bright illustrations, strange characters, and silly rhymes every little kid loves to read classic Dr. Seuss stories again and again. There's a certain way that Seuss magically captures everything from day-to-day events to holiday celebrations. 

For instance, the way Dr. Seuss deals with a boring rainy day. Two kids are getting babysat by their grumpy old neighbors and all the sudden the Cat in the Hat shows up and the kid's day gets a lot more interesting. We've never flown a kite indoors but the Cat in the Hat sure makes it look fun! Then Thing One and Thing Two show up and you have to wonder how you can make that kind of fun happen in your own life.

Well, it's not that hard to bring that energy home with you, actually. Get groovy at your next costumed event with our Cat in the Hat costumes. We have Dr. Seuss costumes on every different level. There are black and white Cat in the Hat jumpsuits for infants, kids, and adults. Looking for something more casual? We have easy, peasy sets with the striped hats, red bowties, and the white double thumbed gloves. The same goes for our hilarious Thing One and Thing Two costumes. 

Want a fun costume to wear for a holiday parade or Christmas party? It'll be a really good time when you're heading out as the Grinch. Take it to whatever level you want. We have professional level Grinch costumes that include a mask, Santa suit, and big furry gloves. And then we have the costumes for everywhere in between. Slip a Grinch hat on your head before you head out for an everyday cold weather look. Heading out to a party? Put your own ensemble together with Grinch leg warmers, mask, and green gloves. 

And hey, let's not forget about the guy who speaks for the trees, The Lorax. Are you heading out for an Arbor or Earth Day event? You'll enjoy wearing The Lorax hat so people know who you stand with as well. There are plenty of reasons to dive into our Dr. Seuss costumes. You could even give a Cat in the Hat set to your favorite librarian or school teacher! They can bring them out for story time or Read Across America promotional events. 

Are you ready to dive into the colorful world of Dr. Seuss? We're excited to see how far you might take it. From Halloween to fundraisers to 5K races, these costumes insert a little more fun into everyone's life. So scroll through and pick out a few looks for you and your family. Come up with an adorable look? Let us know by leaving a review and a picture. Hey, who knows, you might even come up with some serious rhyming skills!

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Dr. Seuss Character Costumes

The world of Seuss is a wild and colorful one. He didn’t care about the rules of reason. In The Cat in the Hat, he thought nothing of turning the monotony of a rainy day into a wild and colorful adventure. Sure, Sally and Conrad might have been hoping for something different to keep them occupied but they could have never guessed what kind of rowdy visitor would show up at their door.

It’s no wonder that kids and adults alike want to dress as Dr. Seuss’s outlandish creatures: they are vibrant, unique, and they often misbehave. It’s not too bad to get in touch with your mischievous side if kids are learning to love to read at the same time! Exploring the stories that the good Dr. created gives children their first glimpse at where they can end up when their nose is in a book. And we’re not just talking about Oh, the Places You’ll Go. Most of his stories contain intriguing winding roads, wild trees that curl and flower in unpredictable ways, and houses that look like they were molded from clay. Once kids see Seuss’s worlds come to life in their classrooms or at a birthday party they just might wonder what other magic could hide within the pages of a book!

So, throw on one of these costumes and get into character. You simply can’t remain serious when you’re wearing bright stripes and dressed as a cat! The world that Dr. Seuss created is just as interesting and imagination-stimulating as when he published Horton Hears a Who! in the fifties. Now, if only he had written a book about getting library books back on time, because it won’t be long until these kids are flocking to the shelves to read themselves into a fresh adventure!

Whether you’re a teacher celebrating World Book Day or you’re putting together some quick and easy Dr. Seuss costumes for a Seussian birthday party, the costumes you see below will bring Seuss’s characters to life! Maybe you’re taking on the Lorax’s mission of speaking for the trees. Or perhaps you’re highlighting how much fun a rainy day can be with the simple Cat in the Hat accessory kit. No matter which look you’re going for, your day is sure to be full of rhyming fun! Now, let’s see if you can talk in verse for the whole day. Just kidding, we wouldn’t want you to start sprouting Seussian eyebrows and balancing fishbowls and clocks. Didn’t you know that’s what happens when you rhyme too much?

Lorax Costume

Lorax Costume

The Lorax is a treasured character of tree-huggers everywhere and an important part of the Seussian repertoire.  After all, who doesn’t love the trees and all they do for us? The Lorax reminds us to protect our natural resources, even if the fluffy trees are the key to getting rich. Money doesn’t produce oxygen or give us shade. And no matter how high those stacks go, money is not nearly as picturesque as a forest of Truffula trees.  The message of The Lorax is as relevant today as it was in the seventies when Seuss published it. It’s not any wonder why people love representing the little yellow fellow in costume. While it’s great to break out for Arbor Day, Earth Day, not to mention Seuss events, this Lorax hoodie hat doesn’t need to be reserved for special reading events or Halloween. You can rock this look whenever the weather is chilly. The trees always need a spokesperson, after all!

Cat in the Hat Costume

Cat in the Hat Costume

Whether the weather is too rainy or too hot, when kids are stuck inside, it’s important to keep morale high. No matter where you live, there will always be times when kids can’t play outside for one reason or another. As we all know, the Cat in the Hat is one of the best cheerleaders out there! So, the next time the kids in your classroom are feeling down, lighten the cloudy atmosphere with this Cat in the Hat accessory kit. The lightweight hat and gloves with the wild bowtie can be thrown on in a matter of seconds, making it perfect for representing your local library in a parade or some impromptu dress up when you sense your charges are feeling a little bored.

Dr. Seuss Character Costumes for Adults

Dr. Seuss Character Costumes for Adults

Christmas. You either love it or you hate it. Just kidding. There’s just one verdant hairy fella that owns Christmas hatred on a level us normal haired folks simply can’t compete with. So we all might as well love the holidays, right? The best way to celebrate the giving nature of Christmas? Holiday-themed costumes of course! Show up at a holiday party as the avant-garde-haired Christmas girl that communicated the true spirit of Christmas and you’ll have people holding hands and singing songs in no time. Want to challenge the Christmas hoopla? Stir people up with your grumpy attitude and head out into the world as The Grinch. Or combine the costumes for to make on of the cutest family costumes on record! We can’t promise folks will quiet down with their merry making when you’re showing up as the Grinch but they just might try turn that epic frown upside down with an extra Christmas cookie or two. Getting people to give you extra sweets is always a good thing, right? Sure beats the glass that the Grinch typically noms on in his cave!

Dr. Seuss Costumes for Kids

Dr. Seuss Costumes for Kids

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether Dr. Seuss wrote his books for kids or adults. All his storylines are fun for people of all ages, which is great when you’re reading Green Eggs and Ham for the hundredth time. So if your kids are diving into Seuss, it won’t be long until they’re reading books on their own while wearing the red-and-white striped tall hat. Whether you’re dressing up your kiddos for Halloween or a themed party, the Cat in the Hat costume will always be a hit! Dressing up the whole family? Make things really wild with Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes. When your children are dressing up as Seuss, you might as well let loose with a classic! Plus, we think kids in red jumpsuits with electric blue hair will be sure-fire Instagram magic. Not that it matters or anything….

Dr. Seuss Outfits for Teachers

Dr. Seuss is the ultimate jumping off point for so many learning opportunities! He’s got books that teach the basics like reading and math. Then he covers the more complicated shades of life like the importance of peace in The Butter Battle Book or the danger of trying to keep up with the cool kids when he writes about the Sneetches with their star-bellied fashion trends. You know that better than all of us, you’ve seen the endless lesson plans out there!

So when you have a Seuss celebration you’re not only celebrating silly rhymes and wild creatures, you’re tapping into some seriously rich learning territory! So, jump in you must. Don’t go half way. Hmm, we almost feel a rhyme scheme coming on at last. But not yet, keep reading. It’ll happen sooner or later. (This is a Seuss page, after all!)  Below you’ll find all sorts of funny costumes that are easy to keep behind your desk for a rainy day when students might need a little colorful inspiration to wake them up and keep them focused.

Simple Dr. Seuss Costumes

Simple Dr. Seuss Costumes

The Cat in the Hat is a great place to start when you’re getting students into Dr. Seuss. They probably already knew that rhyming could be fun but did they know they could read about mayhem while learning about verse? So, get those boys and girls into storytelling when you pop this cartoonish red-and-white striped top hat on your head.

Homework is a lot more fun when you are dressed in stripes! No bored kids yawning, chewing gum, when wild things drum and pipe on pipes. ABCs of times gone by have been nap inducing, but you never know what kids might learn when you are Dr. Seussing!

Wow, so those are the rhymes you’ve been waiting for? Hmm, that’s an interesting past time. Honestly, we probably should have come up with something better. Something that you could recite in class, leaving those old classic Seuss books behind. We are literary experts, after all. No, we’re just joshing around, we know you’re here for our variety of Seussian looks! And hey, if you click around on these products you’re sure to come upon some top-notch rhyming copy sooner or later.

Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & 2 Costumes

Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & 2 Costumes

The kids in your class probably don’t need any tutoring when it comes to causing mischief. Still, sometimes the adults in school need a little help getting onto their level. That’s really what dressing up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 is all about. So, get ready to let loose and go a little nutty. Maybe you’re flying kites (outside only!) on the last day of school, maybe you’re amping your kids up at a pep rally, or maybe you’re simply peddling books at the quarterly book fair. No matter the reason, once Thing 1 and Thing 2 are out of their box, you never know what kind of magic will happen! One last piece of advice? Don’t embrace the mess. Because, unfortunately, we have yet to invent Dr. Seuss’s Dynamic Industrial Renovating Tractormajigger or any other general cleaner-upper machine. We got to get on our designers about fixing that issue…

Dr. Seuss Costume Ideas

And so we’ve come to the end of the page.

We hope our rhyming hasn’t sent you into a rage.

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Doing this whole thing in rhyme would be a true feat.

So like when you’re looking for a prescription concoctor,

When you’re looking for rhymes, leave it to the doctor.

We do, however, know a lot about dress up,

And while our looks might be hard to mess up,

You might want to check out this make-up tutorial,

When we go beyond costumes it’s called extraterritorial.

Phew, okay, that’s the last of our stanzas. We do think you should check out this video, though, ‘cause the Grinch-like transformation is pretty amazing. Whether you’re marching in a parade, hosting a Whoville-themed Christmas party, or you’re planning the best Read Across America party your school district has ever seen, we hope that you’ve been inspired by this page. And you’re not limited to the featured looks on this page either! Like Dr. Seuss you can think outside the box. An elephant can easily become the open-hearted Horton.  Pair a cozy fox costume with some blue socks and you know what character you get.  And hey, if you like your costume, let us know. Leave us a review. And if you really, really like it, send us over some green eggs and ham. We really like it, Sam I Am!