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Jasmine Costumes

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If you're looking to open up a whole new world, why not consider dressing up as Jasmine? She's a princess that breaks the mold. She hasn't been hoping for a prince for her life. She's been dreaming of the wide world outside the palace walls! Make her adventurous yet elegant look your own when you slip into one of these gorgeous Jasmine costumes! Billowy blue pants and gold trim will put you into an instant Arabian night state of mind!
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Princess Jasmine Costume Ideas

What's your favorite song from Aladin? Do you love when the Genie sings A Friend Like Me? Or maybe you get a rush from One Jump Ahead. Okay, okay. Let's get real. A Whole New World is your favorite song. The rest of the songs might be great but this song is the best. Far off places, a romantic evening ride, and the most beautiful duet in Disney history (in our humble opinion). This song has been a favorite for about twenty years now so it makes sense that the gorgeous dress that Jasmine was wearing in this scene will always be iconic!

You can almost imagine flying on the famous magic carpet when you slip on the blue Jasmine costume. Pair it with the Jasmine wig and you can almost see the world slip by beneath you. Your bucket list locations have never been so close at hand! 

Are you ready to step into this role? We have Jasmine costumes for every age. If you've introduced the wonder of Jasmine and Aladdin to your little one, kids will love dressing up as this Disney princess as well! Choose a look from the 2019 live action movie or a version of the 1992 costume version. The cartoon-inspired Jasmine costume has the classic billowy pants with a skirt that falls around the pants. It'll make her feel like she's straight out of the movie!

Trick-or-treaters that are looking for a costume directly from the live-action movie will love the jumpsuit. It has the gorgeous peacock cape that Jasmine wears in the movie. The pants have a golden feather down the front and they cinch at the ankle, perfect to recreate this princess's image. 

Perhaps this Jasmine costume is for you, a full grown adult. Invest in the costume that you always wanted as a kid when you dress up in the Animated Jasmine Prestige Costume. The cropped top has sheer sleeves trimmed in beads. The billowy pants are details with scrolling lace and a beautiful jewel. Top the ensemble off with a Jasmine wig and you'll be ready to take on the role you've wanted since you were a kid. Now all you have to do is figure out how to train a tiger to be your sidekick. 

If you're going to make your Agrabah debut, you've got to make sure that you're ready to top your costume just right. This not only means purchasing a wig for her amazingly gorgeous sectioned ponytail. You also might want to finish off your look with gold hoop earrings and soft gold slippers to get Jasmine's signature look. 

Now that you've read this, you're probably ready for a whole new world! Turquoise and gold will make you feel like royalty as soon as you put it on. Pair up with Aladdin or go it alone for a magical costume party. Make the little girl who watched Aladdin over and over again as a kid proud. Strong and magical, dressing as Jasmine always makes for a happy ending! Monster