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Darth Vader Costumes

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Experience the full power of the dark side with one of our Darth Vader costumes! If you're a serious fan, we have Darth Vader costume adult cosplay options as well as Darth Vader costume rent and buy choices. For a Darth Vader costume kids will love take a look at our Realistic Darth Vader Costume for boys or one of our Darth Vader dress costumes for girls!
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Authentic Darth Vader Costume1
Adult Darth Vader Costume
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Kids Light Up Star Wars Darth Vader Costume-2-3
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Star Wars Value Kids Darth Vader Costume_
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Child Darth Vader Costume_
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Kids Darth Vader Costume
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Child Adaptive Darth Vader Costume
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Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Plush Costume
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Adult Black Costume Gloves
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Child Black Gloves
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Star Wars Crossbody Darth Vader Bag
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Tall Black Costume Boots
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Voice Changer

Voice Changer

Star Wars Darth Vader Utility Belt Dog Leash
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Child Adaptive Darth Vader Wheelchair Accessory UPD
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Child Darth Vader Half Mask-2_
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Star Wars Female Darth Vader Bodysuit
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Adult Darth Vader Costume Economy
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Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader Helmet1
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Darth Vader Deluxe Two Piece Helmet
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Darth Vader Face Mask
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Kids Darth Vader Mask and Cape
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Darth Vader Lightsaber Accessory
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Darth Vader Adult Gloves
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Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder
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Kids Darth Vader Gloves
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Anakin Skywalker turned into Darth Vader as the Clone Wars ended. This was the beginning of the Galactic Empire with Chancellor Palpatine as the emperor. Vader was truly a master of the dark side and was always on the move from one place to the next. Transform into one of the most well-known villains of all time with our large selection of authentic Darth Vader costumes! We have Darth Vader costumes for adults and kids that recreate the look of the iconic Sith Lord. Any of them make a great choice for Halloween or for Star Wars fan events and cosplay! How To

Darth Vader Costume Ideas

Vader time, anyone? Sure, suiting up as the dark lord of the Sith and right-hand man to the Emperor sounds like an easy proposition, but let us tell you from experience, it's a lot of work. But totally worth the effort! Shopping for your Darth Vader costume to transform into the iconic character is only half the journey. Then you start thinking about assembling the ultimate Darth Vader costume experience. From your red Darth Vader lightsaber to getting that Star Wars sith robe just right, you need to pay attention to each and every detail of perfectly portraying Lord Vader.

And, the good news is, we're here to help! You've already seen our top Darth Vader Halloween costumes on this page, so now we're ready to provide some serious Sith advice. We can help you pick out exactly which authentic Darth Vader costume is right for you, and help you shop for the top Star Wars costume accessories. And then we've got tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your experience. We've totally got you covered! While we can't teach you how to do a force choke or deflect laser blasts with your lightsaber, we can make sure that you have a tip-top time in costume. So just read on to see all of our top Darth Vader cosplay advice!

Ultimate Darth Vader Costume

Darth Vader Costume

With this authentic Darth Vader costume for adults, you won't even have to parody his famous heavy breath voice effect. That's because it comes with an electronic breathing module to do it for you! The costume's well-crafted design features serious attention to detail. Like injection-molded ABS materials that were designed from the original movie props. And its quilted fabric along with grooved faux leather materials make it a screen accurate replica! With this super-detailed costume, you'll have no trouble stepping into the role of the galaxy's most famous Sith Lord. Just imagine your sith robe fluttering as you try your best force chokehold. With the LED accent effect and the voice module producing the eerie breath effects, we're sure you'll have any rebel scum you meet shivering in their boots!

Ultimate Darth Vader Helmet

Darth Vader Helmet

Not quite ready for the ultimate Darth Vader costume experience? No problem! Let's start you out with an easy option to join the Sith Lord game. Just get the Ultimate Darth Vader Helmet! It's the same helmet that's included in the "Ultimate" costume set, only available as a standalone item. It's great for upgrading a standard Darth Vader costume, and with its authentic design, it's sure to be an item that collectors covet as well. You could also use this Darth Vader helmet as a fun prop for work...or to wear for your fans on YouTube, if that's your thing! Whatever kind of situation you can envision needing a Darth Vader helmet for, this is the one that is going to help you do the work of the dark side.

Force FX Darth Vader Lightsaber

Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber

Everyone has their own take on Star Wars, but there's one thing that everybody from casual viewers to die-hard fans can agree on: we all want our chance to swing a lightsaber! If you've got plans to suit up as Lord Vader, you're going to want a red lightsaber to accentuate your costume effect perfectly. But those plastic lightsabers might not be quite up to snuff! Worry not, because we've got the Force FX Darth Vader Lightsaber from our friends at Hasbro. This saber is a Black Series collector's item. It's the perfect item for displaying in an office or fan display, but it works great for the ultimate Darth Vader cosplay experience as well. It features a plexiglass tube that lights up in Vader's red saber color, along with the immaculately-detailed hilt constructed with metal. Just one big word of advice, this saber is definitely not for battling your fellow Force FX Lightsaber wielding friends, as the tube is breakable. But for great photos, social posts, and looking incredibly cool at the Star Wars convention, this Force FX Lightsaber is the top choice!

Darth Vader Kids Costume Ideas

Lots of folks identify with the heroes of the Star Wars universe. Luke, Leia, Han, Rey, and the like. But for some, the attraction to the dark side is real. Kids included! We don't think there's any problem with letting our little ones dabble with dark side powers for Halloween. As long as they don't actually learn how to force slam their friends around or anything like that! Just get one of these Darth Vader costumes for boys and girls to let them experience some Sith Lord fun.

Darth Vader Kids Costume

Darth Vader Costume for Kids

Little boys might go on a wee bit of a power trip when they suit up in this Deluxe Darth Vader Costume. But that's alright, as they're only going to be a Sith Lord for Halloween night! Trick or treating works great in the slick kid's costume, as it's designed as a comfy suit with foam armor pieces instead of clunky plastic attachments. And the mask secures with elastic, which makes for easy on and off. This Darth Vader costume works great for girls, too, as it has a universal fit for kids. Any child will love playing Darth Vader, because this is true to the costume design from the Star Wars original trilogy films!

Darth Vader Girl Costume

Darth Vader Girl Costume

Some girls might prefer a Darth Vader costume with dress styling, and that's just fine, too. We've got an excellent option for little ladies with this Star Wars Deluxe Darth Vader Dress for girls. This costume carries over all the signature styling of Lord Vader's iconic suit, simply swapping out the traditional bodysuits pants for a black skirt. It has printed details and stitched-in foam padding to recreate his style, along with a flowing cape and waist panels to recreate the Darth Vader robe effect. Boot tops and a plastic Darth Vader mask complete the character effect. It's a surefire bet for costume fun, provided that she's excited to spend her Halloween experiencing the full power of the dark side!

Adult Darth Vader Costumes

If you're a dark side devotee in search of a Darth Vader style perfectly suited to your personality, there are plenty of other adult Vader costume options. There are versions of the iconic Darth Vader suit at every price point, from basic to deluxe. And there are Darth Vader costumes tailored just for women, with form-fitting jumpsuits for a fun way to put on twist on the classic Darth Vader armor suit. We even have unique crossover Darth Vader costumes that just may pique your interest! Check out these top-selling Darth Vader Costumes for adults to see if either of them are just what you're in search of.

Women's Darth Vader Costume

Women's Darth Vader Costume

One thing is for sure when you suit up in a Darth Vader costume. You don't need a James Earl Jones voice wear to the costume. And for that matter, there's no reason you even have to be a guy! Female fans who aspire for Sith Lord status might prefer a look that's just a tad little more flattering than the cumbersome armor suit worn by Vader in all the movies. You might prefer something akin to this ,a href="">Vader bodysuit for women! It features a spandex and polyester blend bodysuit that is more comfortable than wearing the clunky armor of the full Vader suit. You can even add some glam to the look with heels like we have it pictured!

Darth Vader Samurai Costume

Darth Vader Samurai Costume

Genre-bending isn't just one of our favorite's our most favorite thing ever! This Samurai Darth Vader costume is the ultimate mashup costume. It imagines what would happen if Sith Lords practiced martial arts with a katana instead of fighting in lightsaber duels! The detailed design adds classic Japanese-inspired touches to the helmet, and with dark foam armor pieces, it's a pretty heavy-duty look. We think when you're wearing this Samurai costume, you will look right at home strolling the halls of the Death Star or training in a dojo. It's assuredly a unique Darth Vader costume that will make a big impression at your Halloween party. And it'd be great for making a splash at a Star Wars convention too!

Darth Vader Costumes for the Whole Family

Our mission is to get your whole family outfitted with Star Wars Halloween costumes. That means the kids who are treat-or-treating and the adults attending the neighborhood costume party. We want to get every member of the family involved in the fun, including toddlers, babies, and newborns. Plus the four-legged members of the family...with pet costumes! Check out this baby Darth Vader costume and our Darth Vader dog costume if you've got a little one or a fur baby who should be involved in the Star Wars fun.

Darth Vader Toddler Costume

Toddler Darth Vader Costume

As we find out in the Star Wars prequel movies, Jedi training starts for force-sensitive children at a very young age. But we think you should fast track your little one straight through training to Sith Lord status! You can suit your baby up as Lord Vader himself when you get your boy or girl this toddler Darth Vader costume. It's available in sizes for 6-12 months to let your little one be a baby Darth Vader, and it also comes in toddler sizes to get your talking tyke done up in Sith style. The soft fleece jumpsuit has the recognizable Vader styling, and the hood headpiece leaves their face exposed. Because even though your tot might be the ultimate villain, everyone will appreciate seeing their cute face instead of the Darth Vader mask!

Darth Vader Dog Costume

Darth Vader Dog Costume

It's well known that the entirety of the Star Wars saga occurs in a galaxy far, far away. And it all happened long ago. So really, anything is possible since the Star Wars universe doesn't bear much semblance to our Earthly lives. So stay with us here, perhaps there is another galaxy out there where dogs and other pets lived out the Star Wars adventures! We don't think it's a stretch of the imagination at all, especially when you consider the diversity of alien species and lifeforms in Star Wars canon. So, you know what to do. It's time to suit your doggo up as Darth Vader! This Darth Vader pet costume imagines what would happen if the Empire's top Sith was, in fact, a dog. With sizes small to extra-large, it works for a variety of breeds to get any pup suited up as Darth Fido!

Sith Robes, Darth Vader Voice Changer, and More!

If you've read up on our advice so far, you're now quite knowledgeable on how to shop for the right Vader costume. But we want to make sure you're fully aware of all the optional accessories we have to help you get the most out of your experience! Most of the costume options we have available include a classic black cape, but you should consider adding a Sith Robe to your Darth Vader armor costume. A black robe makes for a striking addition, especially if you are customizing the look to your particular fan tastes. Our adult padded Darth Vader gloves also make a great addition to a standard or budget Vader costume. They feature quilted detail that add a quality finishing touch to your Darth Vader outfit. You'll definitely want to grab a Darth Vader lightsaber that lights up with a red glow, too. That one is a no-brainer! But we don't want you to forget another important part of the full Lord Vader costume experience: the Darth Vader breathing device! It attached to any Darth Vader mask and adds the heavy breathing sounds that the Sith Lord is famous for: *heavy breath* "What is thy bidding, my Master?" Monster