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We all recoiled in terror at the very sight of Stephen King’s character from the IT series, Pennywise. Now, you can become the freaky horror movie character with our selection of Pennywise costumes. Our styles include versions designed to look like the evil clown from the original movie, as well as adult Pennywise costumes (and even kids sizes!) based on the latest movie inspired by the novel.
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Adult Deluxe IT Movie Costume
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IT Pennywise Pet Costume
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Girls Carnevil Clown Costume
Women's Classic Horror Clown Costume
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IT (2019) Pennywise Halloween Sweater for Adults
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Kid's Killer Clown Cutie Costume
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Child Horror Clown Costume
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Child's Evil Dancing Clown Costume
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Adult CarnEvil Killer Costume
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Killer Knife Purse update
White Base Makeup
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Patent White Platform Gogo Boots Single UPD
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Bright Orange Bob Wig
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Bloody Butcher Cleaver Prop Weapon
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It Pennywise Fang Teeth
Rich Orange Long Wavy Wig
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Black and Red Long Wavy Wig
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Womens Red Tulle Petticoat
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Fiery Orange Long Wavy Wig
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IT Movie Pennywise Deluxe Adult Mask Update
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Pastease White X Pasties
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It Women's Pennywise Wig
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White Foundation Makeup
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Clown Makeup Set
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Clown Nose
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Red Clown Nose


Some people might want you to get your head out of the gutter. We disagree. It's Halloween, why don't you come down this drain and join us? We all float down here. Choosing to wear a Pennywise Costume for Halloween is choosing to become whimsical in the weirdest, most unhinged way. Once you put on the Pennywise facepaint, the neck ruff, and the orange pom-poms, you'll feel like the ageless evil entity that you always knew was waiting deep down inside. 

IT is an iconic movie for a reason. We were already scared of clown costumes. The white faces and painted on smiles have been the main landmark of the uncanny valley for decades, right next to creepy dolls. But Pennywise the Dancing Clown takes it to the next level with teeth that can morph into a sharp, uncanny maw at the drop of a hat.

You can take your Pennywise clown costume as far as you want. Slip into the Pennywise dress and top it off with the trademark clown wig, with the included receding hair link and tufts of orange hair. Or you can go with the traditional Pennywise costume: a simple gray jumpsuit with pom-poms down the front, a ruff around the neck and wrists, and billowy pants. Top this off with a Pennywise mask or nightmare-inducing teeth. Take it to the next level with Pennywise claws and a buoyant red balloon to make the monster of Derry, Maine really come to life!

If you want to bring your Pennywise costume into group costume territory, consider pairing up with poor ol' Georgie. You'll find a couple of options within our IT costumes page so that you can really flaunt your Stephen King style fearsome style however you like! 

Speaking about going over the top, have we mentioned that we have all the Pennywise accessories that you could ever ask for? You can make sure that your Pennywise costume is really jaw-dropping from head to toe. Starting from our clown shoes, to an eerie purse to keep and extra red balloons in, and plenty of Pennywise makeup kits and Pennywise masks to help you spread extreme fear wherever you go!

Whether you're a fan of the original novel, the made for tv series, or the newest movies, you'll delight in all of our Pennywise costume selections. Now, don't get us wrong. We're rooting for The Loser's Club throughout all of these versions of IT. But when it comes to celebrating Halloween, dressing up in the Pennywise costume of your choice will always make you feel victorious. There's something about dressing up in these costumes that'll make you almost feel like your floating... How To

Pennywise Halloween Costumes

Pennywise Halloween Costumes

Derry, Maine is not a place we’d take the family on vacation. Yes, visiting the tiny town with unusual disappearance and murder rates might be memorable but we don’t think that kind of atmosphere makes for relaxing quality time. When it comes to Halloween, however, looking to the main resident of the Derry underground is a great idea! The Dancing Clown will always chill a group of revelers to the core. There are other creepy clowns out there but none of them have the clout that Pennywise has. Maybe it’s the way Pennywise moves in his…her…IT’s weathered gray clown suit. Maybe Pennywise stands out due to its perfect timing. Maybe it’s the way we always know IT is coming and yet we’re still terrified when IT appears. Get the inside scoop on Stephen King created horror when you step inside Pennywise’s clown shoes. Looking to float to all your spooky festivities with friends this Halloween? Pair up with poor Georgie to make your costume stand out from the masses!

Pennywise Halloween Costumes

As we mentioned, there are a lot of creepy clowns out there. Maybe it’s the frozen smile or the thick makeup. Maybe it’s the quick movements and the need to surprise onlookers. Whatever the reason, clowns scare most people to some extent. That’s probably why an entity feasting on fear and negativity has been dressed as a clown for hundreds of years. If you want to be one of the eerie Pennywise visions then you’ll need to tap into IT’s very specific look. Whether you’re going with a costume that’s out of the 1990 miniseries or your outfit of choice is a version of Pennywise’s updated look, everyone will know that you’re not just some random clown when you show up in one of the costumes below!

Pennywise the Clown Costume

Pennywise Costume

The updated version of the Pennywise clown outfit seemed timeless almost as soon as it came on the scene. The silver costume looks so at home in the haunted pages of Derry’s history books. IT’s new outfit also looks at home in the barrens of Derry. We have a feeling that Pennywise would still look at home in our time and outside of our houses. That’s why this version of the costume is so creepy, it could appear anywhere. Become part of King’s story when you slip into this Pennywise costume

Original Pennywise Costume

Original Pennywise Costume

The original Pennywise was a lot more colorful, standing out in the dark sewers and marshes of Derry. This clown made history after scarring a generation of kids who were watching IT even after their parents expressly forbid it. (Guilty!) Are you looking to channel Tim Curry’s sadistic version of this famous clown? This Grand Heritage Clown costume is sure to send shivers down the spines of anyone you come across. Because who can forget the first time they saw IT?

Female Pennywise Costume

Female Pennywise Costume

We’ve seen the Pennywise jumpsuit. It looks nice enough. We’re pretty sure, however, that Pennywise’s aesthetic has more potential for variation. If you want a Pennywise that breaks the mold, a Pennywise dress is a playful take on the creepy clown. The silver dress is excellent for getting out on the dancefloor on Halloween. The silver and red look can easily be paired with a red clown wig and clown makeup to complete the clowning aesthetic. Pair it with tights or thigh high stockings to make this costume more comfortable on a blustery Halloween night. Because Pennywise needs to be able to focus on creeping out the next, inevitable victim!

Pennywise Costume for Kids

Pennywise Costume for Kids

Your kids might be a little young to watch IT. Still, they know a scary character when they see one. While their version of an unhinged clown might not be the IT Pennywise costume, the level of fear can come close if you let it. This costume is far from cheerful, after all! Whether they’re helping out in their school’s haunted house or they’re trying to look too scary to scare while wandering around on Halloween night, this eerie clown costume is a great choice!

Pennywise Cosplay Accessories

We all know that a good horror costume is all about the details. The little things that make people shudder even as they step up for a closer look. The tiny wrinkles on a too-wide smile. The shine of sweat and the spit on sharp teeth. These are the kinds of little things that make onlookers shiver. When you’re building your Pennywise the Dancing Clown costume, you just might want to make sure those details are included. The accessories below will help you in your horrible pursuits. Choose the features you like the most to create a look that truly floats your boat.

Pennywise Makeup Kit

Pennywise Makeup Kit

The whole point of Pennywise showing up around Derry in the guise of a clown is to put children at ease at first glance. Usually, that guise is pretty transparent. Pennywise’s smile really gives IT’s real personality away. If you want to hint that timeless evil is lurking deep within, you’ve got to start with a good makeup base. Even a cheap Pennywise costume must include those kinds of details. This Pennywise makeup kit will let you create the first step of the dancing clown look. Once you’ve painted on the white base, red lips, and the classic red nose, you’re almost on your way but you’re going to have to work on that nasty Pennywise grin.

Pennywise Teeth

Pennywise Teeth

They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Pop these eerie clown teeth in and you’ll know that your costume is complete. The jagged yellow teeth can be seen from across the room as soon as you start grinning. The aged look hints at your long, long history of living underground and feasting on the fearful kiddos of Derry Maine. You can say it all with this nasty smile!

Pennywise Mask

Pennywise Mask

We can’t all be makeup artists. And even if you are, you most likely don’t have Bill Skarsgård’s intense cheekbones to make the perfect nefarious grin. The best way to perfect Pennywise’s face is by slipping a high-quality Pennywise mask on. The details like cracked makeup and smiling lines will make a serious impact on any costume!

Authentic Pennywise Clown Mask

Pennywise Clown Mask

Putting together a fantastic Pennywise costume for one night is fine, but if you’re a diehard horror fan then you might be looking for something collectible. This Pennywise mask is perfect for displaying in your collection. The pale white movie-grade silicone shows all the details you could ask for. Tim Curry fans will recognize Pennywise from the get-go. Show your love for Stephen King’s epic horror story while scaring the dickens out of visitors when you put this mask on display!

Pennywise Gloves

Pennywise Gloves

You’ve got the mask, the outfit, and the wig. That’s it, right? Nope. You’ve got to think about Pennywise’s reach. These clawed hands are sure to send a shock through anyone who leans in for a friendly shake. Talk about the details, when we say Pennywise’s paws in IT we were seriously shook. There’s no way we’d want those mitts anywhere near us. While you could search for a manicurist with macabre interest, these eerie Pennywise hands are sure to top off your costume in a nightmarish way. Just what you’re looking for, right?

Pennywise Fangs

Pennywise Fangs

Ugh, those horrible scenes where Pennywise opens up its disgusting maw! Well, we mean horrible in the best way. After all, why else would they call this the horror genre? There are plenty of gut-wrenching scenes in IT but that particular mouth-expanding sequence is stuck in our minds. You can probably picture it so we won’t go into details. But the point is, those layers of yellow teeth make for an effectively disturbing impact. If you use these Pennywise teeth to complete your ensemble, they are sure to send a shiver of fear and disgust through anyone who sees your grin.

Georgie Costumes

The scene where poor Bill is making the boat for Georgie just kills us every time we watch it. We want to yell at him to play a game with Georgie instead. Or he could be a jerk and refuse to fold the paper ship for the bored six-year-old. But it’s just one of those moments. It has to happen for anything else in the story to take place. So we watch the kid head out into the storm, wearing his rain slicker and carrying the boat his brother made for him, knowing what’s about to happen. It’s this scene that makes Georgie an iconic horror figure even though he’s innocent. Your Pennywise and Georgie costume combo is sure to make every scary movie fan jump in recognition. That yellow raincoat is instantly recognizable. Add a red balloon to the look and it’s enough to give anyone the chills!

Men's Georgie Costume

Georgie Halloween Costume

Okay, okay, we think what happened to Georgie is really awful. But this costume is a little funny in addition to being macabre. This Georgie costume looks innocent enough at first glance but you can take off the arm at just the right moment for some true-blue shock factor. Have some fun with it. Set the scene. Crouch down in a dark room and have a conversation with an invisible evil entity and come up with a detached arm to send some shock and awe to onlookers. Weather the Halloween storm with a creepy enthusiasm in this Georgie costume.

Women's Georgie Costume

Georgie IT Costume

While a Pennywise costume is a lot of fun, it would be a shame to leave Georgie behind. After all, the scene where he shows up in the Denbrough’s flooded basement is one of the scariest scenes in 2017’s IT. Pair Georgie with Pennywise the Dancing Clown and you’ve got a match made in nightmares. This yellow rain jacket costume is the perfect way to create your Georgie Halloween costume. Pair up with Pennywise for a great Halloween couple’s costume. Complete this look with a red balloon and you’ll be ready to creep everyone out at the Halloween party!

Pennywise Decorations

Can you imagine what it would be like if Pennywise threw a birthday party? We don’t think it would be very pleasant. Memorable? Certainly. A party that we’d RSVP to? Certainly not. If you’re putting together an <em<IT themed party for Halloween, however, it’ll sure be a fun affair. First, you’ve got to start from the very beginning. Throw on your Pennywise outfit, play the IT soundtrack, and blow up plenty of red balloons. You can serve popcorn, eerie red cupcakes, and a veggie tray that uses different colored veggies to create Pennywise’s face. It’s a cute idea but someone needs to eat all those kohlrabi teeth before we get nightmares!

Pennywise Prop

Pennywise Animatronic Prop

This silver suit is sure to elicit shouts of fear from onlookers as soon as it starts moving. People are used to creepy Halloween decorations but this Pennywise prop is ultra-nightmare-inducing. It has a battery pack connected to the interior frame to make your prop move and speak when people approach. Want to set the scene? Frame this prop with red helium balloons so it makes an impact. Now all you have to do is figure out how to avoid getting scared every time you walk past this clown. Maybe go in through the back door until Halloween is over?

IT Pennywise Hanger Prop

Pennywise Halloween Prop

Well, maybe you’re an IT fan but you don’t have some fancy estate with a lawn. We understand. But that doesn’t mean you have to be left out of decorating for Halloween! Maybe you need a smaller Pennywise prop that packs a lot of punch. This colorful accessory will creep out anyone who walks in your door. The face of the prop looks ready to dine on some serious fear. Maybe you could invite your old buddies over and not tell them that Pennywise is waiting in the bathroom. You’ll finally get them back for making you watch the original IT at way too young an age. You couldn’t wash your hands without staring at the sink, waiting for blood to bubble up for weeks…or years. Welcome some serious fear into your home with this high-flying Pennywise prop. Monster