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Get ready to defeat Killmonger when you find your Black Panther suit among our large selection of Black Panther Halloween costumes! We even have Black Panther costumes for boys, along with Shuri and Dora Milaje costumes for girls so your entire family can trick or treat in style. Strut in a Black Panther costume for women. And don't miss out on cool accessories like a light up Black Panther mask, T'Challa's ring or claw necklace. Wakanda Forever!
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Toddler Black Panther Costume

Toddler Boy's Black Panther Costume

Black Panther Wakanda Black/Gold Intarsia Knit Ugly Sweater
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Avengers Endgame Girls Dora Milaje Okoye Costume
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Adult Black Panther Mask

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Black Panther Costume Ideas

In the Marvel Universe, Wakanda holds the title of the most technologically advanced country on the Earth. Their store of vibranium allows them to create wonders of modern invention. They’ve crafted some of the greatest superhero suits of all time, along with some pretty snazzy bracelets that would put modern-day cell phones to shame. Of course, we’re a tiny bit behind Shuri and her many gadgets in the real world, but we still carry a great selection of Marvel Black Panther costumes to help you look like the great Wakandan warriors from the movie.

But first, let’s cover a little bit of Black Panther history before you choose the perfect Black Panther costume. After all, you don’t want to suit up until you gain a little bit of knowledge about the iconic comic book character.

T’Challa, the alter ego of Black Panther, first debuted in Marvel comics back in 1966! He was the first African superhero to break into mainstream comic books and he even predated other African American comic book favorites like Luke Cage, The Falcon, and Blade. That makes him quite an important character in comic book history.

The passion for Black Panther became reignited with the release of the film, Black Panther, in 2018, starring Chadwick Boseman in the lead role. With rave reviews and a unique style that sets it apart from the rest of the Marvel Universe.

So then, what kind of Black Panther costumes can you find based on this prolific character? Everything you could want! For starters, we carry a wide variety of adult Black Panther costumes which recreate the look from the movie, including costumes that glow to recreate the kinetic functions of his super-suit in the movie. We even have a Black panther costume women will love to dress in. We also carry awesome Black Panther kids costumes, which help turn your child into the best little superhero on your block. Check out our guide down below for great girls and boys' Black Panther costume looks!

The Black Panther movie showcased plenty of strong female characters, which also make the rounds in our line-up of superhero costumes. We carry Shuri costumes for women and kids. We even carry Dora Milaje costumes, based on Wakanda’s most skilled guardians led by Okoye! There’s truly no shortage of options for women looking to cosplay as their favorite characters from the Black Panther film.

Perhaps you’re just looking to top off your Black Panther cosplay outfit and you just need a few Black Panther accessories? Well, we’ve got that covered too. We carry many different items that will put the finishing touch on your look. We carry gauntlets, gloves, and simple masks that make it extra easy to have a complete Black Panther Halloween costume. We even have a toy vibranium blaster that will help any aspiring young superheroes fight against supervillains with style and grace!

Whatever kind of Wakanda costume style you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. Just suit up in your favorite superhero costume and you’ll be ready to stand alongside the Avengers for the fight of your life! You can even create a great Black Panther group costume by combining our Black Panther costume with our Dora Milaje and Shuri costumes! Who knows, with your combined might, you may even be able to take on Thanos. How To

Black Panther Halloween Costumes

These Black Panther costumes come straight from the worldwide blockbuster hit, Marvel’s Black Panther and are sure to set the standard for comic book fans for years to come. Black Panther boldly made his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War, and fans knew that actor Chadwick Boseman was up for the task of bringing the classic comic book character to life.

Well, flash forward a few years, and we’ve seen Wakanda in the Black Panther standalone film, and T’Challa is back again in Avengers: Infinity War, along with Avengers: Endgame. While he’s busy using all that high tech gear from Wakanda, we figured you wouldn’t mind trying out what it’s like to be the Black Panther yourself. And that’s why we’ve got all of these sweet Black Panther movie costumes ready for you! And, sure, we can’t get you into The Wakandan Design Group to get you the actual high tech gear, but these Marvel movie costumes are sure to be the next best thing.

Adult Black Panther Outfit

Adult Black Panther Costume

So, the moment you saw Black Panther in the theaters, you knew you already had your Halloween costume picked out for that year. T’Challa comin’ at ya! Well, this Black Panther Costume is ready to turn any guy into a Marvel superhero, no heart-shaped herb required! The polyester suit has vinyl pieces for added muscle effects, and the entire suit is graphic printed with textures to make it look just like a high-tech suit straight from Shuri’s laboratory. The Black Panther half-mask completes the effect, and is sure to have you standing out at the Halloween party!

Dora Milaje Costume

Women’s Dora Milaje Costume

Women play an important part in the Wakandan royal house, as the Dora Milaje are the soldiers that guard and protect the King and his family. And their leader? Oh, just the strong and heroic General Okoye! When she’s not busy zipping around the world on missions with T’Challa, she’s doing her duties back at home as a leader and general. You can step into the part played by Danai Guerra when you choose this women’s Dora Milaje costume. It’s a replica, so it’s not actually from Wakanda, but with intricate printed details, it looks pretty darn authentic to us!

Deluxe Black Panther Costume

Deluxe Black Panther Costume

As we all know now, one of the key plot points of the movie is that T’Challa’s vibranium suit not only absorbs kinetic energy, but it allows him to store it up to use against his enemies. This creates a glowing effect in the movie, and this Black Panther costume perfectly replicates the look from those scenes! With the same style as the classic costume, it has electric blue accents and Wakanda symbols for a cool upgrade. This Marvel Black Panther Halloween costume is the perfect choice if you feel like there might be some bad guys at the costume party!

Shuri Costume

Adult Shuri Costume

And don’t forget about T’Challa’s kid sister either. She’s no sidekick, and not just a Princess, either. As the leader of the Wakandan Design Group, Shuri has innovated and created basically all of Wakanda’s high tech gear. And that includes some cool tech for her to use, too! This Shuri costume is a simple polyester version of her detailed movie costume, but it most definitely includes the power gauntlets that she uses when she takes on Killmonger. We have no trouble calling Shuri a hero in her own right, so you should pick out this Shuri costume if you’re feeling like a tech whiz or a hero!

Black Panther Costumes for Kids

Of course, kids are all about the coolest Marvel hero in the universe, the Black Panther. And not just because he’s awesome, but because it means a lot for children to see a hero on the big screen who looks like them. So we’re sure any kid would be amped up to suit up as T’Challa! Check out these costume choices straight from the 2018 movie. Your kid might have to practice their Black Panther moves a bit before they’re ready to head out on the trick-or-treat rounds, but the most important move is easy to remember. Unbreak your crossed arms and let ‘em know “Wakanda Forever!”

Boy’s Black Panther Costume

Boy’s Black Panther Costume

This costume is perfectly styled as a pint-size version of our Adult Black Panther costume. Graphic printed textures and symbols, vinyl muscles effects, and printed bootcovers make this an easy costume choice for any kid. When they put on the vinyl half-mask, they too will be ready to suit up as T’Challa. We hope they’re ready to help save the day in this Black Panther costume for kids!

Light Up Black Panther Costume

Light Up Black Panther Costume

He’s probably already beyond stoked to suit up as Black Panther, but maybe he’s looking for just a little extra firepower. Well, this light-up suit is sure to be just the thing! Battery powered light up effects depict the abilities of T’Challas suit when it absorbs kinetic energy. And your boy can activate the effect to look like Black Panther in the heat of battle. Let’s just hope he doesn’t unleash all the built-up energy on the neighbors!

Kids' Shuri Costume

Girl’s Shuri Costume

The royal family of Wakanda is full of strength and power, and you know full well we’re not just talking about King T’Challa. His sister Shuri is a legit tech whiz, and as we find out in the movie, she’s not afraid to hop into the action, too! We’re sure any girl would love to suit up in this kid’s Shuri costume to play the role. Complete with power gauntlets for her hands, it looks just like what Shuri wears when she goes out to battle Killmonger!

Black Panther Mask & Accessories

There’s lots of reasons Black Panther is the coolest superhero to be found. But at the top of the list? His high tech suit and arsenal of technological weapons. Of course, we can’t quite break into Shuri’s laboratory in Wakanda to get you the latest and greatest stuff. But we can hook you up with Black Panther costume accessories that look like the real deal! With toys, props, and costume accessories that really complete the costume experience, you’re definitely going to want to add these to any Black Panther costume. Kids, in particular, are sure to love the extra firepower when it comes time to play as Black Panther. (Adults, it’s a-okay if you like to play with toys, too. They’re just that cool!)

Black Panther Costume Gear

First, don’t forget to complete the Black Panther Halloween costume style with a mask and gloves. Then, up the ante with some cool gear! These Black Panther Gloves are great selections to add to any outfit. Adults will love using the Black Panther Cosplay Collar Necklace to complete their Black Panther costume, but it looks so great you might just make it an everyday fashion choice. Whether outfitting an adult or a kiddo, our Black Panther accessories will complete the theme just right!

Black Panther Couple Costume Ideas

Black Panther has no trouble tackling a mission solo. But, when facing off against the greatest villains the world has to offer? Well, sometimes it’s better to bring a friend! Of course, any kid is sure to want to have a friend along when they make the rounds trick-or-treating, and many adults would like to go to the costume party with their partner or bestie. So, check out some of the best Black Panther costume combinations here!

Black Panther and Captain America

Black Panther and Captain America

These two met in Captain America: Civil War, and while it might not have been apparent at first, nowadays, they’re more than willing to team up to save the day. When dressing up the kiddos for the costume fun, you can choose one of our Black Panther Civil War costumes, or one of the newer styles. Choose a sweet Captain America costume for his companion, and they’re sure to look like an all-star Marvel Comics duo!

Black Panther and Shuri

Black Panther and Shuri

T’Challa and Shuri are brother and sister, the children of King T’Chaka. So naturally this a great duo costume choice for real life siblings! Any boy is sure to love dressing up as superhero Black Panther, and his tech whiz sister is no slouch, either. Our Shuri costume comes with power gauntlets just like she wears in the film, so any girl will feel capable of beating up the imaginary bad guys, too! Team them up for when the Halloween fun involves the whole family. These two members of the Wakanadan royal family will be ready to take the neighborhood by storm!

Black Panther and Okoye

Black Panther and Okoye

When Wakanda needs to step up, T’Challa and the general of the Dora Milaje, Okoye, are ready to fight! While T’Challa’s been busy learning the ropes of superherodom, Okoye has spent her life training in Birin Zana, the main city and tech capital of Wakanda. She’s a tested warrior and a top intel expert, too. So we’d say that teaming up with the Black Panther to go to a costume party would be a breeze for her!

Of course, you could also choose to be Nakia when she puts on the Dora Milaje armor to fight in the final battle against the Killmonger insurrection. Whatever the case, when Black Panther shows up at the party with a tough and cool warrior at his side, this Black Panther couple costume is sure to steal the show!

Black Panther Suit Evolution

Want to brush up on your Black Panther costume history? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a fan of old-school Marvel Comics or are just about the smash hit Marvel films, it’s worth knowing as much info about Black Panther’s backstory as you can handle. Check out our graphic artist’s depiction of Black Panther’s costume evolution over the years, with helpful details included for each change!



Never actually seeing the print pages of Marvel Comics, the concept for Black Panther started with a Jack Kirby sketch in 1965. He called the character The Coal Tiger. A bold yellow and gray design never made it past the concept stage, but in 1966, as Black Panther continued to move forward in the development process, he got a black suit with gray accessories, and notably a mask with ears. Coincidentally or not, the idea for the mask with ears popped up the same year the Batman TV show became a smash hit. When Black Panther was finally slated to appear in Fantastic Four #52, at the last minute, Stan Lee instructed inker Joe Sinnott to fill in the mask with black. Nobody knows exactly why, but it was months before artist Jack Kirby found out.



When it came time for Black Panther to team-up with Captain America in the pages of Tales of Suspense, Jack Kirby adjusted the costume by removing the cape and collar. This look debuted in Fantastic Four Annual #5. In 1968, Black Panther joined the Avengers with a half-mask for the first four issues. Marvel artists alternated between the “original” and “classic” look for decades until the launch of a new solo series under the Marvel Knights imprint. Artist Mark Texeira introduced gold accessories that added a contrasting color in 1998.



After the first twelve issues, the new series moved from the Marvel Knights imprint to the Marvel Universe proper. New series artist Sal Velluto drew the gold accessories in a sharper and more tooth-like style. The cape often disappeared and reappeared at random, remaining absent for longer and longer stretches at a time. By the end of Velluto’s run, no cape had essentially become the default look. In 2003, T’Challa rejoined the Avengers in Avengers #66. Series artist Olivier Coipel brought back the lines on the gloves and boots, as well as the cape, while keeping the gold accessories and adding a panther head pendant.



In 2005, Black Panther was relaunched with a new #1 and a new creative team. Series artist John Romita, Jr. drew him in a throwback to his original costume, but with two straps instead of one for a more symmetrical look. In 2010, Black Panther took on new duties in Black Panther: Man Without Fear. Daredevil asked a depowered T’Challa to replace him as the guardian of Hell’s Kitchen. Artist Francesco Francavilla drew him with a new armored outfit to match the new role. In 2013, Daredevil returned, and Black Panther went back to his classic role and with it a variation of his “classic” costume. This time it included a toothy necklace similar to the “post-Knight” era, but in silver instead of gold.



To mark Black Panther’s sixth #1 issue in 2016, his costume was given a slight update. Series artist Brian Stelfreeze made the necklace look less tooth-like, and drew a mask that was more cat-like. Also in 2016, T’Challa made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War. The movie’s costume concept by Judianna Makovsky and Ryan Mynderding was similar in appearance to the “Marvel NOW” oufit, but with more silver accessories and with intricate textures on the black bodysuit. Of course, the Black Panther standalone movie followed in 2018, and costume designer Ruth E. Carter added more silver accessories and simplified the textures on the bodysuit.