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Elf on the Shelf Costumes

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Elf on the Shelf has become a real sensation! After all, he's like the ultra-cute secret agent sent by Santa Claus to make sure Christmas is a success! Our Elf on the Shelf costumes will help you or your child turn into the adorable holiday elf. We carry Elf on the Shelf costumes for kids, along with some great options for adults. We also have all the Elf on the Shelf accessories that you'll need to transform into the iconic character!
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The story of The Elf on the Shelf starts... not surprisingly, as a story! That's right, the whole thing began as a cute children's storybook tale about how Santa sends scout elves to homes of every little boy and girl. The elf then sneaks away to Santa's house in the North Pole to let him know about all of the good deeds that boys and girls do, along with anything naughty acts happening in the home. The elf sneaks back into the home before everyone wakes in a brand new hiding spot! Of course, the accompany Elf on the Shelf doll was soon to follow, making it's way into homes across the country. It's a great way for parents to encourage kids to stay on their best behavior and it's fun for kids to discover the latest hiding spot of the cute little elf! Now, with our Elf of the Shelf costumes, you or your child can dress up like the iconic character from the book!

We carry a variety of options based on the white and red-clad elf! Our adult Elf on the Shelf costumes allows you to transform into Santa's number one new secret agent. The men's Elf on the Shelf costume recreates the classic outfit that the original Elf wears, complete with a festive red tunic and matching red pants. It also has that white collar and hat to pull the whole look together. Our women's Elf on the Shelf costumes add a slightly different spin to the look, by recreating the outfit as a shirt and skirt combo. The shirt is a bright, Christmas red, while the skirt is white with plenty of red detailing. The hat tops off the whole look, giving you a way to cosplay as the iconic elf.

Of course, we also have options for kids who want to look like the elf! Our Elf on the Shelf costumes for kids bring the same red and white colors to a look that's both comfortable and Christmas-ready, so your child can join the doll in reporting good behavior in the household!

We didn't just stop at costumes either! We have many different costume accessories to help perfect your Elf on the Shelf outfit. We have white gloves that match the elf costume, along with red leggings to complete the look. We also have shoe options and red makeup to give that rosy red North Pole cheeks look.

If you want to transform into the adorable doll from the storybook, then it's time to wear one of our Elf on the Shelf costumes. With styles for adults and children, everyone can get into the Christmas spirit!