We Have a T-Rex: A Dinosaur Costume Guide

by |June 8, 2018
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Dinosaurs have long fascinated human kind, even before the first Jurassic Park hit the big screen or the Land Before Time movies. (Please don't ask us to list them all. We lost track after five or so!) Dinosaur costumes are bound to be popular picks for this upcoming Halloween season because Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is out in theaters this summer. Maybe you're so hyped that you would attend the premiere in costume!  Perhaps you're wondering if there is more to dinosaur costumes than the t-rex, and we can say with certainty that we have so much more to offer! Your entire family can rock out in scaly style because we have everything from infants to adults and styles for menwomen and pets!

Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes 


Jurassic World T-RexRugrats ReptarSkeleton T-RexTriceratopsVelociraptor

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? Did you want your costume to have a more realistic dinosaur shape? Do you enjoy silly costumes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe a blow-up dinosaur costume is the right choice for you! Perhaps you recognize the tan t-rex costume from the viral American Ninja Warrior video, but inflatable costumes have risen in popularity as a result! Not only do we have inflatable t-rex costumes, but we also have an inflatable triceratops and velociraptor costume. You'll feel like absolute dino-mite! 

Adult Dinosaur Costumes


Women's Deadly Dinosaur     Dinosaur Pajamas

Men's T-Rex    Raptor Costume    Indominus Rex    Indominus Rex Creature Reacher

So, who's hungry for something different? If you're more concerned about being able to easily eat and drink in your dinosaur costume, you might consider finding a costume in another style. (Some of these styles are similar for women, men and children so you could go as a dinosaur couple or be an entire dinosaur family!) We have several adult dinosaur costumes in a jumpsuit style with the option of either fabric masks or latex masks. If you're going for all-out comfort and cuteness, you may want a pajama or kigurumi dinosaur costume.

Children's Dinosaur Costumes


Child StegosaurusChild DinoRavenous RaptorTiny PterosaurChild Triceratops
Corduroy T-RexJurassic World DinoT-Rex FossilPterodactyl FossilTriceratops Fossil

Kids have long been enamored with tales of dinosaurs and lands lost to time. It's no wonder that dinosaur costumes for children have the most variety! (Life isn't fair, we know!) Your little stegosaurus or t-rex might not be old enough to watch the latest Jurassic World movie, but these costumes are perfect for everyday dress-up and Halloween! (If you're costume savvy enough to be reading this blog about the latest and greatest dinosaur costumes, you were probably one of those kids that wore costumes year-round.) We have dinosaur costumes for kids in a variety of dinosaurs: t-rex, raptors, pterodactyls, triceratops, fossil dinosaurs and more! Let your little dinos run wild!

Infant and Toddler Dinosaur Costumes


Paige the DragonBlue and Orange DinoTilly the T-Rex
Toddler TriceratopsToddler StegosaurusWooly T-Rex

If your little raptor is under the age of five, we have dinosaur costumes for infants and toddlers too! A few of these baby dinosaur costumes are more realistic, while others are a little more cartoony and less scary. (It may be hard to believe, but some tots can be scared of their own costume!) What's less scary about these costumes is the soft fabric and costume hoods. Your little dinosaur might find these fun and comfortable enough that they won't want to take them off! 

Pet Dinosaur Costumes


Does your dog like to dress up? Fear not, because we also have dinosaur costumes for pets! Costumes like the T-Rex and stegosaurus are full-body, but if your fur baby doesn't like a full costume, perhaps a triceratops headpiece would work for you. We truly have costumes for every family member, furry ones included! 

Dinosaur Costume Accessories


Reptile Makeup StencilDinosaur BagDino Hands and Feet
Velociraptor MaskT-Rex MaskDino Sunglasses

If you want to show your dino pride but you're not fully committed to wearing a full dinosaur costume, here are several ideas for dinosaur accessories. One of our favorites for the ladies is the BAMS reptile makeup stencil. You don't have to be a makeup guru to connect with your wild side and keep it feminine. As a bonus, it doesn't require a stuffy mask! Another great idea for ladies is the dinosaur purse. Not only can you keep your money and keys handy, but your purse won't stand out like a mammoth in the Silurian period! (Didn't think you'd see some trivia here, did you?) We have some other silly dinosaur accessories if you're simply looking for something to scare your friends with or play dress-up with the kids, from hands and feet to masks and kooky glasses! 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog about dinosaur costumes! Were you surprised at how many options there were? Did the Jurassic World movie make you less surprised about the variety of dinosaur costumes? Do you have the sudden urge to binge-watch the entire Land Before Time series? Don't be afraid so leave us a comment! Also, let us know what your favorite dinosaur is! If it wasn't mentioned earlier in this blog, you may want to check out our wide variety of dinosaur costumes and accessories.

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